100 thoughts on “THE RETURN OF How to Paint with Dayvin Ross

  1. Why now? I wanted to like it but it seemed beat per beat like all the others. Seems very cheap to bring back a beloved character when fans are still trying to process the elephant in the room.

  2. Kevin’s editing just gets better and better. He’s the perfect match for Steve’s brand of comedy. Thank you guys for making me almost pee myself 😂

  3. Ah yes the best of colours, "tooths". Such an exemplary color, purely exquisite, a sophisticated name for one of the most sophisticated.

  4. The way he just almost falls over after every other movement just reminds me of how it is to mess up infront of strangers so you just stick with it to seem like you know what your doing

  5. I am literally crying with laughter right now. Thanks for being so generous to deliver such a leel gift on a day that wrapped up my difficult week. Thanks for literal years of crying laughter and here is to many many more years of crying laughter to come.

  6. Ngl, a little upset when Lee was booted but the quality of content seems to be better for now. I guess the reactions were so elevated due to the past of you guys all leaving SF (bar Steve) and watching the show change. Idk to what extent Lee was in control of the creative process but if cutting ties was a way to let Dayvin Ross free, I'm here for it. I've been a day one sub here and subbed to sourcefed when Phil was also doing 20 minutes or less. Y'all are creative geniuses and excited to see what you put out next.

  7. Ahaha xD lost it.
    I like to think this is Steve also in reality having not such a good time and channeling it perfectly into comedy.. this man is a genius! We want more Dayvin! D:D
    Also, please bring back Santa-Steve, and don't censor him at all!

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