D: (pew) (has anyone else noticed that D: looks like a scared face….) P: Hello, DanAndPhilGames animatronic paint brushes! D: Or am I supposed to be like P: pew pew D: I blew the…the…the… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) D: What do you pull back on a gun?
P: The trigger. P: you blew the trigger. D: You don’t pull back the trigger, that’s what you do when you shoot somebody.
P: The safety! D: That’s not the safety.
P: The barrel! D: The…oh my god how can we not know this.
P: the automatic ammunition D: The..reload-y (P: ch ch) pull back the.. (P: ch ch) and then it’s loaded.
P: (gun shot noise again) D: anyway, (P: Hi!) Dan and Phil and guns. what up? P: and today we’re gonna be playing quick draw!
D: so do we compete for something here? D: cause you do six and I do six and then like it says how many you got right P: we’ve already done this as an Dan vs. Phil. P: so we’re doing it for fun. but also, for some P: “Essential Waitrose mini pink and white marshmallows” D: when we did our baking video, we have these as an option D: because as many astute commenters said
P: astUTE D: the small marshmallows melt easier.
P: yeah. D: however they don’t taste as good as the mega marshmallows we used
P: The thicc ones (THICC) (SOFT AND NEAT i dont regret that) D: which were the worst ones ever for melting, but… D: then they tasted great.
P: they tasted (clicks tongue) D: let’s just talk about marshmallows for ten minutes D: anYWAY
P: first up. alright. D: this might get violent i’m just saying.
P: this is gonna end in bloodshed P: and dead Daniels. P: so Quickdraw! is all about getting a robot to understand what you’re drawing. P: last time, i was disastrous even though i’ve got a degree P: not a degree //laughs P: a GCSE in art D: it’s a GCSE, a degree-
P: whatever, A level D: same thing, alright P: so today I’m gonna be extra good and you’re all gonna be like P: “wOW phil, that was like the Mona Lisa !!1!1” 😀
D: okay D: well I’ll go first. are you ready for this?
P: but better than van gogh trying to copy it P: alright. let’s go. D: you are an offense to the history of art, phil. P: who’s going first?
D: me. D: leTs dRaW-
P: draw us //laughs D: ssTEAK P: steak D: okay here we go
P: that’s actually quite hard to draw D: i reckon most people (P: what does a steak look like?) dooooo that and then- P: that’s a steak? that looks like a skeleton head! D: it did look like a skeleton head there P: lipstick D: lipstick D: ok umm.. P: yeah, so start with a circle D: “i see moon” what kind of moon looks like THAT, you turnip! P: that looks like a poop D: here we go, lipstick P: toothpaste! D: oh come on D: alright lets- (P: hotdog) oh god! its so easy to go horrible- wait wait wait wait! (P: you’re gonna make it worse!) i’m gonna do this. D: and then I’m gonna do- P: that looks- D: D: W H A T ? D: are you joking?
P: you had 20 seconds. D: are you jo- yeah, but still! D: my god, the key to this game is to draw D: what you think (P: what he thinks it is, yeah okay.) D: what would the robot recognize?
P: what does the robot believe in? P: fLAYYG… thats so- oh that’s so easy!
D: //laughs D: okay. Oh, christ (P: Oh here we go) okay. P: come on, Dan P: fLAMing-it up. D: when I was younger, a flamingo used to be my favourite animal P: really? D: yeah. P: they stink! you don’t want any in your house. D: do they smell more than other birds? P: they smell. whenever you go to the zoo and you go the flamingo enclosure it’s like oHGETMEAGASKMASK D: what is it about flamingos? P: ’cause they eat so much little shrimp and then poop it out i reckon. D: and then they just stand in it (P: i think that’s why they smell. it’s like fishy… ) and they’re just eating (P: …yeah) D: and then the pooping P: and they eat so much, that’s why they’re pink, so it’s like the smell is coming out of their skin. P: in the form of pinkness. D: a dissertation on flamingos D: oKAY oh shoot… i didn’t think- okay here we go, i hope you’re ready for dis (P: //laughs) this is gonna be… (sexy) (P: that-) D: this is actually oh my go-.. noOO i wanna keep going,, tHAT WAS THE BEST THING I EVER DREW D: why would you liMIT ME?!1!?1 P: that was- it was pretty good. D: give me tWENTY minutes //still triggered D: what telephone is the robot thinking of…? P: (singing telephone by Lady Gaga :3) hello, hello baby- draw the video telephone..) D: wha- i jUST STARTED CLICKING ‘CAUSE- its nOT A KNEE (P: wha..what are you doing..?) D: sshhhHIIT okay P: what- what is thiss??? are you drawing..a D: i fricken’ panicked.. okay okay. D: oh no that’s a circle, that’s a circle- whY AM I DRAWING THIS KIND OF TELEPHONE?? D: I’ve got fiVE SECONDS!!! P: draw an iPhone!!! D: looK! loOK! its a teLEPHONE! IT’S A TELEPHONE!1! (P: what is that?) D: It’s a- yES!!! P: oh… one second away… P: That means you’ve got full marks. D: No, flopped the lipstick real hard. P: Oh yeah (D: wow) P: I thought you got it at the end. D: Yeah I did. P: Yeah. So, full marks for Dan. P: This is not looking good, guys. D: Okay. P: Bicycle. That is so easy. *D singing Bicycle Race by Queen* *both still singing* D: Oi oi oi oi okay. What, it’s like the f- I don’t know what’s happening here D: No I’m drawing the- why am I drawing the chaIN ON A BICYCLE?! D: Okay, what’s on the end of a bicycle?
P: Yoga pants!! P: Window! Confetti!
D: No, okay, it’s a seat! P: Castle!
D: It’s a – it’s a – BIKE! D: IT’S A BIKE!! P: What was that?? P: I – It kind of looks like a bike if you blur your eyes. D: Wow.
P: Oh, you did fail lipstick as well. D: *shouting* I thought I got lipstick at the end there! D: What the shit? P: There is still hope.
D: So, steak… P: Yeah.
D: Yes. P: Most people just draw it like that? P: What is that?
D: That is what I – yeah, I thought it would be that from above. P: Yeah.
D: Even though – what, what sort of steak is that? D: I’m not really a steak expert.
P: I – I don’t know. D: Okay, please show me –
P: I think lots of people do the, uh, D: No, they thought – they thought it looked like shoe…
P: Oh no. D: Really?
P: That’s an interesting shoe. D: Okay, uh, see is what I’m talking about. D: Everybody did it vertical. P: It had to be vertical, sideways was where you were wrong. I like that one. *laughs* that’s very, uh- D: “I’M STUCK BETWEEN WORLDS, FREE ME” D: look at that try-hard at the bottom there P: oh my God, you don’t need to shade it, jeez D: Alright how many minutes did you want for that drawing there? P: Someone drew the whole American flag. There are other places to go, you lags! (D: Yeah, the whole American flag.) D: COME TO BRAZEEL P: *laughs* D: And there’s Sweden I see there P: It’s like a flag test D: This is a flag test, ok Phil! P: Canadia! (That’s not offensive at all really we don’t mind) D: Ok, we’re Triangle Canada. P: Yeah, (Dan: Phil!) do that D: what’s this one? P: That is the flag of pineapples! D: Yes (jesus what the fuck is that?) P: That’s the Caspar Lee flag D: Sorry if that’s a country that you live in. D: Flamingo, I mean, both: SAXAPHONE D: I was so close yeah, it’s saxaphone. P: The flamingo might wanna be played like a saxaphone D: How hard did this first person fuck up P: OH MY GOD D: Look at thi- how- Ok, firstly that person’s done FOUR legs P: That is- D: Please tell me where the four legs are on a flaming- it’s a flamin-dog D: flaming-cow P:It’s a- It’s a miracle of science D: HOW- WHAT IS THIS?!! P: These all look like coat hangers D: *high-pitched voice* WAIT! WHO?? WHY??! D: look, elegant a f P: That’s good. D: Look it, that’s beautiful. P: I want that tattooed on my, back D: That’s like nosferatu and a cow had a- HOW IS THAT EVEN A FLAMINGO- P: I don’t know D: on any lev- and THAT, that’s a fucking brontosaurus P: *laughs* D: Okay? P: That is a brontosaurus D: never mind this shit Both: Telephone P: Oh, lots of people did old-school ones! D: Correct match- telephone, looks like- a BEAR P: If a bear looked like that, I’d be pretty horrified D: That’s like, a vibration or a hairdryer D: I don’t really- P: Or both at the same time D: And then apparently, I mean- P: Oh, its closest match was a motorbike and it didn’t even try to guess it. D: And how does that look like a motorbike- P: Lobster with a little smiley face! 🙂 D: Lobster is just like, I fell down the stairs when I was drawing this P: My go! *clap* Computer, okay, I got this! D: What the- Phil’s gonna go for a seventies computer P: No, I was- I’m going for a- P: *laughs* You incepted me… into doing it but it WORKED! D: I’M GONNA SHUT UP P: Octagon! P: …2, 3- D: I’m just waiting P: It already knew? P: I only drew like, three lines! D: WHHAT IS THIS D: I call absolute bull- how is this a bench? P: I’m doing the person sat on the bench! D: Stethoscope, person, potato, ceil- P: This is the- D: WHAT KIND OF BENCH IS THAT?! WHAT THE ffffff- an am- P: Wait- D: What are those hand- P: ohhh 🙁 P: i don’t know what happened there D: That was a complete- P: I was trying to do something with perspective D: Are you still alive? P: I’m trying, wait, just- wait D: Walk us through that, Phil P: zen zen D: What were the- P: zen D: the lumps? P: That was the- the- the top was like the back of the bench, y’know, where people have their death-bench-writing on D: Yeah, what were the headrests? P: That was the back of the bench, where they have the- the death-bench! D: That’s on the bottom of a bench, or just in the middle of a bench, it’s not in two shoulder pads on the side- P: Well it’s like a headrest! D: Yeah, I love two giant plaques saying who died to make the bench! P: Look- D: as a headrest P: If you die, I’m not gonna give you a death-bench D: #JustBenchThings P: NOOO! D: (in high pitched voice) Oh nooo. D: Oh dear. P: I thought I had it. I was so D: Oh what a shame. P: Give me one. D: (in normal voice) Not the white ones D: Are pink marshmallows supposed to be flavoured? P: I don’t- D: What is it you’re always saying? P: Please give me one. D: They’re called the…the…the… D: …You fucking- What’s the point? (P: laughs )What’s the point- TAKE THEM! (P: laughs again)TAKE THEEEM! D: YOU DESERVE NOTHING! (P: Stop) D: WHAT’S THE POINT IN PLAYING WITH YOU?? (P: Ow) D: YOU WANT MARSHMALLOWS??? TAKE THEEEEM!!!!! D: I feel like we lost ourselves along the way here. D: Umm… You’re eating them? You disgust me. P: They’ve only been on my crotch P: It’s fine D: delet this D: I hope you had a fun time P: That was great D: This is always a complete disaster D: It really- you know if in the future artificial intelligence kind of automates traffic and D: medical care and stuff D: I you know we’ll all just be turned into flamingos and benches CAUSE IT DOESN’T KNOW WHAT THE FUCK IT’S LOOKING AT P: I think that’s what’s going to happen P: If you enjoyed this give it a thumbs up P: ehhh sorry I failed you if anyone was rooting for me I was really trying – didn’t work out D: you tried very hard D: The washing machine it’s cause it was too detailed P: It was too much D: It was so good it couldn’t even recognize it P: It was the Sistine Chapel of drawing D: sure P: If you enjoyed Quick Draw give us a quick thumbs up D: PEW P: PEW P: Are we in the End Screen D: WHAT OH SHIT D: [VERYFAST] SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF OUR VIDEOS WE’LL LINK TO SOME OF OUR ONES OVER THERE THEY’LL PROBABLY BE LESS STRESSFULL D: WHAT’S THE POINT OF COMPETING WITH PHIL WHEN HE EATS ALL THE MARSHMELLOWS ANYWAY D: EVEN THOUGH HE LOST I DON’T KNOW BUT YOU CAN CHECK OUT HIS CHANNEL OVER THERE ANYWAY OR YOU CAN CLICK IN THE DESCRIPTION THANK YOU FOR WATCHING GOODBYE P: bye!


  1. Not to be obnoxiously american but that gun thingy you were talking about is called a 'hammer' and the act of pulling it back is called (wait for it) 'cocking' the gun.

  2. guys,,
    the thing on the back of a revolver is called a hammer. the hammer is the thing that hits the bullet when you pull the trigger
    you pull it down before you shoot so the bullet fires automatically as opposed to the the trigger pulling the hammer down itself and then pushing it forward to hit the bullet

  3. i was playing quick draw and i drew a duck with four legs?? i don't know how this even happened, i just started to panic

  4. Did anyone notice that Phil’s shirt says “I want to be where the people aren’t” literally my life

  5. I tried watching this in class while everyone we were having a silent free time…
    I got a lot of weird looks

  6. at the beginning, im pretty sure that's the chamber you're referring to lol. as an american, i should know that.

  7. 3:15
    no one:


  8. Dan in other videos: Why do we have to play for food. If you wants some just get it
    Phil in that video: NO I NEED TO EARN IT
    Also Phil: eats the food when he loses

  9. I foken died when Phil stole the marshmallow and Dan started smacking him with the bag of marshmallows 😂

  10. Are there lake turtles?

    Yes, yes there are. Painted turtles are lake turtles and I'm sure there are many more however that's the only one I know of near me.

  11. Oh yes but what a shame, what shame the poor groomsbride is a s’more. I CHIMED IN WITH A HAVENT YOU PEOPLE EVER HEARD OFFFFF CLOSING THE GODDAM DOOR


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