The Painting Elephant: Tricia Creates $1000 Artwork With Her Trunk

The Painting Elephant: Tricia Creates $1000 Artwork With Her Trunk

COMM: Elephant at Perth Zoo have been showing their artistic side, and are even selling
their work with some large paintings fetching sums of over one thousand Australian dollars. 00:22
COMM: Painting is just one of the activities the elephants take part in to keep them mentally
and physically stimulated. 00:31
COMM: First, some exercise. 00:38
COMM: Then a bit of a kick about. 00:55
COMM: Next, it’s time to get clean. 01:02
KEEPER: Good girl. 01:10
COMM: But after bath time, the elephants are picking up a very different type of brush. 01:17
COMM: 58-year-old Asian elephant Trisha is the matriarch of Perth Zoo. And something
of a local celebrity. 01:28
COMM: She loves painting and either uses a brush, or blows the paint out of her truck
as Australian TV presenter David Whitehill discovered. 01:38
DAVID: Wonderful. 01:39
COMM: According to the zoo, elephants are natural artists and have been known to draw
in the dirt with sticks. 01:47
COMM: If you want to get your hands on an elephant original, the artwork is available
to buy, and pieces can cost from forty five Australian dollars to well over a thousand,
depending on size. 01:59
COMM: However, one hundred percent of the funds raised from the sale of the paintings
goes to help threatened species in the wild.

79 thoughts on “The Painting Elephant: Tricia Creates $1000 Artwork With Her Trunk

  1. Aw ๐Ÿ™‚ They are adorable, but whatever that goes out their door… Is not adorable ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  2. I really hope when you watch this you realize that this is not normal/creative behavior for the elephants, this is the result of years and YEARS of abuse to break them in and make them obedient.

  3. When it mentioned "creates paintings with her trunk" , I was thinking that the elephant was using its ass to paint.

  4. Cheyenne mountain zoo in Colorado Springs has multiple animals doing artwork. You can buy the art from their website.

  5. I have a painting that is painted by an elderly man who painted an elephant painting an elderly man.


  6. I've heard of elephants painting before, and from what I've researched most of these elephants that paint are abused and mistreated in order for them to learn how to pick up a brush and paint. However this video gives no indication of the elephants being abused. The caretakers look genuine, and helpful towards the elephants. I am conflicted.

  7. Not so fun fact: elephant only have two kinds of color-sensors in their retina: one for reds and another for greens. (human have three: reds, greens, blues)

  8. Really? $1000? When I was a kid the circus came to my town and had painting elephants and we bought one for like $20!

  9. Someone could probably easily fake one of these "Elephant Paintings" and make good profit because the paintings just look like someone scribbled all over a piece of paper with different colors. :/ sorry just telling the truth.

  10. Wow! Those elephants must be very talented artists.I should know…I happen to be a very talented creative artist myself.

  11. Elephant is not an artitist……this is tourturing…………please stop and not encouraged this type of activities….poor elephants……this guys give a lots of painful training after than elephant doing that…please stop this …..

  12. Tricia has it really good now, compared to what the zoo was like 30ish years ago. I've seen her on one of her walks; so beautiful.


  14. Itโ€™s hardly painting is it. This is the end result of years of abuse. The ones where they draw something legible are despicable.

  15. Someone please upload a video "How they learned to Paint". Because I wanna make sure that these cute animals are not being tortured. Thanks

  16. Inside the elephants trunk is very sensitive and for them to put the paint brush in it is crule , also they abuse the elephants

  17. Because putting paint in a elephants nose is right. Do you like it when lotion or something accidentally goes up your nose ๐Ÿ˜” if the want to draw let the draw naturally and take a photo of it and sell it. Let them be them without the cruelty and suffering they have to go through.

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