The Origins Of Painting

The Origins Of Painting

Hello guys! Welcome back to Archaeology And Travel With
Zorica! Today we are going to talk about the origins
of paintings. I know! The art has been introduced to us since we
were a little kids. But how many of us know how did it all started? Quite a few I think! To trace the origins of paintings, we have
to ask ourselves:”What is the painting?”. Is it Mona Lisa or is it a painting that was
created 40 000 years ago on the wall of some cave? Or is it something that man feels deep down
inside his soul and the expression of his own feelings. Scientists agree that the first attempts of
paintings were made on the perishable materials, such as leaves. And that the artist was just a man or woman
like all of us trying to do something new to express the way he feels at the moment. The first steps of paintings are lost for
us and we will probably never know how did they look like. The next phase is painting on more durable
materials such as wood, leather and stone. The oldest attested painting comes from the cave
Sulawesi in Indonesia and it represents human hands, lines, animals (such as babirusa which
was common for that area in Paleolithic). The painting on the Sulawesi cave was dated
in 34 000BC. During the Neolithic period, the paintings
were executed on the pottery. As you can see, the formative period of paintings
is represented by anonymous masters of art who created a deliberate masterpieces. From the archaeological excavations in Mesopotamia
we know that people in Ancient Mesopotamia did, actually, painted the walls of the temples. How do we know that? During the excavations of temples in Mesopotamia
we did found the traces of paint on the mortar pieces. So, we put it together and find out that they
did, actually, painted the walls. The most beautiful paintings from the walls
come from Pompey (Pompea) and Herculaneum. They were preserved due to the volcanic eruption
and you can see scenes from everyday life of Ancient Roman people. I hope that you have enjoyed my little lesson
about the origins of paintings. If you did, please give me your thumbs up. Thank you for your time! See you in the next video! Bye! Bye!

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    I guess (since we can never really know) that the origin of painting and its nature is kind of a chicken-and-the-egg paradox. Was painting first used to capture images and later used to express thought and feeling, or first used as something creative and later applied to more practical things like animals and trees? These kinds of things can really make you think!
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