The Original Buddha Board uses water as paint!

The Original Buddha Board uses water as paint!

Live in the moment with the
Buddha Board Portable Painting Set. With just a bit of water, each
stroke appears like black ink. Similar to watercolor
painting, the medium produces soft, beautiful images. Then as the water
evaporates, the painting fades away to a blank canvas. With the mentality
of a Zen Buddhist, you’re free to create
pictures on a whim without concern for the outcome. Yeah, Mr. Smith, my
d. bag boss tells me they scraped the
whole proposal and I have to start completely
over with a clean slate. Mr. Smith, how can
I help you, sir? Hey, Thompson. Should we take a look at
what you’re working on? A clean slate. Good man, Thompson. You’ve got the championship
attitude this company needs. The Buddha Board is
a cakewalk to set up using the pieces shown here. Simply fill the
Japanese style stand with a half inch of water. Place the special
painting surface in the center notches,
either portrait or landscape. Allow yourself to let
go and make strokes with the bamboo brush. When it’s time for a break,
place the brush in the holder. Optionally, you can place
the four sticky pads on each corner of the
base to prevent slippage. We also recommend keeping the
corrugated packaging cover to act as a coaster in
case of water drips. With proper care, the
durable Buddha Board will last for many years. Order yours today
from, purveyors of
curiously awesome products.

100 thoughts on “The Original Buddha Board uses water as paint!

  1. I have one and I’ll give it a 9/10 it’s great but sometimes marks don’t go away and you end up with stains

  2. Everyone is asking “What if you make something awesome and want to keep it?” The whole point of it is to show that nothing lasts forever. Which is why it is called the Buddhist Board.

  3. It takes a long time for water to evaporate, so Mr. Smith walking and the water being already evaporated means that he must walk slow :/

  4. My old chinese teacher had these for his class, and he wanted us to use them to write chinese characters, but sometimes we would draw inapropriate stuff and while the teacher would walk around to see the chinese characters, the water would take too long to dry and we would get in trouble for it

  5. hi everyone
    so after watching vat 19 videos for years i finally ordered this as my first product!!
    its really good, i am a guy with zero art ability who wants to learn how to draw
    i was practicing on it for 2 hours and watching some caligraphy videos
    im telling you right now, this is a must have for people who wanna get into art
    i am so proud of some of my creations hahaahah, i can see drawing on it at least once every couple days will lead to building huge amounts of experience

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