The new wiggle light-painting tool – Tube Stories 85

The new wiggle light-painting tool – Tube Stories 85

Are you talking about food again ?
-Always ! [Music] I had a phone call yesterday evening… I have phone calls sometimes ! It’s a number I don’t recognize, I answer. It’s all in French, of course. The guy says “your sister is ready, she’s gonna be there in 25 minutes”. And I’m laughing a little bit.
“You got a wrong number.” And he says “Who’s that ?”
I say “Eric.” He says “Eric Paré ?”. I’m like “What’s happening !”
And he says “it’s your father, John.” My father’s Luc… not John. And my brain is like *explosion sound* What’s happening?
It’s not my father, it’s not his voice at all. So there’s a man who called Eric Paré,
that is a different one. [Music] We came here mostly to test new things and maybe do light-painting in the afternoon tomorrow. But we didn’t know the place at all and so far we don’t see any places where we could shoot so…
we’re exploring. Our tent is over there. The fact that you are not wearing a t-shirt takes away
a lot of our credibility !
XD Shirtless with a cowboy hat. That’s the way to go…
It’s a little steep. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a pretty beautiful place ! So we’re doing location scouting, I think we found a nice spot but then we got sidetracked because there’s a lot of “écrevisses”. What’s “écrevisses” ? It looks like something between a shrimp and lobster. Well, of course, it’s a great place. In this direction it’s quite nice, and we have a bigger rock over there to shoot at the sunset. But we might even skip sunset and shoot directly over there. We’ll get stars. Even if we don’t see the Milky Way, we’ll get stars over there. Tonight’s the first night for trying the… Mosquito time ! And I wanted to talk about my new tool: the wiggling thing wiggling wigglong. This is just an acrylic rod and I have this holder here that is 3D printed,
and my Nitecore MT22C,
my new favorite flashlight for a low light. So I got this remote here so I can pop the light on and off, and I have this dimmer right here. So if I turn on the light, I have the dimmer and I can slowly dim down the light. This is the best invention ever and then I have the strobe mode that I’m not going to use tonight. I’m going to move around Kim, with this thing. [Music] Are you okay? [Music] It was so intense at some point we just talked and we decided to cover ourself like each one with a blanket and just wait for it to pass. But, it kind of… it kind of got better. But… yeah, it was so hard. It was like we were on panic mode at some point. But I think we managed to do something, well at least we wanted to try something new, and we did. I have no idea how it came out. But the canoe ride coming here was pretty nice because we went from being crazy and then we just got on the lake and we didn’t need
any flashlight, we could see because
the moon was pretty low in the sky. It was really big and yellow, it was really beautiful. So suddenly, it was super calm.

14 thoughts on “The new wiggle light-painting tool – Tube Stories 85

  1. Oh I just published the pictures on the fb page:

  2. one more thing Eric.. In this video At 7:35 second in your photo there is something in the star looks like a trail of something. can you please check if possible.. it's exactly where you are looking in photo.

  3. Striking images! Your relentless dedication to your craft is one of the main ingredients that makes what you do so special. Love it!

  4. Great shots Eric! ware those 4-5 second long exposures really long enough for exposing the milky way? or did you shoot other frames at let's say 25second and combine them? thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It says 1.7 seconds or so in photos. But I think it took longer for you to wave that tube behind the model. I'm confused๐Ÿ˜ฃ

  6. Hi Eric, can you explain how can you get 2400 lumens if each nitecore that you use is 1000 lumens (NITECORE MT22C) ?

  7. You pair are always amazing. great work. How is that Kim's image is always so crisp? any tips? I keep trying but my model usually has some motion blur. Would love some tips.

  8. The image at 6:37 is without a doubt my favorite image from you guys so far. Did you start where you started and ended your movement to capture that in the reflection perfectly? Why is the water rippling? Was that from bugs and crayfish? Please don't ever stop making these videos….maybe you should invest in a portable fan to get rid of the mosquitos….love the bug dance after every shot ๐Ÿ™‚

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