The MS PAINT PALETTE Art Challenge!

The MS PAINT PALETTE Art Challenge!

all right hold on ooh horses we're going back in time so much time machine helmet thing now we're stuck here I thought it'd be fun to just use the colors in the boji the original mspaint paint palette this little section here in fact less screen captured that and back in Photoshop oh my god oh such a relief to be back here look I'm going to copy this palette hide the interface and paste and this will be my paint palette for today's video I thought I would start off in Photoshop and see how it feels to paint with only the MS paint original colors I mean surely when they put this palette together there were lab tests and studies that decided why these were the colors that you would be presented with Microsoft does not play games and make mistakes like I said later we will get to ms paint but I want to start off by saying how professional like an approach and artwork using just these colors and to help me I am using a very very sexy professional device you've seen on this channel before and I'm showing it off to you again this is the huion canvas pro 16 and boy is it pro there are a huge amount of amazing features with this device the sleek all-in-one three-in-one power cables the 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity there's loads more I'll go into a bit later in this video to cover it in a bit more detail but point is if you're looking for a digital tablet you want something pro that's not gonna send you broke this is the one to get all the links of details including some limited time discounts are in the description so if you want to get one now is the time to get one especially because you can get it even cheaper while the discount is valid sorry thank you Huron for sponsoring this video and all those details are in the description now I'm curious as to what I should set as rules all my little digital painting challenge here today I say that because in Photoshop of course you can blend so if I were to use my paintbrush and grab a green and lay that down and then I were to pinch this blue I can like gently lay it down ooh even blend in a little bit this lavender luminous purple but I don't know it doesn't feel AGMs paint colors because I'm creating all of these transitions between them and it doesn't feel quite like the challenge it could be but the other option is to use hard brushes mmm so if I grab a green it's just the green on the blue I tell you what I'm gonna do all of the parameters I'm gonna create three artworks today – in Photoshop one with blending allowed a second in Photoshop will be with hard brushes so there's no blending I'm very interested to see how much more of a limitation that feels and then the third painting I'll create will be in ms paint and you know it's going to be good but I want to be on an even playing field so I'm gonna work in the same period of time for each image okay so we're going to work with 30 minutes each on your marks get set yeah okay I'm gonna go a bit dramatic here let's go with like really epic mountains we're doing like this bob rossi but i want to amp it up a bit but you can amp up a bob ross how do you have enough because so far this is just this looks like the same so level of says bob ross except just notice ya volcano this is a volcano alright and I think I've ever seen a Bob Ross volcano picture I'm gonna tackle this one section at a time starting off with the sky and we create happy little clouds do we do a gray and yellow I think that's what we do I find myself like actually holding the stylus a bit like a brush but I'm doing this just to feel a little bit loose it has it's quite funny like I didn't realize that I'm doing that I am and it feels good I'm actually like really not feeling very limited in this whole process if anything I feel like the the limitation of the color palette is making me think a little more creatively and I'm not like I don't think I would get this sort of cool effect if I wasn't limited to such saturated colors okay I feel like that's pretty dramatic now let's get even more dramatic and head to the mountain not that mountain that the volcano man you know what I mean apparently my editor doesn't I shouldn't pick a fight if there's anything a youtuber knows it's not to pick a fight with their editor because they can make you look really really bad oh my god dammit alright okay got that out of our system like how like the editors like god are you finished with me yet Mighty One get carried away we have 20 minutes left alright now I'm going to create a mask on the mountain and I'll let that one slide and I'm going to gently lay in that that hot red and purple sort of mixture of colors I don't want it to be too overwhelming because the sky is sort of does that so I need a transition towards the bleak landscape so let's go towards the grey at the bottom here just happen in cap cap happy again what Bob Ross does really well is sort of taper the landscape you sort of goes with shadows and the highlights I'm gonna try and do the same thing here there we go we could start to create a little bit of form from these bleep mountains I'm pretty happy with the mountains figure now and I'm just coming these dumb jokes who gonna really just fly overhead of people who on a fan of Game of Thrones I'm barely a fan of Game of Thrones anymore after season they really get distracted here we're all mr. ten minutes which is feeling because we've got three parts the mission we're about to reproach the third part so to transition to the front section I need lava I don't know if this is how lava looks but I hope it is not really is it I'm sorry let's fill in the apocalyptic wasteland the black but gray no we're gonna paint in some miserable little trees you get it cuz he is he usually paints happy little trays and it's the apocalypse and let's add ready we're gonna be brave that was terrible hang on dude what Bruce didn't do that right we've got a little fan brush I don't actually have a fan brush but its quest enough for my detail brush there'll be a little bear in the middle there not bear is in like a little bear but like a baron not like a baron bit you know alright got a got another tree full in here they go hey look at tree that it's bits oh wait wait wait the back ground sky was set to a lower opacity very go that's whoa I'm really happy with that that's super cool I want to see what I could do with the same color limitation but this time with no blending of the brushes all right you know how it goes move the clock is on and I literally haven't even thought about what I'm going to draw so let's do that now I'm losing time thinking about it let's go with a cow superhero what if there's like Kel man so it's not an actual cow like Batman isn't an actual bat but then it's cost you okay perfect it's got like a tag on his ear okay after Google cows now what a cows look his hand up like guys fist close but he doesn't have a fist he's like a hoof please someone make this a full-fledged coming and then emu oil season credit is my creation what sort of belt does he have should he have Bell Bell Bell not on the belt though it's gonna be around his neck I'm totally neglecting the whole point of the collar challenge because I'm really excited about cow man don't offers a hero a villain unit maybe he's an antihero maybe he's a mutant oh my god I'm over halfway and I haven't finished half of this let's get a move I mean I'm gonna be honest I think there's a name I could do with this image that would make the final result disappointing I am talented so let's see if I can stuff it but don't know how to what colors bonza I'm assuming brown because of wood and tin roof maybe is that it was straw straw roof it's me who spent too much time on cow man then last but not least to make sure we know he's a real true comic book character he needs a say move over crime why is it always always like split second finish like could I not finish like five seconds earlier there we go look at that is this or is this not the best artwork I have ever created in fact I'm gonna put a pole in the card so go vote tell me the Kurla challenge sort of came into play a little bit but this was this was more just an artwork on its own in a whole separate league now this has been fun and with or without blending it's pretty easy to make an artwork with the default colors but is it easy with the default colors in the original program let's give it a go I feel like I can't actually even do this with the high resolution screen that are working on I've lowered my resolution so it's a little bit dodgy looking now that's what I want and go I can't sketch cuz there's no layers so I'm gonna make a mech robot that sounds about right feel like I should do it with mostly like lions like this this is very difficult this is supposed to be a color challenge so it's definitely a using mspaint challenge I'm not good at mechs I don't know I picked the thing I'm like least good at to draw for the most challenging aspect of the video if that looks like prop mcduck okay whatever proper enough now just copy the whole layer of line work I'm wondering if I draw and then hit paste is it still on that it is ah cool so I can do color and get a little crazy and then hit paste and then I could just little slap the line work on top this is gonna be in space ready alright now to do space effectively we're not going to be able to do it effectively I think that's I think that's really it oh no I have an idea I'll spray paint some stars like trails of stars now it looks really bad because the spray tool is terrible bye we're gonna fix that watch this get black and then we're spraying on top see it's like my tits they're hiding the grapple put down already doesn't still don't look good does sort of work if I'm enough for really hammer into it I can get some areas dark up it may be hope for our mech space picture yeah it's not much but literally that space station looks terrible but there's not much I can do about that so let's just stand I went in doubt do more spray paint crap in the background all right now the moment of truth I'm gonna hit paste hi cleaned it right up okay you're gonna get a little fancy we're gonna do the color bit of our color challenge the most important thing is lighting so let's paint in the the edges did that work yes sort of worked all right let's keep doing that ready boom oh no mr. thing I always made it when you missed like one pixel that's the problem with paint boom boom this is like the most painstaking bit there I have just over five minutes to finish this well whoo boom yeah that works well boom boom nailed it oh we have four minutes left okay pick the eyes and the chest bit glowy war without with our spray can build up some speckles around the area that's gonna glow this is just so-so looking messy not what I was going for but what can we do instead little bit of shine on the edge of the armor here last but not least a little robot later or something like what what number is a good robot number I've got seven seconds how about oh one I think that works nicely he is robot oh one vog has painted in vog MS paint with vog MS paint palette and once again a huge show that's a Huey odd for sponsoring this video I don't think I would have even be able to make something even reasonably possible without using the canvas Pro 16 which I'm using today again all of those links to the canvas Pro 16 are in the description so you can go check it out and you can get a discount while that discount is valid there are a few little updates that I want to point out that are actually really cool one is now you can actually as you go to the press keys and you can set like custom shortcut keys on these disbar here I've actually made it so you can do that per program so I can select Photoshop just like that and now I can edit those shortcut keys to work differently for Photoshop then they might file the programs I can also tweak them for of the other apps or I can have a whole bunch of different ones for different apps so that's really useful I recommend checking that out and the other thing that I am personally really happy about is now they have a double click oh my god could we just flashback to a few years ago where I said I desperately wanted to double click on my hearing on tablet you need to have a double click in your driver look at that right there boom double click this is just a couple of updates I thought you guys might appreciate but they have all the usual goodies like pressure sensitivity adjustments and all of the other custom settings in your huion tablet but the main point is you can customize your here on tablet to work with whatever your workflow is whether it's in ms paint or if it's let's go back here Wow it features a full laminated screen antique glare glass display and it doesn't even get warm after working for long periods of time the pen is battery free the color settings on the tablet are immaculate I highly recommend it if you're gonna get it you're going to love it and a huge thank you of course to Huron for sponsoring this video and providing you guys with that discount links are in the description so there it is the results of my challenge today all of these beautiful artworks were created using only the OG MS paint colors and this one of course in OG ms paints I want to thank you so much for watching this video I've had a lot of fun today and if you want to have more fun with me why don't you hit subscribe if you haven't subscribed to George Azza and liked this video so other people can see it and enjoy cow man otherwise there are some beers on my main channel on my vlog channel over there that you'll enjoy if you enjoyed this thank you for watching and until next time I'll see you later

49 thoughts on “The MS PAINT PALETTE Art Challenge!

  1. Cowman's belly should've been pink because of the utters (but in reality that'd be like a bulletproof padding sort of thing).

  2. I was gonna say he shoulda used one image for all 3 drawings, but then cow man wouldn't have been born, so…

  3. Jazza i dont have any social media. But i will be starting a new animating series on my channel and i just wanted to thank you because you inspire me and create amzing videos

  4. I used to draw on paint all the time. To make it worse.. I used the trac pad on my laptop so starting off I used my mouse but then when I got to high school I would use my trac pad on my school Mac. It was definitely not easy lol such a fun video!

  5. Here is an idea for a challenge, if you not against some retro-action):
    Create an art, using only default 4-color CGA palette, in 320×200 resolution, no tablet, only mouse, in MS Paint (or, if going closer to early digital art – Deluxe Paint, but this route needs some working with DOXBox)

    It's a good task figuring out how to create something in so limmited condition)

  6. Draw one miserable little tree.
    Add another miserable little tree.
    Because everybody needs a friend.

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    How many of these tablets do you have??

    If there is too many do you think you could give me the cheap one you used in the older video

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    Is all too real

  10. Thanks! It bring back memories of using MS Paint 🎨. Can you please have a South Park art challenge making an entire scene out of construction paper? Start with an inspired South Park scene of your own and then a very complex and detailed scene that pushes the limits of paper.

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