42 thoughts on “The Most Amazing Moments in Combat Sports EVER!

  1. it was a MUST to finish with Feodor but it was A MUST to include BADR HARI VS STEFAN LEKO REMACH 2005 . it is chosen THE BEST FINISH IN K1- HISTORY AND IT WAS BADR HARI'S FIRST TIME IN K-1 .HE WAS 21 .

  2. Anderson Silva's front kick knockout should be on here over #12. Ya it's impressive but it's not like they were actually fighting, it was timed and practiced for show.

  3. One of the biggest flexes of all time: dodges the punch, resulting in the other guy dislocating his shoulder. Instead of letting that play out or taking advantage, he stops the fight and FIXES the other guys shoulder, before winning the fight. Beast

  4. Imagine getting beaten by a 62 year old named “small wood” or by somebody with only one arm. As a professional fighter.

  5. The concrete block breaking is always hilarious, you can break 6 blocks of that thickness? Ok, take the spacers out then. lol

  6. Almost a dislike cause of the dumb filters on the bonus clips. But the video was awesome so that ain't happening

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