Today we have a very special anniversary,
tiktakers. It’s been 30 years since “The Little Mermaid”
premiered in the United States. It is hard to believe that so much time has
passed, but this Disney classic has managed to conquer several generations of children,
and also adults as well. We’re sure you’ve all seen it at least once. But did you know that the plot is based on
a 19th century tale? It was written by Hans Christian Andersen,
Danish author of other classics such as “The Ugly Duckling” or “The Steadfast Tin Soldier”. Disney’s version changes some details of the
story, which like many legends of the time, had a more tragic and darker tone. Its protagonist is a mermaid without a name,
the youngest of five sisters, whose father is the king of the sea. She is the most beautiful and has a wonderful
voice, and despite living in the depths of the ocean, her greatest dream is to break
free to the surface. Her wish comes true on her fifteenth birthday,
when her father finally gives her permission to go outside. She is fascinated when she sees the sky for
the first time, the stars and the seagulls fluttering around her. On her way, she goes by a ship where they
are throwing a party for the captain’s birthday, a handsome young man. When the Little Mermaid sees him, she falls
in love. But suddenly a furious storm breaks out, and
despite the protagonist’s warnings, the ship sinks. In a desperate struggle, she manages to save
the life of her beloved and drag him unconscious to the shore. She takes care of him until a woman approaches
asking for help when she discovers the castaway. He wakes up, sees the maiden and thinks it
was her that saved him. Meanwhile, the Little Mermaid goes back home,
devastated for not being able to stay with her great love. She is so desperate that she decides to visit
the dangerous Sorceress of the Abyss. She offers her a potion to turn her fish tail
into human legs. But every time she puts her feet on the ground,
she will suffer a great pain. In exchange, the Sorceress asks for her beautiful
voice. But she must get his love back, because if
he marries another woman, the Little Mermaid will die the morning after and her body will
become sea foam. Even with all this, she accepts. After losing her voice, she rises to the surface
and crawls to the shore where she drinks the potion. Her fish tail tears in two legs, with unbearable
pain that makes her lose her consciousness. When she wakes up she meets her beloved, the
prince of the kingdom, who, thinking she is another castaway, welcomes her to his castle. Days go by and although she cannot speak,
she manages to gain his affection by sharing long periods of time together. He enjoys watching her dancing, and she pleases
him even though every step she takes is like walking on sharp knives. Yet the prince’s thoughts are still with the
woman he believed had saved him on the beach. The Little Mermaid knows it and suffers inside. When the king and the queen arrange their
son’s marriage to the princess of the neighboring country, he refuses. But his anguish turns into joy when he discovers
that the princess is the same woman he saw on the beach, and marries her. Meanwhile, the heartbroken Little Mermaid
attends the wedding and accompanies the bride and groom on their first boat trip. At dusk she goes out on the deck, ready to
accept her death and disappear into the sea. But her sisters emerge from the surface with
a magic dagger from the Sorceress, they got in exchange for their hair. If the Little Mermaid kills the prince with
it, she will be able to return to her old life. She sneaks into the bridal bed, ready to commit
the crime. But when she sees the sleeping face of her
beloved, she takes pity on him and kisses him goodbye. She returns to the deck and throws herself
into the sea, ready to face her destiny. With the sunrise, her body begins to rise
and float towards the sky, carried by the fairies of the wind. As a reward for her sacrifice she has become
a kind spirit, and through her good deeds one day she will have an immortal soul and
live in heaven, like all humans. As you can see, Disney’s version has a cheerful
and not so dark tone. And a happy ending where the protagonist ends
up with her beloved. Perhaps this was the key to its great success. In fact, a real action version is planned
for 2021, starring the young singer Halle Bailey. It made Ariel one of the audience’s favourite
Disney princesses, an icon of the company. But the film also had other great characters. Who’s your favourite? Tell us in the comments!

82 thoughts on “THE LITTLE MERMAID | Draw My Life

  1. I wonder why Prince Eric just took a random stranger from the sea into his castle when people say to never let a stranger into your house.

  2. I watched the anime version and the prince finds out that it was Ariel and he divorces with the girl he thought had married her and I think commits suicide

    It was just based off of my memory when I watched it

  3. I got an idea for the next ScaryTuesday draw the life of peppa pig there is a creepy pasta about the true horror story that inspired the derector of peppa pig

  4. Oh, i know everything about Hans Christian Andersen's story about mermaids! I always cry at the ending. My mom was used to tell me that story in our language when i was younger. Disney changed it because they wanted to make children happy. 🙂

  5. Who else was waiting for a new video about classic tales? Tells us in the comments which one should be next ❤️

  6. That’s not true Ariel won’t die the next day iff she doesn’t find love her voice will be gone forever iff she doesn’t find love!!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡

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