The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village

The Land of No Men: Inside Kenya’s Women-Only Village

– I’m trying to do like, a 2-foot skank,
and it is not dropping- woah! I’ve never felt so white in my life. Amongst the Samburu
tribes of northern Kenya, where the desert merges with
the foothills of Mount Kenya, women have been living under
a harsh patriarchal system for as long as they can remember. Female genital mutilation has been
one of the most important rituals amongst the Samburu for generations. Once circumcised, a girl can be given away in an arranged
marriage to start her own family. This practice has seen
girls as young as 12 get married to men old enough
to be their grandfathers. But this year, Obama’s visit to Kenya put women’s rights
at the forefront of national dialogue. – “Around the world, there is a
tradition of repressing women. Treating women and girls
as second-class citizens. Those are bad traditions.
They need to change. There’s no reason that young girls
should suffer genital mutilation. There’s no place in civilised society for the early or forced
marriage of children. These traditions may
date back centuries, they have no place in the 21st century.” – While the world has just taken note, 25 years ago, a group of fed-up women lived in exodus and took matters into their
own hands to free themselves, and started a movement
in the Samburu region, creating the first village
where no men were allowed. The establishment of Umoja was an inspiration to many
women in neighbouring villages, who have risen up to take control
of their local governments. – So we travelled to Kenya to road trip
through the Samburu District, and see what life is like
in a matriarchal society. We are on our way to the Umoja village which is an all female village which started in 1990 by a woman called Rebecca. Rebecca Lolosoli is the matriarch of the Umoja women’s village and an advocate for women’s rights. Growing up as a member of the Samburu tribe she married at the age of 18 and began speaking up about helping women who were victims of rape by British soldiers training near her home. Local men angered by her vocalism beat her until she was hospitalize. When her husband did not protest the beating’s, she left him and along with several other women who were survivor’s of violence establish the women’s village of Umoja. What was once solely a safe haven for women had become a globally known example of a successful matriarchy. The Internet has put Umoja firmly on the map and now people travel far and wide to come and see how the land of no men thrives in the region of Samburu. I think that was our welcome and welcome! Just get a cup of tea up my ass and that’s it. (I think that’s what she said) So, so far it’s super nice. Everything seems really identic. Did you see the welcome, though? Oh my gosh! Every single one can sing as well. Every single of them ladies can sing. So were about to have a sit down and chat with Rebecca and, hopefully, she’s gonna explain to me how Umoja came to be and the pros and cons of living in an all female society. and, uh to shed some light on what is like here in Umoja village! Hi Rebecca! It smells so good and do the women do all the renovations and build the houses? *That’s messed up* *Good* Do you think the men felt threatened by the women being able to make their own money? With the ability to generate income, the women of Umoja have found independence. Which one did you make? Really!? It’s nice! This is amazing! I read- that um,- I read that you met Hilary Clinton. Oh is she?! There you go. I’ve never had such a spring in my step about going to school, Rebecca. *Laughter* Hi!!!! Women in Umoja are still having children and sons are welcome as long as they are willing to follow the rules and not try to dominate the women. Although no grown men are allowed to live in Umoja the women are still open to relationships and often ronde vou with boyfriends outside the village. You say in the beginning that you had to deal with a lot of sort of problems from the men in the surrounding villages kind of being- genious little bitches basically about your success. Angry husbands occasionally come to Umoja searching for their wives. The women of the village stay up all night and shift to protect each other. The veteran women live side by side with the younger refuges who recently fled to Umoja to escape the cultural ritual’s still prevalent in their communities. And how did you feel about what Rebecca teaches at Umoja? Would you want to find a husband one day and have kids? Me either! Most would think Umoja’s demographic would mainly be older women it is also home to many young women who have sworn off men completely. So it doesn’t seem like there’s a awful lot to do to pass the time in Umoja village. But, the huts the ladies make need constant maintenance. So I’m about to go and literally get my hands dirty in cow shit. You just seen some chicks doing DIY. *That’s seems like fun!* *So much fun* It’s like clay, basically. But warm. Imagine what hot cow shit feels like. *Great, now you have that stuck in my head* We come, we seen, we pulled beads and were out! Bye, ladies! *Chanting* What a wicked way to say “get out of my house love, we’ve had enough.” I’m filled with joy and love and a little bit of cow dung. Umoja has now become an excepted part of the Samburu landscape but not everyone is happy about it. By providing a safe haven for local women it has also become a threat to local men. So, on my second day in the district I went to meet a man nearby who’s wife had rejected him to live in the village. So you think that if Umoja didn’t exist, your wife would still be with you? Ah well, that’s good to hear for you. All is not lost, you can get another wife. Are- are you angry that your wife left you? Well I guess haters is gonna hate no matter what. Yesterday, we went to go and visit Umoja, an all female village where no men are allowed since Umoja, similar villages have appeared. Man are allowed in these villages but women still have the over right and say what I’m hoping is that it’s also a safe haven for the submissive men of Kenya. Just to be clear we’ve got Rebecca’s blessing because, um, these villages are kind of the trickle down from Umoja. And so we can’t do any of these things without her saying so. As the leader of Umoja, Rebecca dictates who’s allowed in and out of the whiter community. I think this is the ceremony, I just drank some goat milk, it’s delicious, recommended I and, uh, were gonna go and see what’s going on!

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  1. They have much nicer beaded jewellry than what is on the website, I would buy the more expensive ones if they displayed them

  2. Delusional Commentator: Watch how the land of no men โ€œThriveโ€

    Logic: Your whole tribe will die out in a few generations due to lack of procreation.

  3. And their colourful clothing was manufacture by western machinery, oh yeah "purists"……
    Otherwise theres alot of cucumbers in da garden

  4. You know the people behind this… I see through this video. Another way to force or steer women of color to homo sexuality and to not bear children. This is a Global Campaign.

  5. We should also have a female only village here in the west where women can go to after a abusive partner. So that they are also free from harassment on the streets.

  6. dont promot lesbianism its good to be abused by male than to become agent of devil,the devil come to steal and destroy not to save

  7. if marriage is equal slavery why would anybody want to marry? A women cannot protect herself?only in the jungle ,if she is attacked by a lion or elephant…But lets accept she cant protect herself because of other men living around wishing to rape her… than, its all about domination: you need my protection, so I take you in slavery…tradition is wrong!

  8. African woman and American woman are two completely different types of people. In some African and Arab countries women have little to no say so on things like who they marry, how many kids the have, whether our not the can get an education or a job, etc really fucced up oppression, American woman have basically unlimited freedom to do what ever it is they wish to do. Yet they biggest issue with men is slut shaming and catcalling, lol I don't think u can compare the two.

  9. I would love to show this to my nieces and daughters if not for the foul mouth of the correspondent, it's sad that she lacks more educated vocabulary to articulate without saying bitch, shit, and fuck. You can see the lady cringe a little when she says bitches. Guess she didn't know Kenya holds onto very traditional Christian tradition.

  10. That Brother are 18:00 is well enlightened. When people aren't educated, they tend to act stupid and violent withing reason just like what's happening in South Africa right now.

  11. Banish men or force them into submission and make men do all the hard labour and dangerous work but take away their right to free speech?
    Sounds like the rest of the world to me! Men take all the risks and make all the sacrifices and women complain because they feel like they are getting a bad deal!
    Yes female circumcision should be stopped but male circumcision is practised in many more countries in the world, I don't hear women complaining about that!
    It has been shown that the less a person has to complain about, the more they complain!
    Would that explain why women complain so much and men usually just grit their teeth and live with the pain?
    What was that? As a man I should just shut up, obey, risk my life, do everything to make my woman happy, be always willing to sacrifice my life for others, accept work that slowly kills me, give more than half my stuff to any woman I love, apologise for anything wrong any man has ever done, make sure all women and children are safe before considering my own safety or needs?
    And let's not forget worship any women willing to talk to me?
    Ladies this is not equality BUT the worst kind of slavery!
    How about looking at the world as a whole instead of just what you want?
    If men are more often angry then women it is because they are suffering a lot more often!
    How about some empathy rather then adding to the torture?

  12. REALLY! your comment " never felt so white in my life" was totally wrong & unnecessary. Don't you know other people of color? OR do you believe you are so white (rhetorical)?
    Shame on you!๐Ÿ˜ข

  13. Watching these types of Viedos about Blacks in Africa makes me realize that Blacks are the most Strongest People in the World. Making the best of this harsh reality everyday of their lives , being able to maintain their Dignity while doing whatever it takes to Survive with little to nothing is no easy task ,but they do it with pride. This why White People will never understand the minds of Blacks. Truly Amazing !๐Ÿ’ฏ

  14. Thanks for the information. I also come from Kenya but a different area.there is need to educate the community to change with times. Women should be treated equally and valued but not treated as commodity.

  15. The truth is we all need each other women, men, black, white etc.. the whole things are everyone plays a role in making the world go around so why not treat one another as equal instead of the cast system. Rather one cares to admit or not the real truth is God made all things for a purpose there is no big I and little U.

  16. No men seems like a good title until you face reality men and women need each other there is no one without the other…

  17. Interesting watch. To me though, the best solution is mutual respect not a 'Land of No Men' or 'Land of No Women'. At the end of the day, men and women need each other to reproduce. I can understand why they created the 'Land of No Men' though. These women had to to get away from the ridiculous traditions and mistreatment. I just hope we eventually reach a place where all men and women have mutual respect and admiration for each other

  18. Wish all men thought like Obama, the world would be a much better place! Hope I get a man like him, so much respect

  19. Keep them away from men, but wonโ€™t fight to change laws. How would they reproduce, and I donโ€™t see nothing but women running and hiding.this donโ€™t do nothing to stop the problem. Another way to control the population of the lost and scared

  20. What about the kids who get robbed, by not having and knowing that father/man love. The future of broken homes to be. Raised them to hate the men of the future. And what about that intimate time for grownups. ๐Ÿ‘Ž

  21. A great failure of men, to protect and care for our precious ladies. Upholding bad cultural practises for the sake of a big ego….

  22. My brothers, see to it that you are not mislead, the snares that you have placed in the paths of others will be worn over your own Heads. You will look on as a table is prepared for those whom you set yourself against.

    Many have been so blessed as to unknowingly entertain the company of Angels.

    "In what you have done to the least of these brothers of mine, you have done to me." Says The Lord.

    We must always remember, we were once strangers in a land.

    And dont say for yourselves, we're descendants of Abraham. I tell you that The Lord is able to raise descendants of Abraham from these very stones.

  23. Ha, yes , what a success, started with 600+ women that can't even grow food.
    Now they are left at 50 women in total, guess the village is dead.

  24. Am a man from Kenya and honestly this is very wrong,,the myth that women shouldn"t lift heavy is only perpetuated by women fear workand men who fear women,strong women scare weakmen.

  25. If people are wondering why this presenter is talking like this … we donโ€™t all sound like idiots in London. Honestly why donโ€™t you just talk properly itโ€™s so annoying.

  26. We going to see how strong these so call women are in this video and the rest of the world when that ww3 breaks out then what ,and who going protect you women from,rapist,murders, kidnappers, thieves . Since 97 % of you all don't need no men and want to live like these women in Kenya . Yall caim men are violet when most of u women like to twerk ur asses on YouTube and bring whores,and will kill a woman for sleeping with ur man but want to be friend with homosexual men smh , and go to the abortion clinic to the innocent children because you don't want to be a mother because the hate most of u have for the child's father , but 90 % u women Caim men are violent. GTFHO .

    Did not Eve bought pain ( child birth and periods )on u women for bring disobedience to God commandments and Adam.

    I'm done. Lol smh. Peace out.

  27. Do they sell anal beads ? Oh shit did I just say that out loud I was just kidding I donโ€™t want any , but what would the prices be If they do have them and are they a good size not that it matter for me but you kno itโ€™s good to know things

  28. These women actually have something to complain about but American and British women donโ€™t have shit to complain about LOL

  29. Ah, the safe space INSIDE the tribe…but I bet there are men with guns OUTSIDE the tribe with guns protecting them with said guns from other men and wild animals.

  30. I follow the bible,only god knows the righteous way to live,but let them women have their village & culture im not mad at them,blessed them and i wish them the best …..

  31. Matriarchy & patriarchy are both extremes and we have seen the fruits of extremism. Union of the two sexes/genders should be pursued rather than hurling society from one extreme end to another day in day out. I am afraid this is simply extending the party of disunity.

  32. these ladies should build a church and serve the living god ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜‡ in spirit and in truth, men don't respect women and they take desadvantage of them, build a church and serve your god and ask him to full all your need with and in those conditions you don't need a man, give them up and god will take care of your every need, don't care what people say look to god, god is in control not man, god is going to pay them for their wicked work, their pay day is coming.

  33. i see a few with very young children wre dd they get them from in such a land. anyway thumbs up for this society these women are probably the strongest in the world

  34. 17:20 he keeps talking about "women needing protection, only men can provide protection" … Protection against what though? OTHER MEN? Because the woman are independently financially stable, have enough food, provide education…. and also have the time to maintain their shelters, so the only other problem is MEN attacking the village.

  35. 17:20 he keeps talking about "women needing protection, only men can provide protection" … Protection against what though? OTHER MEN? Because the woman are independently financially stable, have enough food, provide education…. and also have the time to maintain their shelters, so the only other problem is MEN attacking the village.

  36. I see many comments that suggest women are oppressed in this country. Really? I can't blame women in Kenya for living apart from men. They're probably horribly mistreated by men. So, they only use men for procreation. No skin off my back. This video is about a heathen race living in a heathen society. It has nothing to do with this country, and any comparison is ridiculous.

  37. Why not hire a the biggest and badest gay man you can find down there? ๐Ÿ˜‚ He's more danger to the men then the women! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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