The Kids are Drawing on the Windows?!

The Kids are Drawing on the Windows?!

– [Chris] Oh, interesting. I wonder if that changes the
colors of the other markers. Does it smell good? ♪ It’s fun with Vlogmas and
it’s time to celebrate ♪ – [All] Vlogmas! (lighthearted, playful music) – Good morning, everyone! We are about to go to
the kids’ performance. They’re performing at a
retirement home today, and today’s performance is extra special because a lot of kids are absent. That’s not the special part,
but the special part is Bailey is gonna cover for a
lot of the kids that had solos, so she’s gonna do the entire
solo of one of the songs, and she’s really excited about it. She’s been working
really, really hard on it. So let’s go check it out. – Every year, the kids
perform at a retirement home. They do a shorter version of their Christmas choir performance that they did a couple weeks ago. Jacob’s gonna be doing his speaking part. Parker is going to be
doing his little duet with his best buddy, Catherine. ♪ The first Noel, ♪ ♪ The angels did say ♪ ♪ Was to certain poor shepherds ♪ ♪ In fields as they lay ♪ ♪ In fields where they ♪ ♪ Lay keeping their sheep ♪ ♪ On a cold winter’s night ♪ ♪ That was so deep ♪ ♪ Noel Noel ♪ ♪ Noel Noel ♪ ♪ Born is the King ♪ ♪ Of Israel ♪ ♪ They looked up ♪ ♪ And saw a star ♪ ♪ Shining in the East ♪ ♪ Beyond and far ♪ ♪ To the earth ♪ ♪ It gave great light ♪ ♪ And so it continued ♪ ♪ both day and night ♪ ♪ Noel Noel ♪ ♪ Noel Noel ♪ ♪ Born is the King ♪ ♪ of Israel ♪ ♪ And by the light ♪ ♪ Of that same star ♪ ♪ Three wise men came ♪ ♪ From all country far ♪ ♪ To seek for a king ♪ ♪ Was their intent, ♪ ♪ And to follow the star ♪ ♪ Wherever it went. ♪ ♪ Noel Noel ♪ ♪ Noel Noel ♪ ♪ Born is the king ♪ ♪ Of Israel ♪ ♪ Then let us all ♪ ♪ With one accord ♪ ♪ Sing praises to ♪ ♪ Our heavenly Lord ♪ ♪ That hath made heaven ♪ ♪ And earth of naught, ♪ ♪ And with his blood ♪ ♪ Mankind hath bought ♪ – Do not be afraid for reborn. I bring (mumbles) of great joy. which will be to all people. For there is born to you
this day in the city of David a Savior who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign unto you you will find the babe
wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger. ♪ We sing you a Christmas blessing ♪ ♪ We sing you a Christmas blessing ♪ ♪ We sing you a Christmas blessing ♪ ♪ And a Happy New Year ♪ ♪ Good tidings we bring ♪ ♪ To you and your kin ♪ ♪ The tidings for Christmas ♪ ♪ And a Happy New Year ♪ – Merry Christmas!
(audience applauding) – Okay, great show, you guys! – Yay! – [Jessica] Yay! – The performance was super fun. It was really hard to do all of the solos, but it was really, really, really fun. I really liked it. It was really cool. – All right, so, yesterday, we did not open our advent calendars, which means we get to open two days today. – 19, and 20.
– 19 and 20? – 19, and 20.
– 19 and 20? Alright, Duncan, you want
your advent calendar? Yeah, okay, I’ll get it for you. Here we go, so exciting! 19 is this one down here, at the bottom. Can you open that one up? Open it up. What’s inside there? Oh, just gonna break the whole
thing open, there you go. (Chris groaning) Ooh, good job. – I think it is open–
– What is that? – [Chris] Is that a marker? – Yeah.
– Oh, interesting. I wonder if that changes the
colors of your other markers. (laughs) Does it smell good? Maybe don’t sniff markers
unless they’re for that reason. Can you open number 20? This one up here? Can you open this one right here? – [Chris] (gasps) Oh my good, (groans) you need some help? (groans) a crayon. – Wow.
– It’s a crayon, yeah, what color? Do you know? What? – Crayon.
– A crayon, yeah. It’s red, can you say red? – Red.
– Good job, a red crayon. Alright Parker, are you ready? – Mm-hmm.
– 19. Who’s that? – This is a guy in a show.
– A guy in a show? (Parker groaning) Uh oh, this guy’s got a candy cane
stickin’ out of his mouth. Now 20,
(Parker humming a drum roll) – Exactly. It’s a present! – Present. Well, it’s always a present I guess. – [Chris] Okay, photo referencing. I think it’s the one your hand’s on, 19. There’s some pieces, and why don’t you open up 20 as well? And you can build while Bailey opens hers. – [Jessica] That looks
like, is it down here? – 20 is this little Chris-tams tree. Ooh, and Bailey gets to open hers, 19. Ooh, what does it say on it? – Best friend. – Nice. – Wow.
– Wow, pretty. – It’s just like the green one. – Yeah, it’s a little pop
of Christmas color. (laughs) – [Chris] You wanna put it on him, Bailey? – Ooh, that’s fun.
– Do you have the bracelet on? You like it? (lighthearted piano music) – Alright, look at this. You got this thing up here, that’s new. And these are on solid, that’s cool. Okay, it is night time now, and Jacob realized that this marker that Duncan got writes on windows, that’s what it’s for which
I’ve ever even heard of before, but we’re gonna try it. Here’s a window.
– This is such a bad idea. I just wanna say for
the record that I have, I am having no part of this (laughs) because I’m super against it. (laughs) I feel like we’re teaching our baby to draw on windows, and write on things that shouldn’t be written on, and I’m going to be sitting
at my table over here. Ignoring that it’s going on because now when he takes a Sharpie to the window, it’s you, this is on you. – I know how to get Sharpie off a window. So here’s a window, okay let’s see, OH, that doesn’t really
draw though, does it? (kids laughing)
– It does. – [Chris] Kind of, draws a little bit. Snowflakes have six sides, right Bailey? – I don’t know.
– All snowflakes are different.
– They’re all different. – [Chris] Huh, is that,
that’s kind of a thing? Is that–
– It’s a spider web. – Start with the face,
and we’ll go with the– – [Chris] So this is the
Santa we used to draw, or paint when I painted with my dad. (gentle, lighthearted music) The weird thing is is that it like, doesn’t show up at first, but it gets clearer as it dries. Like, watch that line. It will, it’s like totally faint, and then after a little while, it’ll become really clear. (gentle, lighthearted music) See that line? See how clear it is now? It was totally not clear a second ago. Santa Claus.
– Maybe, maybe draw something else, and
then come back to this so that you can actually–
– Look at, look at Santa, he’s like appearing on the window, this is actually remarker-able. Get it?
– Can I do it? – Get it, remarker-able? You get my joke? – Yeah, it’s really funny. – Yeah.
– And here’s Jacob’s li’l Santa Claus right up here. – [Chris] Wait, what? Duncan, Duncan, can you
please give me those? (laughs) I don’t know where those belonged, but I don’t know, how
did you even get to this? This was up here. Normally we keep Duncan’s
advent calendar up here where he can’t reach it up on the piano, but every time he gets a chance, he opens more doors, what are you doin’? I don’t know if this applies anymore. Yeah, you’re still on the nice list. – Dada.
– Do you see Santa? Do you see Santa Claus? What does Santa Claus say? – Woo!
– No, he’s not an elephant. (imitating elephant roar)
(Jessica laughing) He’s Santa Claus, he goes, “Ho ho ho” – Ho.
– Ho. – [Chris] Oh, Bailey drew
a nice little ornament on a branch. What are you drawing here? – Santa Claus.
– Oh, nice. Wait, where did you get a different pen? Where did you get a different marker? Mommy’s prediction was correct. That happened quicker than I had expected. – Dada.
– Santa? – Dada.
– Santa? What does Santa say? (baby babbling) – No, he’s not an elephant. Okay, yeah let’s see
if he wipes off easily. Oh that’s, that’s comin’ off like a dream. Say, “Bye bye, Santa.” – So, I have some really
big news for me. (laughs) And that is that I just reached 300,000 Instagram followers. 300,000 Instagram followers. I can’t even believe it, I can’t, I can’t believe that
there are 300,000 people that follow me on Instagram. I was trying to explain that to the kids. ‘Cause they were like, “What’s like, what’s 100? “What’s 1000?” And we were going over it,
it’s such a big number, and I’m just so grateful, and I’m flabbergasted by it. So thank you guys, I
know a lot of you guys are following me on Instagram. My name’s jessicaballinger if you’re not. We do special live streams
before these Vlogmas vlogs. So, if you’re wondering why there are like a bunch of like, words sometimes that you see in the comment section that may not make sense to you, that’s usually, not always I’m sure, but usually because of the special time we’re having on the live stream. So, check out my Instagram,
we have a lot of fun on it. To those of you that already
are following me there, thank you so much, (stammers) I’m so overwhelmed that, that I have 300,000
followers, that’s so cool, thank you guys, what an exciting day. It looks like there’s
a little elf next to me who wants to say something about it. – Hi. (laughs)
(Jessica laughing) How much is 100? It’s the number 10, 10 times. So, and the number 5, you’re 5 years old? 20 times. So, 20 little Parkers
are 100 years of age. (Parker giggling)
– All combined, it’s pretty funny, huh? How are you feeling today? – Not better, I ate PediaSure, and it didn’t feel better but every time else, it felt better. – [Jessiva] Yeah, well your
body is starting to get better, you don’t need PediaSure as much anymore. – But I want my ice cream more. (Jessica laughing) – [Jessica] Well, you’re healin’ up, you don’t need ice cream all the time. Just nutrition, and–
– Please Mama. – On Christmas. Parker has some adjusting to do to get used to not eating
ice cream everyday. (laughs) But today, he had
a bean, and cheese burrito. So, a really soft flour
tortilla with bean and cheese, and he ate it, and it went well, it didn’t hurt him at all
so that’s really good news. We had a visit with his
ear, nose, and throat doctor who was also his surgeon, and he said he looks really good. He’s about 80 to 90% healed,
and by Christmas Eve, he should be able to try the more coarse foods, so we’re really looking forward to that, and that’s also when he gets to try doing a cartwheel again. – Yeah, but I’ve already done one. – [Jessica] Are you excited
about doing a cartwheel that you’re allowed to do again? (Parker giggling)
– Yeah. (Duncan giggling) – Hey, thanks for
watching today’s episode. I would like to give a
shout-tout to Roison K, if you would like a shout-out at the end of tomorrow’s video, leave
a comment in today’s video, and we will pick somebody
from the comments section, and give them a shout-out. Also if you like today’s video, give us a thumbs up, subscribe to our channel
if you haven’t already, and thanks for watching.

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