The Kavanaugh Circus

The Kavanaugh Circus

Hey. If you hear weird noises and things
hitting the house, I’m not in a war zone. I’m actually in North Carolina and
there’s a hurricane headed this way. All right, so the Democrats have been opposed
to Brett Kavanaugh since he was nominated. Actually, since way before that.
You see, when Anthony Kennedy announced that he was retiring, that’s when they decided
that whoever would be the replacement would be wrong, because Trump is the one
who’s appointing the replacement. Right. In fact, if you recall, on the day that
Trump went to announce who his nominee was, they were there. The protesters were
in Washington DC with picket signs and they had two sets of picket signs. They
had one set that actually looked professionally printed with the name of
all the different nominees and different ones for different potential nominees. It’s hilarious. And these other like, kind of handmade signs that just had
partially made. They had like a blank spot where they could write in whoever his
name was. [They] didn’t know anything else about him, didn’t know his values, just knew his
last name, and they’d just write it in, and be like, “That’s the bad guy! We’re
gonna protest him, because, you know, Roe versus Wade” or whatever. You know, it was
just insane. No idea who he was. Now they’ve been
opposing him since then. Just crazy. In fact, during the hearings, the
Senators, the supposedly Senators — you’d think, the adults in the room — acted like
children, constantly talking over the speakers, just trying to stall, because that’s
what they’re trying to do here. They’re trying to stall. What they want,
and in their minds… if we’re waiting till the midterms, they’re gonna win, they’re
gonna win big. This is what they think, and when they went big and they take
over the Senate, then they can prevent any nominee that Trump chooses from
getting to the Supreme Court. Maybe they can force him to choose a Democrat on
the Supreme Court. That’s what they’re thinking, so I think if we can
just stall it for long enough. So that’s what they were doing, trying to make these
hearings last as long as possible. Constantly talking over the speakers. No, they can’t say anything, they can’t have a decent conversation, can’t
question them except for interrogation style. That’s it, and people
were paid to protest these hearings but it wasn’t like a normal protest. See the
Democrats are known for doing this, for actually paying protesters. You see, in
the like ‘March for our Lives’, you may have heard that they put these ads up on
Craigslist offering to pay people for their time. I think it’s really
dishonest and disingenuous when they do this, because the whole point of doing
that is to make your movement seem bigger than it actually is — to make it
seem like it has more widespread support than it actually does. So the
whole thing is dishonest, but this is actually significantly worse, and the
reason… see CNN talked to the people over at the Women’s March, and it turns
out that the Women’s March were paying these protesters bail money, not
money to show up, which is one thing, but bail money. So at that point, you’re
paying people to commit crimes, or reimbursing them for their crimes,
because if they need bail money then they have committed a crime. You don’t
need bail money for a regular protest. You don’t need bail money to stand
out there with a picket sign. You need bail money if you’re intentionally
disrupting in a way that you know is illegal. In this case, they’re kind of like
subverting the actual United States government but sedition and treason,
they’re cool now. They’ve been like mainstreamed, because Trump is evil and
he’s the president. By the way, if you donate to Democrat causes, this is where it goes. Seriously.
It’s the areas like this, where you’re paying for somebody’s bail money. It’s
just kind of it’s obscene, and Linda Sarsour was one of the people who was arrested for, you know, because they went
in there and decided to either scream and shout about how evil these
straight white males were, or just stand there and refused to be moved so they
got arrested. They forced themselves to be arrested, that was their goal.
Linda Sarsour for those who don’t know at this point, she’s the Women’s March
leader who ironically wants to push Sharia law onto the United States, which
is the most anti-female ideology known to man, alongside having ties to Imams which
also have ties to the World Trade Center bombings, so there’s that too.
That’s Linda Sarsour. So this is all one big delay tactic, and it hasn’t been
working. In fact, these same senators, they gave Brett Kavanaugh over 1200 questions
to answer (written questions), and usually for most nominees, they get like 10 to 20
questions out of all the senators combined, because it’s supposed to be
like a follow-up, like a last minute, “What do you think about this issue, can you
please clarify?” No! The Democrats wanted this to be a massive stall tactic, and it
didn’t work. He’s already responded to 1,287 questions.If it were me, I’d answer them like: Yes, No, Maybe. That would
be it. Seriously, when it’s that clear that it’s just about stalling, nothing
else. They don’t care, I mean, seriously, if he answered all of those exactly how
they wanted him to, you think they’d change their votes? Most of these people
announced before it was announced who he was, that they weren’t gonna vote for him,
because they knew — they knew who he was gonna be — that he was gonna be
somebody who was an evil originalist who actually reads the Constitution and that’s it. He doesn’t try and legislate from the bench.He doesn’t try and make laws from the Supreme Court, because that’s like their idea of the
Nemesis right now. Someone who actually just reads what’s there and
enforce it, and that’s it. Now, they’re at their final
tactic, and this is where it gets really dirty. They’re accusing him of sexual
misconduct, but not in a clear or transparent way. No no. This is to delay
even further. The Democrats led by Senator Dianne Feinstein have a letter.
She has a letter that she has forwarded on to the FBI that includes
accusations of apparently something that he did when he was 17 years old in high
school with a female. We don’t actually know if this female exists, but let’s
just plug ahead as if she does. Alright, because I’m
really not sure that she does, but let’s assume, because his high school, they have
no knowledge of any incident whatsoever ever happening, but instead we have these
shady rumors about some letter, about some woman. This woman, by the way, doesn’t
want to press forward. In other words, doesn’t want to press charges.
She also wants to remain anonymous. Does this seem a little odd? Shady rumors that
undermine his character, right, and by the way, this is like one of the areas in
which you can be really sued like crazy for slander. If you’re accusing
someone of sexual misconduct, you better be telling the truth, because that can
devastate someone’s life and for that reason, it’s written into slander and
libel law (defamation law) specifically that you can’t do that.
You’ll lose an immense amount of money if you do, because it’s wrong. It’s
evil. In fact, it’s a pillar of the American justice system that you have
the right to face your accuser, and in this case, he doesn’t. I mean, you get that.
You have this one letter and the FBI has already told CNN that they’re not gonna
press any criminal charges, which really kind of tells you just what there is to
this letter, i.e nothing. But we all have to hear about it. It’s gonna be in
the press, it’s gonna be everywhere about, you know, Kavanaugh who just
might be a sexual predator, right? That’s the implication. He just might be, maybe,
because you know they’re gonna have their #metoo moment now, you know, because
this was back when he was 17 years old, and you’re supposed to believe that this
whole time, that this woman who was so victimized, didn’t come forward, but now
it is the moment that it’s all gonna come to light. It’s absolutely ridiculous,
and by the way, we don’t even know what he supposedly did. We just know it’s some
kind of sexual misconduct that nobody’s gonna tell us, because by doing that, by
the way, what they assume is that you’re gonna is that you’re going to assume the
worst possible thing. You see, maybe he just looked at her wrong and gave her
a look that said, “You know, let’s hook up some time”. I don’t know,
but the alternative, what they actually want you to assume is they’re
walking down some dark alley and he attacked and raped her, you know,
seriously. But they don’t want to say, they don’t wanna say what this
“misconduct” was, and this whole “right to be believed thing”, this idea that any
woman should be believed if she makes a claim. It’s ridiculous and obscene. It
kind of reminds me. You may be aware, way back in time, back when the
patriarchy was really in control, a lot of women were let off of serious charges,
like murder, stuff like that, because the men on the jury didn’t think that a
woman could be capable of such an act. That she was like too pure, or they don’t
want to send her away to the prison, they just didn’t think it was right. It was
wrong, and that was the idea. Now we’re kind of there again in this weird
sense, that a woman can do no wrong, a woman can’t lie. What is that? It’s
just ridiculous. We’ve got women on death row for heinous crimes, and yet at the
same time in culture we’re not supposed to believe that they could
possibly lie. I mean that’s ridiculous. In fact, I would say — I know I’ll take heat for
this, I don’t care — women are more likely to lie. They’re more likely to lie and
conspire and plot than a man, but if you annoy a man or do something wrong
to a man, he’s more likely to physically attack you. He’s more likely to confront
you. A woman is more likely to conspire and be vindictive. I mean, these gender
stereotypes exist for a reason. It’s like, if you go back and look at witches and stuff inside of children’s books. That’s what they were.
They conspired and plotted but men were more aggressive. These things
actually exist in stereotypes because that’s what most people actually do. You know,
when you had the aggressor on both sides of the gender, that’s how they act,
but no, no, women are just pure and unable to do any wrong.
We’re supposed to believe that and use that to attack attack this man who
doesn’t even know who he’s been accused by. It’s just this whole thing is evil,
and we can’t investigate her. You get that? We can’t
investigate who the accuser is. Maybe she’s accused 20 other people.
Maybe she’s insane. Maybe she’s never even met Brett
Kavanaugh and thinks that she has. We don’t know.
Instead we’re all supposed to speculate about some letter and what it might say.
This whole thing, this whole big stalling tactic, this whole– I don’t want
to call it– this whole thing with the whole nomination process. It’s so bad
that even Ruth Ginsburg, who is like the libtard of the Supreme Court, even she
has talked to The Hill about how partisan this is, and how bad that is. She
was appointed back in 1993 and she was appointed by a margin of 96 to 3, and she
talked about how, back then, the nomination of a Supreme Court justice
was very non-partisan. It was supposed to be, “Does this person follow the Constitution
and is he or she a good individual, a good moral, upstanding citizen”, and that
was it. Instead, we’ve just seen this highly
partisan charade that, you know, if you are Democrat, you can’t support him. It’s just… In fact, Breyer was supported 87 to 9.
Scalia was supported 98 to 0. There Justice Scalia who, now the Democrats
hate, for being the originalist, right? They just look at what was there
and he was willing to say, Roe versus Wade, isn’t in the Constitution.
There’s nothing about abortion in the Constitution. Doesn’t
matter which way you feel about it. You can write a Bill if you want, but it’s
not in the Constitution. That is like the ultimate sacrilege now. That’s
what they’re attacking Kavanaugh over perhaps believing that, just maybe, but
it’s just so partisan and I think where Trump perhaps is still going wrong is
that he’s trying to play nice. Like, you may not realize this, but he placed
Kavanaugh in this position, he nominated him on the basis that he wasn’t as
conservative. People like Ted Cruz wanted people who were actually more conservative, more partisan, they thought that this is
our opportunity to really get someone who’s
conservative on the Supreme Court, and Trump wanted to just see if we can
actually get both sides to work together, to agree on somebody who is good, and who
just looks at the Constitution and reads it. What could be controversial about that?
Really. He’s still trying to work with them, and it is at a point when the
Democrats are so far left, that’s actually kind of dangerous, because what if you have like a wavering Supreme Court, with those people, with
the socialist left. It’s dangerous. I think he needs to stop playing nice
with them and maybe when Ginsburg gets off the Supreme Court, he’ll have that
opportunity. I guess we’ll see. All right, that’s all have to say for now. If you
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25 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh Circus

  1. Kind of reminds me of Judge Roy Moore and his run for the senate. A woman from 30 years in the past, "He touched me." By this methodology ANY man could be destroyed by a mere accusation. All evidence is gone or never existed! If you want to increase the size and scale of MGTOW just use this political ploy a lot. For any honorable man this sort of attack, if successful, is like gutting him. It leaves nothing functional behind. Of course, if Kavanaugh makes it to the Supreme Court the democrat machine has burned all their bridges with him. I am sure he tries to be objective. But this sort of attack will leave animus. It cannot do otherwise.

  2. Come the midterms let us not piss about American patriots, you have a DUTY to vote and kill any and every democratic hopefull dead in their tracks, you know Democrats will bring an end to your normal way of life and push America into a socialist hell hole. DO YOUR DUTY and vote, keep Democrats away from power. VOTE THEM OUT.

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  5. this happened to a friend in college, the accusation came from a 3rd party that had no idea what was going on. The women that was a supposed victim is happily married with children for 20 years to the the guy which was accused of the misconduct. He almost got kicked out of college for this, from the false accounts of a women that went to college staff and many other people and said some goofy story which was completely false. What was the most disturbing was everybody went along with the story simply because the young woman that made the accusations was very popular among her college peers and assumed what she was saying was true.

  6. I am astounded at the lack of concern people have for a couple of Kavanaughs comments. He is on record saying gun rights need to be interpreted according to culture and not the original intent of the Constitution and he has stated that an illegal alien should have a right to get an abortion with tax payer money while being held in detention by the federal government. I am paraphrasing of course. This should be upsetting to more people. Someone stated, dont let the facts get in the way. Just go with the hype.

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