The Jimmy Page Telecaster I Artist Signature Series I Fender

The Jimmy Page Telecaster I Artist Signature Series I Fender

hmm hey this is John with fender and here it is this is the fender Jimmy Page Telecaster this guitar is an homage to Jimmy's 1959 tele which began life in its factory white blond finish then became the mirror guitar before taking on its final form a magical one-of-a-kind instrument it looks amazing it feels great and it is absolutely fun to play so let's get right into it alright so the tone you heard in the beginning of the video is the guitar plugged directly into the base breaker 30 our amplifier on the gain Channel and I pretty much had to gain cranked for that one so let's switch over it's a clean channel we'll hear what that sounds like and then we'll get into the features you [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] all right let's take a look at the key features of the guitar starting with the body like pages original 1959 Telecaster the two-piece body is crafted from ash with a really attractive grain as you can see here and it's extremely resonant we have your standard tele controls a volume a tone and a 3-way selector switch on the pickups we have a pair of custom and Jimmy Page pickups now these pickups are constructed as close to the originals as possible and they really sound amazing now on the bridge this is what we call a top loader bridge so you can string the guitar through the body traditionally or you can string it through the bridge now when you put it through the bridge that produces a rounder warmer tone with less tension so you can bend the strings with ease and it takes a little bit of the bite out of the tone and then on the neck we've duplicated the exact neck profile from pages tele finish it with our rode warrants at and lacquer on the back and capped it with a period-correct slab fingerboard and this one is rosewood it's a custom oval C shape it's got a seven and a quarter inch radius and 21 vintage frets and then up at the headstock we have your vintage style machine head's and let's not forget about this beautiful artwork on the guitar we have Jimmy Page's signature on the back of the headstock and on the back of the neck plate and then in the case we add in a white seat belt style guitar strap as well as this really cool red coil cable all right so let's check out some more distorted tones I'm going to go back to the gain channel of the bass breaker 30r let's check it out and there you go that's the fender Jimmy Page Telecaster visually and sonically gorgeous check this guitar out and more at fender calm and stay tuned for more videos we'll see you soon

44 thoughts on “The Jimmy Page Telecaster I Artist Signature Series I Fender

  1. John/Fender … I am hearing conflicting retailer responses about finish checking on the headstock. I received mine and it has checking. I contacted my retailer, Sweetwater, and he said they contacted Fender and the reply was that checking was intentional from Fender. A different retailer told me the guitars they received did NOT have checking. What is the official Fender response? Should these guitars be arriving to customers with finish checking?

  2. Thats sound is frikin amazing!!The actions seems low & the tones- its getting a clean' but distortiony sound!!Sounds like my U.S.A.made Sunburst Fender Strat!!Similiar clean distortiony sound..Im not an avid gutairist,kinda ghetto like player open strings and power chords- but i love music..This is a Beautifo gutair!!Rite on..'Jimmy✌🇺🇸

  3. bullshit that you can't actually play Zep riffs – not like you're making money of them, you're showing the freaking endorser's rmusic!

  4. I ordered mine on 19 April. There was very little information on the production version and I didn't find out until much later that I'd paid a lot of money for a Mexican. Almost every retailer linked the Fender video for the Custom Shop version on their listing for the production model. Some sites even spec-ed the Custom Shop model on the cheaper listing. Sure, I knew that the bells and whistles CS was an edition of 50, but I had the impression that the production was more than it is. An interview with Fender at NAMM, says that they are, 'sold out at retailer level', but doesn't say which one. The price point does not indicate Mexican at all. Even this video (released 3 months later), doers not say made in Mexico, just a brief glimpse of the neckplate gives you an idea. I love my Fenders, but I get the feeling I was mis-led into spending my money, not by the retailer, but by Fender.

  5. Cmon people !! You are selling this guitar for a ton of money and you cant even play some zep stuff ??

  6. As if Jimmy Page did or would ever play a Mexican made poly finish guitar. No offense because they’re nice guitars for if you’re on a budget or a beginner but come on Fender… Such ‘recreations’ should be made in the USA with top materials in every detail.

  7. Jimmy Page is a nice enough person that he will allow you to re-make his guitar, but wont allow you to use the Led Zeppelin songs 🙂

  8. It's sad when you build Jimmy Page his own Telecaster and still can't play Zeppelin riffs without fear of getting your video taken down over copyright infringement.

  9. I'm sorry Fender, but I have to be honest. This Jimmy Page Tele sounds extremely mediocre. Compared to the Custom Shop Mid-Year Collection Telecasters, this guitar sounds like pure garbage. I would rather have one of the Vintera Series Telecasters. They sound much better, in my opinion. Truthfully, I don't give a damn about Jimmy Page. And, unless his signature guitar has something more significant to offer than fancy graphics, I choose to spend my money on a better Fender product.

  10. Love the tribute to, imho the best guitar player ever….
    Not so keen on the Sig guitars tho.

    Can I say that the one Tele that I would immediately purchase would be a 62' Custom Tele reissue (the one with the binding! ;).

    I don't think Fender do a current version anywhere in the range (barring the CS!), surely this model deserves to be represented somewhere

    Can you help?. 😉

  11. I really wish this was a few hundred cheaper and with a unique normal color range.. like based on their albums. Say a a black tele with a cream/red/cream "mothership" pickguard ……. add in a legit nitro finish, and you could jack the price back up. This thing is just too harsh on the eyes

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