THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

♪♪♪In Amsterdam,I dreamt I saw my mother again.Same beautiful pale blue eyes.This is the one
I was talking about.When I lost her…I lost sight of any landmarkthat might have led me
some place happier.
You’re the boy, aren’t you?The boy whose mother was killed?♪♪♪ We all feel afraid sometimes.You never know…what’s going to decide
your future.
To lose something…that should
have been immortal…
Please, tell me… it isn’t true.

100 thoughts on “THE GOLDFINCH – Official Trailer 1

  1. I went without knowing anything besides the main plot. I didn't read the book to avoid any bias and I wanted to be surprised too. I didn't have any idea about the negative reviews. Now, after watching, I understand why many would trash it. There was too much expectation perhaps. It made me think, yes. The cinematography was really good. But all in all, I wasn't moved that much. It was a little messy. The acting wasn't particularly impressive. It was good, but forgettable. That's just my opinion, of course. Gonna read the book next.

  2. The critics are full of BS! I saw Goldfinch last night, beautiful film, great script, cinematography, sets, and makeup. One of my favorites Nicole Kidman.

  3. People are impossible to please or entertain these days. This was a fantastic movie! There was no nudity, no crazy sex scenes, no big fight scenes, not a lot of filthy language or incredible stunts. Boo hoo. It was great!

  4. Jeffery Wright as Hobie? I think not. Do these directors even read the book???!!!! Hobie's description taken from the book, and i quote "He was six foot four or six five, at least, haggard, noble-jawed, heavy, something of him suggesting the antique photos of Irish poets and pugilist that hung in the midtown pub where my father liked to drink. His hair was mostly gray, and needed cutting, and his skin an unhealthy white, with such deep purple shadows around his eye that it was almost as if his nose were broken"

    Does that sound like a small African-American man to you???!!!!!

  5. If you haven't watched this movie already WATCH IT. I have no idea why its getting shat on but its a truly incredible movie.

  6. Apparently people thought the movie was bad? I just watched it myself and it was gorgeous. Easily made it to my top 10 favorite movies and definitely made me cry. A lot. It was a beautiful movie.

  7. I’m still shocked as to why this film had such awful reviews, because it’s cinematically beautiful and so poignant. It honestly moved me so much, and I’m so confused as to why people are criticising it so much.

  8. This is an awful film. Don't waste your time. It's a pretentious Oscar bait film that looks beautiful but is poorly written, structured and emotionally constipated.

    As an indicator of how bad this film is, my Mum cries in literally everything: 30 second ads, the Spongebob Squarepants Movie, within 30 seconds of me putting on any remotely sad song on the other side of the house. She cried in church that day from a YouTube song. She didn't cry ONCE. Not so much as watery eyes. The characters meanwhile cried in just about every damn scene.

    Boris is literally the only redeemable part of this film. Some of the actors are straight up awful. Then you have Nicole Kidman, who has SO much botox that literally all she can do is creepily stare at everyone because she can't move her eyebrows or her cheeks.

    In conclusion there is no reason to watch this film. If you appreciate these kind of films, like I normally would, then there are literally hundreds of better ones out there. It's not as good as the book. It's incredibly boring, confusing and bland. It fails even to be remotely moving. Go watch something like Marriage Story or the new Judy Garland movie or anything else instead.

  9. It is so amazing to compare the pictures created in my mind by the book and the pictures of the movie…wow..i also thought of the same actor as Boris while I was reading the book! I wish though 'the secret history'' would be made a movie,it would have been so iconic and picturesque and magical movie!!!Iwould have been a masterpiece,i have read this book five times and I get lost iside it every single time!all these pictures from Vermont during fall time,the characters all so unique,it would have been fascinating..god i wish someone thinks of secret history to be made a movie!

  10. It's crap! Very underwhelming. I thought it was gonna be this epic movie. It's like a 4/10 or 5/10 at best. Forgettable!

  11. Quiero leer el libro😔
    Estoy emocionada por ver cómo actúa el que hace de Theo versión joven
    De los actores que conozco, son todos muy buenos😊

  12. It feels more like business transaction than even just an average good movie, the director wronged so much in here… just a real real shame!! To ruin such a good work of literature… 👎

  13. I loved it, but there was an old lady talking during the movie and couldn't enjoy it, ugh it gave me so much anxiety!!!

  14. As I revisit my own personal loss when my mom died 9 years ago, I’ll be entering into uncharted territories about grief and how most of it stays within us regardless the passing of time.

  15. it looked so beautiful in the trailer and the film itself was beautifully made(A+ cinematography) yet i believe it simply did not do the book justice. it was the structure that threw away most of the character construction and the symbolism and just the beautiful richness of the book if that makes any sense.

  16. Can anyone comment if this movie is worth a watch? I am a big fan of Ansel Elgort, so I will end up watching it soon enough, but confused as to why there is a 24%/72% scoring on RT. Thank you in advance.

  17. definitely in my top movies of the year. i loved it so much. its a shame people skip on touching films like this, and are so stuck on the view-bait superhero crap. cinema is dying thanks to the treadmill cgi bs. 🙁 everyone in this movie was great! book is even better!

  18. I just finished the book before seeing any bit of the trailer. Gotta say…. the screen adaption looks pretty disappointing….. the book was INCREDIBLE.

  19. I've seen that painting a number of times. I always felt sorry for the bird, since it is chained by the foot. It must be painful everytime it tries to fly. Makes me feel sad.

  20. This movie was so much better than critics made it out to be, but it would have better suited being broken down into a TV series format. Looking forward to buying it anyway.

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