The Five Things Celebrity Hairdresser Christian Wood Can’t Live Without  | Just Five Things | Byrdie

The Five Things Celebrity Hairdresser Christian Wood Can’t Live Without | Just Five Things | Byrdie

– [Christian] Hey, Byrdie. Christian Wood here,
celebrity hairstylist. And these are my five just things. – [Woman] Just Five. – Just Five.
Sorry, I knew I’d [bleep] that up. ♪ [music] ♪ My number one product in my kit is this
Wella Stay Firm hairspray. If I could only use one product for the
rest of my career, it would hands-down be hairspray. I think most people just think about it as
a finishing product to hold the hair in place, but I use this when I’m
blow drying hair on the roots. Because a lot of root lifting products or
thickening products can be quite tacky in the hair. You spray a little bit of this in,
you blow dry, and you can use it to take away flyaways. You can use it to add shine. It’s a really versatile product. And when I’m on set,
all makeup artists steal this from me, because they like it for brows. My brows go downwards,
so I like to give them a quick brush in the morning with a little bit of this
product on, and it lasts all day. And I do it every morning so I feel like
Joan Crawford. ♪ [music] ♪ I could take a little nap right now. So my second product that I am in love
with is Slip Silk Pillowcases. The reason I love this is because most
people don’t take care of their hair when they go to bed. They spend hours doing their beauty
routines, it has 12 steps and all these things. And then they’ll just leave their hair,
and they’ll wake up, and it’s a bird’s nest in the morning. Whereas when you sleep on a Slip Silk
Pillowcase, it creates a lot less drag on the hair. So basically, your hair is not going to be
as knotted or messy in the morning. So when you wake up, it’s easier to style,
you have less split ends, it’s more manageable,
it keeps color lasting longer, and it also takes I think 70% less residue
of product off your skin. So number one, you don’t wake up with deep
crease lines and you just all-around look more beautiful.
What more could you ask for? Okay. So my third product
is this company called Hims. And it’s basically a range of products
that’s designed to stop hair loss and keep hair and skin and nails in working order. So basically, these are biotin,
and you take two of them in a day. Honestly, they taste like candy. Sometimes I like to take about four
when I’m cheating. Now, they taste so yummy. And it’s just good to know that something
from the inside is working. I shouldn’t have put them in my mouth. The problem with taking vitamins or
vitamins, depending where you’re from in the world, it’s that you take them
for a month, you run out, it takes you another three weeks before
you get them again. Whereas this, they send you them in the
post every single month so you never run out. And I think it’s really important when
you’re looking after your hair or skin or your nails that you have consistency with
what you’re taking and also that you take it every single day. As a hairdresser, I love to do way more
simple textured hairstyles or just simple glossy hairstyles. And I think when you add an accessory into
hair, it’s instantaneously glamorous. This one, this red leather piece,
you can sort of like wrap it around a ponytail, create like some cool
little, you know, detail in the hair. And I think it just elevates everything. Say, for a red carpet do,
I love these like sparkly accessories. And these ones are really special to me. They’re these beautiful glittery stars,
and I used them on Katherine Langford for the Golden Globe Awards
about two years ago. And it just looks so beautiful and it was
such a simple hairdo and so easy to do, but it really gave a wow effect and a
punch to the overall look. So last but not least on my list is these
111SKIN Black Diamond Eye Masks. I use these every single day,
which I don’t know whether you’re supposed to, but my biggest problem for
me, personally, is my undereye. It’s a hereditary thing,
it’s something I’m self-conscious about. So they’re just these two black little
pads, and you put them underneath your eyes,
and they actually work. And I think that’s half of the problem
with beauty products is you put them on, you take them off,
and you don’t see results. But these, you see results. Well, guys, thank you so much
for watching. These are my Just Five Things. And if you have any questions at all about
the things I’ve used or anything in general, please DM me, @cwoodhair,
and I will answer all your questions. Bye, Byrdie. ♪ [music] ♪

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  1. I have two questions,
    1. Dry, curly hair …… help! Both myself and my daughter suffer, πŸ™πŸ™.
    2. Where do I purchase the red leather hair accessory?
    Thank yooooooo, πŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ’•

  2. Synthetic vitamins… no no, please! I think this trend has to stop and people need to be more aware. They innervate the fat cells (Esp the fat-soluble vits) and can cause changes in DNA. Go for WHOLE FOOD Organic multivitamin supplements. So much safer and bioavailable!

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