The epoch before the IBM PC – Modern Business Machines for Writing, Duplicating, and Recording 1947

The epoch before the IBM PC – Modern Business Machines for Writing, Duplicating, and Recording 1947

here is a bookkeeping system well-being that beauty of want uh…
graphic picture of business operations alm his wall handsome impractical these prob crowell learnt chart keep the executive up to the minute on howie salesman is doing bar on the state of the every operation
in production control if you need another violent with death northwich and another one comes up from somewhere on the inside of the day the parliament to get saves you the trouble of going to the
files or opening growers the business papers going into this
machine double pass the camera and a program on microfilm these papers may now be destroyed and the files use for current papers with dive boat microfilm equipment
provided them automatic developing machine or developing the microfilm an entire file in case of business
papers and be photographed on one small role of
microfilm microfilm in this viewing machine is projected as a large readable picture even though the original pictures are
very tiny near the witness stand every american court we’ve seen the shorthand court reporter an increasing number of court reporters are using machine shorthand because of its great air speed and
accuracy this is the key board of modern
shorthand machines the operator strike the word of a stroke as it playing the court on the piano machine uses ordinary letters whisper it says we had a red pratap start at the scene of an accident one more frequently see a court reporter
taking testimony with the aid of an attachment the court reporter again where the
machine around his neck and write as he walks in this way he can take testimony from
injured people in hospitals without being in the way of doctors or
nurses machine shorthand is fast accurate an easy on the operator dictating machines and on electronic the speaking to business day dictating machines now use microphones this court reporters reading machines
shorthand notes into an electronic dictating machine in
order to facilitate transcription microphone on the best carried his voice to the machine where it is recorded on the wax builder modern electronic recorders may also be
connected easily for the telephone sort of a permanent record may be made
of telephone conversations a newcomer to the business world there’s the fear of the electronic wire
recorder designed to be used as a dictating
machine the dictator speaks into a microphone and his voice is magnetically recorded
on a stainless steel wire length of the wire was touched but more than two hours of
dictation be recorded on a single school these pools of wire later transcribed by
typists listened to your poems connected with
identical machines journalists which will also give the
dictator media playback corrections or changes in dictation are usually made by erasing andrea
recording another new dictating machine is these
towns breitbart this machine records dictation on a
flexible plastic bits when enough to be filed an ordinary file
folders the dictator uses a microphone and can play back immediately notations can be made telling these
demographer where to look for corrections and how long each letter or report is vindication is through the dictator
removes the record from the machine write his name and the date on it what’s the record in an envelope and put the envelope into an ordinary file folder later the record goes on the transcription
machine which demographer listens to a small
loudspeaker placed near appears to only she can hear with ur total she stalked the machine or backed it up listened to a sentence for a second time in this way she listens and pipes listens to another sentence and types again then typewriter have gone up an
attachment for cutting of small mimeographed dental eat chinese pencils are used in the
elliott abducting machine not special skill is required to cut the
sample anyone who can operate a typewriter when the spent opened in finished they may be used at once to invest cartons letters all mail of any kind the mayo is inserted into the machine and into another shoot for the machine both the fact of the small video graphics pencil uh… turn of the twitch and the rest is automatic the name and address empty stempel it’s printed on a piece of mail the phantom is clean and return to expect ready for use at a future time do you think then folks can be used in
still another machine for writing checks or listing the names of employees on
payrolls the finished payroll is more accurate and has been done more quickly then original typing this rapid type machine is an important
part of a more widely known member progress rapid type important names and addresses
on metro stencils and one of these metal stencil i think
firmly clamped in the back of type the operator type name and address on a standard typewriter keyboards achhi strike each letter the graphic might pinch of the letter into the metal temple these dental made of metal relapse dot very long time without work spinning died contain each of the
keyboard character and the type of strike the letter the diet stopped prop fraction of a
second punch of the proper letter in the metal temple and continues to
spend look finished metal stencil and named address and code number embossed permanently in the metal this dental is now inserted in the frame the stencil in its brain is not already to be used in ami i’d bet
the graph machine a large number of these frames can be
inserted indian but the draft at the same time from this point on inventing a v-mail isn’t automatic process they’ve got the graph does with p_b_s_ jobldh typing names and
addresses accurately and cheerfully as well as at brokaw many business offices requiring large
quantities of form letters advertising now use the look of graphic method a
printing these typified pops at all that the
graphic touches and turnout complex office form at the rate of five thousand
copies per hour it’s davidson duplicator footprint from typing drawings are
photographed the office for not being printed is
coming from a rubber really kat here at the photograph being printed
from a mental ops that flight these machines are entirely automatic and do a job which can scarcely be
distinguished from the finest printing even though the work is done and every
drop out by average office workers even the job of polling letters has been reviewed to a mechanical process davidson holder well full business letters all forms in any desired fold ready to be mailed or stuffed into an
envelope i’ll hear the typewriter without long
carriage it is the engineering model of about type of will type on an engineering drawing ten
feet wide more than that will type in almost any size or style of
play design such a machine can be used to type names of cities or rivers on large maps the standard model bharat hyper is widely used for cutting the grass
pencils or for typing original documents which are to be printed by the
lithographic process imitating feature this machine is the fact that it’s tight can be easily removed by the operator and replaced by another set of type of a different size and style wash this operator changer type there are more than six hundred styles
of play what’s the operator may choose she can change ur tight even in the middle of the sentence at the top of this page note the wide variety in style and size
of type in the center note that the right margin is even at the bottom note the foreign languages the ballots hyperion is perhaps the most flexible typewriter
on the market this typewriter there’s another highly specialized
machine is called the auto typist perforated it does not write letters instead it punches holes in the paper
roll but looks like a player piano roll each letter on the keyboard lunch as a whole in a different position when finished these rules are threaded into the auto
typist machine which is attached at these three typewriter the typist types in name and address presses a button and the machine types an original letter in this way form letters and be type automatically the finished product looks exactly like a personal
individually typed letter because the auto typist does ninety percent of the typing by
itself one typist can operate three or even
four such typewriters at the same time an automatic typist never makes a
mistake and this is a typewriter to a tiny typos one reason why the chinese i’ve never had a typewriter before this at the fact but the chinese language as five thousand four hundred letters in the alphabet each letter standing for a different word or idea that would mean the chinese typewriter would have to
have five thousand four hundred letters on it and this machine manufactured by the
international business machines corporation as just that fifty four hundred development would be too many so the inventors just put numbers keys on the keyboard a number of each letter in the chinese
alphabet if you want a tight were numbers four
thousand eight hundred and sixty two you would breast war eight six too and the machine looked like the right character all you have to do learn which numbers mean which words the sample of chinese typing says hoover to improve former impromptu
roberto dont be guru through who’d like to improve poeple who who problem removal carmine friendly but they should and what’s more a world champion ballot had unit led by factors hiking fingers in the
world bartholet power method unit and then international contest at the rate of one hundred forty words a
minute for her speed typing mislead unit uses a
standard ivy am electric typewriter you will note but the machine has no
carriage return after akiyama keyboard returns the carriage electrically note as also how her fingers cover
slightly above the keyboard and help painfully and sharply fingers but the key while mislead units types he is completely relaxed and appears to be under no strain in spite of the high-speed which she
types her typing speed in this picture is over one hundred forty words per
minute for the beginning typist method units
had several suggestions learning to relax when you can write keep an ear etc comfortable position i’m going to try with a quick shar she
or stroke continuity to do is important prophet asked tankers it evoked a type some words faster than
others she does is no time through with their
regular tanking and demonstrate likeness internet
lightening stroke this but june is covers her keyboard
with a handkerchief note that the handkerchief is hardly
ruffle samples of her typing art even well
arranged and with out there as an amateur just out of school misfit units one not only the novice and
amateur world championship titles upto world’s professional title as well

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