The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2-Episode 20【The official version】

The Degenerate Drawing Jianghu Season2-Episode 20【The official version】

You are not looking for your things. Why are you running Fengxiang? Of course it is to help you. Just by you You are going No need for you here Needless to say You just need to feel at ease Help me to look at Longquan sword Don’t be able to You have no chance to win with the sword. Are you not seriously injured? What is this little injury? Several of you Hurry to the city Death can’t let Zhu Youyu enter Fengxiang Yes Wen Wei You also go to help defend the city. Give it to me here. nebula You are more careful what happened to you emperor Li Xingyun Was taken away by the bad guy what Please the emperor Bad handsome, where did he go? Zhongnanshan Tibetan Valley Transmitting the whole army Go to the Tibetan Valley emperor Our army suffered heavy casualties At this point, the road is not right. do not worry 朕 own arrangements but set off This guy can make Li Maozhen seriously injured. It seems that only the moment can be hugged Try it. At your age The skill has reached a small heaven It’s rare how come How can I get hurt? His trick is What is this trick? impressive This is the legendary Longquan sword Seven stars you Actually, it will be seven stars. Zhu Youwen How do I hear that? This seven-star 诀 seems to be specializing in your nine secluded mysterious gods. How is your body yin? Is it I was really guessed. What will happen to the Seven Stars? Even if I broke my body I killed him a small heavenly waste. Still no effort Good It is certainly easy for you to kill him. But you seem to have forgotten a bit what I am also a big day. As long as you shoot Li Xingyun This sword will pierce your throat I promise of course You are not without help. You can make black and white impermanent to help. Master Strong dragon does not press the head snake The hero does not eat before the loss Yes Or do we still have to endure for a while? waste Can’t let him go Zhu Youwen If you don’t go Xuan Ming teaches no ghosts in the future What happened to you I have a hand in him Just forcibly What are you saying about this? Let me give you a cure. do not do not move My skill is not as good as you. So you have to work well together. female You are a woman you When did I say that I am a man? Don’t you be a king? I am of course Li Maozhen. just I still have an identity What identity? you Haven’t seen the female emperor yet. you Female emperor Big brother Your injury Not in the way Thanks to you this time. It seems Let you leave the library The decision to go out and practice is correct. It’s just that Longquan’s sword didn’t get it. Li Xingyun is indeed an embarrassing role Now there is another Zhang Zifan If it wasn’t for Zhang Xuanling’s life, He has already died This kid may be a big trouble in the future. If he is to practice five thunderhearts again Only the righteous father is now chasing you all over the world. I have been deprived of him by the Lord of the Bible. Cross door other door owners Estimated to be the same as Li Cunyong No longer loyal to me It turns out that Big Brother is worried about no one in the account. Big brother You don’t really think that the younger brother has been in these years. Didn’t do anything outside? did not expect It surprised me that This king is the female emperor. It turns out that Cher is growing up here. Li Xingyun You are bold enough Dare to be light and thin I don’t know How do you say it? Who knows she is a woman? Our family nebula is coming to the rescue Is it a blame? All right Since Li Maozhen is already fine. Zhu Youzhen has already withdrawn Let’s go too. Li Gongzi Your injury is fine. Yes It’s better to rest here for a few days. Monkey When I was in the Magic Square, I stayed with men. It’s already an exception to let them in. You stay with me I also want to be happy. you You paid for Li Maozhen for me, isn’t it? because I Let you Feng Xiang suffer too much Who apologizes with you? Wan Fu Jinan you Ok so fast If you want to leave, no one will leave you. Oh you What are you doing? Still not going fast go with Where are you going? Don’t you bury when people die? The house is broken, don’t you fix it? Do not people comfort? Feng Xiang ruined, don’t rebuild it? Zhu Youzhen ran, let’s not take revenge? I want something for you. Am I raising you to have a meal? Rolling Give me a roll Obey Yes Look at you Li Shizhu You are the master of Huijue. The temple of Gaya Barren is already known Master Master Compassion Solve for me No word monument No word monument Fuling Fuling That is not This is troublesome Now people who can find the Fuling Palace Can scare you like this Only Yuan Tianyi is here. I can’t hide Still dare to go back to him I am looking for a tomb in Wen’s generation Since he is Yuan Tianyi I was able to find a place for the monks in the past. Then I stole St. Wen. I can still find the Longling Dragon Cave today. what happened to you Isn’t it just looking for a grave? Are you so bitter and deep? This Buddha clothes are not useful for you. I am brought back to the poor. Thank you for your help. Li Shizhu And let me be a monk Master please speak Although the donor has the number of ninety-five However, today’s troubled times If you have been obsessed Then this number is not good for you. The old man does not ask the donor to become a Buddha. But also hope that the donor can be a natural Grandmaster I Everything is done Fantasy bubble If the dew is like electricity Should be Jin Wang Li Cunxi sent troops privately Has already captured the state of Chenzhou Zifan

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