The Dark Artisan Open ITC - First Round Drawings

The Dark Artisan Open ITC – First Round Drawings

you you guys ready you have a very very special guest today mother Addison so yes mother Addison is here thank you very much month will come around a view so those it's mom not mom fix the camera so we Mama's gonna be doing the draw for the first round of the dark out is not an ITC event and you're also gonna be doing the cooking definitely mom's gonna be cooking to everybody on the Saturday night everyone is getting curry and everybody is getting spaghetti bolognese something along those lines it's not a test Jordan but thank you very much for tuning in anywhere so the dark eyes and open is in two weeks on Friday two weeks two weeks time with a company I plan this since November and I believe it's come around so quick curry that's a county in island sorry curry awesome home cooking like mommy made it definitely man definitely saw and there's 32 people at the event now where possible what I'm going to be doing is if people are drawn against people who they're traveling to the event with from their local clubs that they play against regularly we will redraw their opponent because I can control that in the first round after that thought it's pretty much down the scores and whoever plays whoever like on Saturday and I end up and play Lucy it's one of them things so we've got Lords of people chatting already Ron basses awesome home cooking like mommy made it last tag ever love a homemade meal I'd a partisan hype dear dog more blinds what a pin where is the video denouncing more lines what more lines right so without further ado we are going to start making the drawers now because I haven't got this is a brand new computer actually so because I haven't got a fully settle I'm handwriting the lists and opponents down here saw the first opponent is going to be only pick one not to is Adam Bern Adams cooler from Whitby so Adam isn't a born for the minute and his opponent not Daniel and not James hopefully Scott Condon and Scott is a patreon of the channel so thank you very much three supports got at least you two guys haven't played each other before saw play a three and four or discarded muffins come in with the donation of five pounds thank you very much indeed Jacob really appreciate it next up we've got Jonathan Jones and Jonathan's opponent will be Terry Millard Terry of course the order of diamond skips go and check them out for resin bases and movement areas and everything else in between next up we've got Jim Smith from Whitby I met opal Jim's yesterday you come too soon for the edge off nice and got Randolph's or decided to drink instead why not good idea Jim's heretics can't even spell right who we got Jim's is opponent not Daniel Alex appellee that's Bryn's friend so there we go that is the first three games of 16 next up we've got Andrew Hilton Blue Angels player absolutely rooting for you here Andrew Thomas Schirach Oh horrendous I know what's in both of their lists so that's Thomas show and Andrew Hilton next up we've got dear Farah and Deb's opponent Deb's an old-school ultramarines where somebody beginning with a B bren-bren he'll bring you might have you may have seen dev like the odd time of battle bunker but not like Lisa bring is going against Dave next up we've got Steven Steven olive aunt who is one of Terry's friends so at least they haven't been drawn against each other and Steven is playing somebody beginning with the T she loves this doesn't she Tim Whitney so Steven is playing against Tim and the next game Liam's just joined us this isn't just I genuinely expected you to have juice on Noah Liam this is my mom so next up we've got Chris wild where we've do 1213 Chris is playing against Ally that's 14 out of 32 drawn so far Liam says hello Harry's mum nice to see a special guest on Matthew Sears question will the lists be posted somewhere the lists are available on the event page but there are going to be posted probably later to next I mean make a very small amendment to one of them they will be posted publicly though so next on an axe Alex Dickman there's two alex is coming so 15 and Alex we have got fern the only girl come to the tournament right next up that's upside down Michael core ask watzmann hiding in Oxford and Terry is a Yorkshire man hiding in Scotland right you know Terry right he cycled 200 mile across Scotland yesterday and him and his three mates and there is quite very money for cancer research 217 Michael's opponent begins with the T another one Tom's back house so some elder versus Death Watch there next up we've got Robert Pattinson not the Twilight actor so Roberts coming down with Jordan from Glasgow Terry's coming from Elgin well good it's like almost about an hour from John O'Groats it's like past ed and Brad like past Aberdeen Terry Stephen and Kevin comment and then Jordan and Robert come from Glasgow so number 19 from Robert no hmm Oh Bryn Hill yeah I know who my first losses against not dead you'd be pleasantly surprised so we've got Steve Ellis against Robert Steve goes to battle bunker fantastic guy and he's got some ad mech and I think Roberts got neck one so that's gonna be a robot off next up we've got Daniel Woodhouse Daniel James and Adam are all coming from Whitby so sorry Daniel there's no more women there [Laughter] Jordan who is Roberts friend so Jordan has raven guard next up we've got Ben Horner 23 and Ben was with squats or at least they're not drawn against each other somebody begin with a nice pen Sebastian Gosselin that's gonna be a brutal match though 24 I'm still got it players to pull out so another four games to go begins with the t20 20 from Ashford bash born who was a pea what I did before yeah Tony's coming up don't get too excited Tony if you cheer him in he's probably asleep he does night shift like is Jason Hilton that's Andrews brother Jacob I'll come back with them with who's who afterwards whoever got next Ian don't remind all right right yep means plan Jacob lovely so should leave for we've got four left Nathan young is we Ben Ben Corey there's two bends as well right last two yep well if the heads is all together they'll not have the last two I want that jerk who art versus keV Walters from Scotland so actually not a bad round up pretty nice nor double ups and I'll get these typed up and I'll get them posted on the Facebook page and in the event and I'll also get the list posted as well but if you come event this is who you see bar food I'll be there well that's it guys – gizelle thank you very much for tuning in bored check out the dark hours and open on Facebook and we'll see you again very soon

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