The Creepiest Things Found in the Woods

The Creepiest Things Found in the Woods

– [Narrator] There are many
things that you expect to find as you’re walking through the woods: trees, bushes, rocks,
birds, fallen leaves, and maybe a deer if you’re really lucky. But the people in this video
got the shock of their lives. I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be taking
someone with me next time I go into the woods from now on. You probably will too, once you
get to the end of this list. – Amazing. – [Narrator] Number 10, the bunker. Somewhere in the woods
of Northern Germany, a mysterious bunker was
discovered by a couple who first noticed some pipes
sticking out of the ground. As they explored the strange place, they found medical
gloves, flooded corridors, weird machinery, and heavy metal doors that had been violently
ripped from their hinges. What happened down in this bunker? What was it used for? Were there some type of experiments that got loose before it was abandoned? The authorities have
reportedly buried the entrance since the emergence of
photographs of the place, adding to the mystery and
preventing further exploration of this creepy location. But the truth about it is
perhaps even more unsettling. It’s most likely an old German
or Soviet control bunker from the war. The pipes up top are
simply for drawing in air. Internal machinery was designed
to filter air and water for the occupants. Many people online also
suggested that the doors were removed when the
bunker was decommissioned to prevent people from getting trapped. Number nine, the mysterious man. In nearby Switzerland, people are dealing with a different type of mystery in the woods, a man dressed in a military
outfit, cape, and gas mask. He was first spotted around 10 years ago. Despite this and the fact
that he supposedly takes that same path every day, nobody knows anything about him and only one picture of him exists, which was very recently taken. Although he’s never shown
any aggression towards anyone that’s had the misfortune
of encountering him, he continues to strike
fear into nearby residents who just wanna know who he is and why he chooses to
walk around like that. He’s over six feet, or
nearly two meters tall, and may not even be a man. Theories range from it being
someone with a strange skin condition to a hermit obsessed
with the end of the world. The only thing that could be creepier is a clown walking around in the woods. But that would never happen, right? Wrong. Reports have been made
by some kids recently who said a clown was
inviting them to follow him out into the woods in a
small town in South Carolina. But surely it was just a story, right? There aren’t really creepy
clowns walking around out there randomly, right? Number eight, the Colt family. All families are messed
up yet love each other, but the Colt family
took those two qualities to a whole new level. When this clan was tracked
down in the woods of Australia, 38 people were found, all of
them the products of incest. Women were having children
with their full brothers or fathers for four generations. As you may have already guessed, a number of these kids had deformities. Many of them also couldn’t speak properly and instead spoke in a strange language of their own invention. They had no running water nor
access to the outside world and it was a wonder how they survived living in such conditions. The reasons the police
knew to look for them is pretty creepy on its own and sums up just how seriously
messed up this family was. A local kid overheard a girl
in the woods talking about how her older sister was pregnant
but they didn’t know which of their brothers was the father. I feel really bad for the
family counselor that had to sort things out with these poor kids. After all, they were
living in total isolation from the rest of the
world and grew up thinking that this was totally normal. Number seven, dead animals. When someone finds a
dead animal in the woods, they typically have
one of three reactions: it’s cool, disgusting, or fascinating. But what if you found a pile
of more than 250 dead animals out in the woods? A pile of dogs, cats, rats,
mice, deer, foxes, raccoons, and an exotic bird? Yes, that’s just what was
found in the woods in Virginia. What may have been even creepier
is that many of the dogs and cats still had IV
catheters in their legs which indicates that they had been treated at a veterinary hospital
before their demise. So how did they end up in the woods? Long story short, a company
that was supposed to cremate all of these animals didn’t do their jobs. Instead, they dumped them in the woods. It has yet to be revealed to the public exactly why they did that, but I can’t think of a single good reason to do such a thing. Number six, breathing earth. When they say that the earth is alive, they don’t mean that it’s
literally alive and breathing, yet it seems like that’s
exactly what a man in Canada seemed to have caught on film. He posted this creepy
footage in a Facebook group but nobody was able to figure
out exactly what’s happening in the video. One theory is that it’s
fungus making the earth move or else a shallow root system of the trees that’s moving with the wind. But no one knows for sure. Carnivorous trees have
been mentioned in folklore for many years, but the truth is often
stranger than fiction, and myths are often rooted in reality. Now that we’re half
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on some amazing knowledge that could have filled your brain. Now let’s get back to it. Number five, the mysterious cabin. While out marking trees
on a nature preserve, a Californian worker stumbled
across something unexpected. It was a cabin built from plywood that was carefully covered
in plastic sheeting, leaves and branches, to
protect it from the elements and keep it hidden. It was so well hidden, in fact,
that if you were more than 100 feet away from it, you
couldn’t see it at all. Inside the cabin was a small
living room and kitchen, complete with a small library and plenty of canned foods and spices. There was a bench, a rocking
chair, a wood-burning stove, and a typewriter all neatly
arranged in the small space. In a raised loft area was a bed. Clearly, someone was living
here even though there weren’t any signs of travel to and from the cabin in the surrounding woods. The authorities were called in, and since it’s illegal to
live on public property, they put up a notice giving
the owner a few days to vacate. But, when they returned
when the time was up, they were astonished. The cabin was gone. Not just the things inside,
but the whole cabin itself. Once again, there were no signs of travel which left everyone wondering how on earth the owner managed to carry
these large pieces of wood and the heavy stove through the
woods completely undetected. The only thing remaining
that let the authorities know that someone had been there
was a mark on the ground. It was the international
symbol for squatters. Number four, a gravestone. There have been plenty of
incidences of graveyards or individual graves
being found in the woods. Sometimes, these were forgotten
graveyards that became overrun by nature while other times, an individual may have been buried far from the churchyard
for whatever reason. But one incident stands out
as odd because while the body lay peacefully in the
cemetery where it belonged, the original gravestone had
somehow ended up in the woods. A hiker who goes by the
name of River Wolf found it, and by doing so revived
the sad story of the woman who it belonged to. Her real name was unknown,
but she went by Marie Holmes while she was in Santa Cruz, California. She had left behind a young
daughter as she traveled west, and it was believed to be because Marie was suffering from tuberculosis. She ended up working as a
prostitute at a brothel there, and when her sorrow got the best of her, she committed suicide. She was buried in the
churchyard and her headstone was paid for by the other
women at the brothel. Years later, it was replaced
as the curators believed it to have been destroyed by vandals. That is, until River Wolf
found it out in the woods, still in perfect condition
despite being so far from its home. To this day, nobody knows why it was moved or who was responsible. Number three, tongues nailed to trees. It’s common to see things
like posters nailed to trees, but what about tongues? Well, that’s exactly what
happened in Brooklyn, New York when visitors to Prospect
Park found not one but 15 cow tongues nailed to trees along a path winding through the woods. If these huge fleshy tongues
fastened to tree trunks with nails wasn’t creepy enough, the likely reason behind it
will make your flesh crawl. Cow tongues are actually part of rituals in several different cults. By nailing them to trees, someone was trying to
silence their enemies. That just leaves me with two questions: who performed this ritual
and who were their enemies that they were trying to silence? I don’t know many people
with bovine enemies. Number two, explosives. Most of the things you
can pick up from the woods are relatively innocuous. At the very least, they won’t kill you. That wasn’t the case with
a construction worker in Arkansas though. He found a live landmine from
the civil war while working. Except that he first
thought it was a cannonball, so he tossed it into
the back of his truck. It wasn’t until he got home and
was investigating it further that he realized what he had. He immediately called in the police who sent out a bomb
squad and the Air Force. The entire neighborhood
ended up being evacuated just to be safe while the
mine was safely removed. Luckily, nobody was hurt. In another case of picking
things up from the woods, this next finder was not so lucky. Many people put motion-sensing
cameras in the forest to capture images of wildlife. However, these cameras are
expensive but easily stolen, so one man took protecting his belongings a little too seriously
and rigged his cameras to explode when tampered with. When a man came across one
such camera lying on the trail, he picked it up and gave it to a friend. But, when his friend inserted
the batteries, it exploded, and he ended up losing his fingers. What may be most terrifying
about this is that the man responsible was
killed when he fought with the police officers
that went to arrest him, so there’s no way of
knowing if he’s got more booby-trapped cameras out there. Before I reveal the
number one creepiest thing found in the woods, here are
a few honorable mentions. A beat-up baby doll head all on its own. There was nothing else nearby
that suggested where it possibly could have come from. Then, someone found an abandoned
camp site that was made up of a sleeping bag, some
food, and a teddy bear. And finally, a really creepy scene, duct tape and bloody clothes in a shelter off the side of a hiking trail. Now, onto our top pick. Number one, strange statues. There’s no shortage of strange statues that can be found in the woods, including ones made to
look like female body parts on wooded islands. But since those statues
apparently disappeared after their discovery,
let’s talk about this one. What exactly is this statue
and where did it come from? It looks like a bunch of aliens performing some type of ritual. For better or for worse, the
truth is a lot less exciting. This statue is one of many
that can be found in the woods of Great Britain. It’s part of an art exhibition
called The Sculpture Park where you can also find a blue
woman holding an umbrella, a lone pair of wheels, and skeletons performing a
number of different tasks. If you went to the park on purpose, you’d probably enjoy most of
the statues that were there. However, if you came across
this place by accident, it would probably leave you creeped out, especially if you arrived at night. Now before you go, do you know how to
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thing you’ve ever found out in the woods? Let me know in the
comment section down below and thanks for watching.

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