The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed

The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed

What happens when 16 of the world’s most elite football clubs and their managers play one another in one competition? Players stop playing Czech farmers and start trying to stop Re-al. This is the Champions League draw. Yo, I’m so amped for the soccer play-offs! Our fans are so excited for the knockout stage, we will fill 75% of the stadium. Watch out for Atletico Madrid. We are like the Uruguay of the Champions League. Producer: Antoine, you’re from France. I have to win a sixth Champions League, that way each of my abs has a trophy. Yours is coming soon, left-middle ab. This is everyone else in the knockout stage Aaaarrgh! Ha! That’s right, water, you respect me! You better watch out for— You better watch out for PSG You better watch out for PSG! Get your DVDs, get your DVDs! We made it out of the group! Ooooh I’m so excited for the knockout stage! No one wants to draw Lyon, not even the animators. Whenever, wherever, We’re meant to play together I’ll be there, and you’ll be near And that’s the draw my dear The knockout stage is where I shine, and earn a summer move to Liverpool. My name is Iker Casillas. You benched me Mourinho. Prepare to die. In the knockout stage, there are only the hunted and the Huntelaars. People think I can’t replace Ronaldo, but I’ll show them in the knockout stage, and then they’ll be my friends, because Marcelo and Sergio have been going out for dinner after our games, and I’ve asked them a couple of times if I might be able to join, but then they keep leaving without telling me, and I’m just like… We’re going back to the finals and this time with a proper goalkeeper This year we are winning the Champions League. Well, we better, because we’re not winning Bundesliga.

100 thoughts on “The Champions (League Draw): Last 16 Match-Ups Confirmed

  1. Whoever laughed when Koop said this year we are going back to the final screw u we made it 2 years in a row

  2. Who would have though that the final would be in Harry Kane's DVD 😅

    Even klopp.. going to the final with a proper goalkeeper 😄

  3. “we going back to the final but this time, with the proper goalkeeper” holy shit they really go to the final 😂

  4. Whenever, wherever, we're meant to play together!
    I'll be there and you'll be near, and that's the draw my dear!

  5. Watching it now with Bayern winning the Bundesliga and Tottenham in the Champions league final 😂😂 hilarious

  6. The Liverpool manager at the end. “We are gonna win the champions league but this time we have a proper goalkeeper”. Lol

  7. bayern: wins bundesliga
    loses champions league
    tottenham qualifies
    loses premier league
    you see what i mean

  8. Not only they are back in CL final with a proper GK this time…but they also win the CL ! Congrats LFC #YNWA

  9. Klopp: "We're going back to the finals, and this time, we have a proper goalkeeper."

    Haha, that you do XD

  10. Klopp : we are going back to the Finals and this Time whit a better Goalkeeper

    Also Klopp : Wins the CL WHIT a Better Goalkeeper 😂😂😂

  11. So:
    Mourinho got the sack
    Liverpool came back to the final and because now theyhave a good GK, they won.
    Bayern won the Bündesliga
    Iker Casillas got a heart attack
    And Ronaldo will have to wait.

  12. please please please please please please please please make a 3rd season to this it is so funny I love pique singing Shakira's song sooooo funny I play it over and over please like my comment and the video if you want to see more please please please please, please !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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