‘The Calling…’  – Time lapse nighttime desert warrior woman painting with ASMR

‘The Calling…’ – Time lapse nighttime desert warrior woman painting with ASMR

Hi, my name’s Tracie Wayling from ‘See, Hear, Feel Art’ If you’re new to this channel, welcome! And if you’re a returning subscriber thank you for coming back πŸ™‚ I really appreciate your likes, your subscribes your comments – I love reading them! So, today’s painting is going to be a time lapse in gouache. It’s a commissioned piece for an album cover for ‘Tubilah Dog’, I asked the guys if they’d be happy for me to make a video of the time lapse and they said I could and I’m also lucky enough to have been given permission to use one of their songs called ‘Halloween’, which is one of my personal favourites. So I don’t want to talk through the rest of this video there’ll be added ASMR with the music, and I just want you to sit back, relax and enjoy! Talk to you again soon!..x Good evening good people A merry meet on this All Hallow’s Eve where the spirits of those who have gone before seek an audience with those who are still living. Be of good cheer, brave heart lest their icy fingers should grip your very soul Look not behind you for fear of those who follow in your footsteps Stand firm against those very elements that will enslave your mortal soul and drag you screaming to their netherworld to viisit upon your flesh a thousand tortures For the world of the spirits meets our world of substance, here on this All Hallow’s Eve So light the torches bring on the music and let the merriment commence! Those who walked as we lived upon this mortal coil to laugh *…chuckle…* to cry to love *…sigh…* to lose *…uhh…* for they are the spirits of our fore-bearers. Those gone before Ne’er passed into other realms *…always here…* as memories kept forever within our hearts *…we’re there…” to visit to touch *…to explore…* to see you *…to listen…* to feel *…gasp…* and in passing come join with us on this sacred evening where the walls that bind us and the chains that hold us are broken and those that pass on may visit commune walk by us walk through us *…always with you…* slide unseen places they remember to relive *…I love you…* lost causes *…we tried…* lost lovers lost family *…my darlings…* to sit around our table to eat to drink to toast our health *…to be with you…* as night draws on we slumber in memory in dreams where we sing a spell of making *…we do…* a spell of breaking *…we will…* and allow us in person through their lives remember those who stand behind us in shadows in peace and walk with them talk to them for theirs is the ancient wisdom… *…Sincerity is the key…* *…to everything…*

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  1. I had so many synchronicities while making this painting and video, I might make a video at a later date just to share the story of them all! I hope you enjoy this one, it's very special to me, and whatever you're doing today have a good one, thank you for stopping by, and thank you for being you! :)..x

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