Hi guys! Welcome back to the ThatcherJoe channel. Today I’m joined with Jack Maynard! Hey guys, what’s up, my name’s Jack! Radical! And on my right and joined with Mikey Pearce! Hey guys, what’s up! JOE: Ahh, that’s great. JACK: Ahh, glad to have you here bro.
MIKEY: Ahh Thank you so much. So excited, so excited. Great guys! Anyway, today we thought we’d do.. ha ha MIKEY: Alright, go on, get it out.
JACK: Why’d you just stop? Right, one thing that I really love… JACK: What? …is being creative. The other thing that I really love is men with great hair. MIKEY: Yep.
JACK: Aww, you love me.
JOE: That’s pretty much why I invited Jack along. But anyway, Bob Ross! You all know him, you all love him. Well, most, uh, maybe not. JACK: I know him.
JOE: You do, yeah. MIKEY: I have no idea who Bob Ross is. Anyway, Bob Ross, very very famous painter. He’s the reason why I sleep at night. So anyway, today I’m joined with Jack and Mikey, and we’re going to paint along to Bob Ross, and get judged by my roommate Byron to see who is the best Bob Ross painter.
JACK: Ah, he’s good looking isn’t he? MIKEY: Who, Bob Ross?
JACK: Byron. And Bob. Imagine if Byron and Bob Ross had a child together. MIKEY: Ahh, beauty. JACK: Imagine Byron with an afro. JOE: Hang on, we can make that happen.
MIKEY: Hey, bru. JOE: There we go. He still looks good. Anyway, let the competition begin. Hello everyone, and welcome to ‘The Joy Of Painting’, with me, Joe Ross. Over there, Jack Ross. And behind me, Porky Ross. JOE: And behind me, Mike Ross. Ha ha. Why’s that funny? Why is Mike funny? Mike Ross. ‘Mike Ross on Gangs!’ We’re gonna follow along with this video now and see how it goes. Today we’re actually gonna paint the mountain summit. A very, very popular Bob Ross. JACK: It is. Have you ever been to the mountain summit? No, I haven’t. Where is it? JACK: F*ck knows. JOE: There’s one rule of this- Don’t start already! There’s one rule- JACK : Mikey he hasn’t told you what colour to pick or what brush to use yet! JOE: You’ve got to follow it along! JACK: You’re not making it up! MIKEY: I thought we just go. JACK: This isn’t f*cking nursery school. JACK: I swear to God. JOE: There’s one rule as well, we can’t rewind, okay? We’ve just gotta take what Bob says and just go from what he says.
JACK: No! You can’t rewind it and do it again. MIKEY: Where do I put this? JOE: Well, that’s the thing. You’re gonna have to put it on the floor now JOE: Don’t just drop it!
JACK: Ahh, you stupid (scoony?) MIKEY: Joe, is this your tent as well? JOE: It is an old tent, yes. JACK: Okay, let’s go, I’m ready.
JOE: Okay, here we go. JOE: Following Bob Ross.
JACK: Go on Bob! Let’s try it out and run all the colours across the screen that you need to paint along with me. JACK: We got titanium white.
MIKEY: What the f*ck is titanium white?! F*cking white. So I’m gonna start off today with a little bit of phthalo blue. We’re using a two inch brush. JOE: Ah, blue. Dark blue. And just using our little criss-cross strokes, let’s just drop in a happy little sky. JACK: A happy little sky. JOE: A little sky? Oh no, I’ve used way too much black! JACK: Same! JOE: Oh no, I’ve used way too much black! MIKEY: I’ve ran out of blue paint already! AHH! F*cking hell! JOE: My brush is dry as-
JACK: Yeah, no, see look he’s got titanium white. MIKEY: Jack, your sky is black! JACK: Yeah, because I used too much blue Mikey! JOE: Yeah, I used-
MIKEY: Too much blue or too much black? JACK: Whack a bit o’ blue. JOE: Oh no, I need to pop it. Pop it! Lock it! Suck it! JACK: Say that again. Is that the one you dad taught you? Suck it. MIKEY: That’s really weird Jack. BOB: Just start at the top and work all the way across. Just making little x’s. JOE: It’s hard to make it blue, isn’t it? MIKEY: Mate, I’m just- I’m actually worn out by trying to paint this. BOB: Very lightly just go across it. Takes out the brush strokes. MIKEY: Mate, the brush strokes- Bob Ross has definitely done a few brush strokes in his time! JOE: Ha ha ha! BOB: Now, once again, we want it to be lighter toward the horizon, so start at the bottom and work upward. Your darker colour then, will be down here on the base. JACK: WHAT?! It’s gotta be darker at the bottom than- JOE: I’m so confused. MIKEY: It’s meant to be lighter at the bottom.
JACK: I’ve got an idea. JOE: No, darker. You gotta go to the horizon/the water now at the bottom. Ho ho, yeah now we’re talking. JOE: That’s smart, Jack.
JACK: I started at the bottom boys. JOE: Now you’re here. BOB: Now we wash our brushes with a little odourless thinner I’ve never used- JOE: What’s he doing? Slapping his brush? JACK: Oh yeah, you gotta beat your- gotta beat it. Oh no, oh dear, I got it on the floor, ha ha ha. MIKEY: I’m just knackered. Is anyone else really tired? JACK & JOE: Ha ha ha. I tell you what, Bob Ross must have a really bad back. JOE: He does have some great- uh great hair grooming products though. BOB: Let’s build just a happy little cloud. JOE: Happy little tree- uh clouds. You ready to move onto the next stage boys? JACK: Oh, I’ve finally made the blue I wanted. It’s only taken me an entire canvas. MIKEY: I feel like Rolf Harris before he was… JACK: Hang on. Let’s talk about this for a second. You’re doing the clouds, I haven’t even finished my horizon yet. JACK: I don’t have enough titanium white. JOE: He keeps slapping his brush, it’s putting me off.
JACK: I don’t think that’s his brush. Ha ha ha. MIKEY: I’m gonna go for something different cos I don’t have any white paint, so I’m gonna for a bit of a… … a yellow cloud. JOE: Ooh, a sunset Mikey. MIKEY: Exactly, but I accidentally mixed it with a green so now it’s green. BOB: And just decide where your mountain lives in your world, and push very firmly, and just drop that little rascal in. JOE: You gotta decide where the-
JACK: He’s doing mountains. I’m still doing my sky. JOE: Shall we stop? Shall we pause? MIKEY: No. You gotta continue. You gotta follow him. JOE: Alright fine. We’re off Jack! JACK: Are you joking? That’s so unfair cos I’m doing quite good! JOE: I’m in the same position as you are, don’t worry. JACK: No you’re not, you’re doing clouds! JOE: Happy little clouds! MIKEY: *coughs* Bligh! JOE: Mikey, that’s quite good! MIKEY: Mate, my mountains look good! But my clouds are sort of green. JACK: How the f- MIKEY: Boys, I’ve taken my shoes off, the stench will hit you in about five seconds. BOB: I was teaching Steven, my son, to paint. The only way I could get it across to him was to tell him that I wanted him to pretend that he was a whisper that just floated across the mountain. JOE: He’s got a son called Steve. We’ve got a quiz at the end, take mental note. MIKEY: I never knew that if you mix grey and black- No, white and black together it becomes grey. JOE: Ha ha! Are you kidding me?! MIKEY: No. JOE: Oh my God, Mikey’s looks thick. JACK: I’m actually in the zone. JOE: Yeah, it’s quite therapeutic isn’t it? MIKEY: No. JOE: Oh. BOB: Maybe in our world, back here, maybe there’s a happy little tree that lives right here. A little evergreen tree. JACK: A tree.
JOE: A little evergreen tree. JOE: (inaudible)… Bob. JOE: You nutter. BOB: And we got a little tree, maybe he’s got a friend here that’s a little bigger. JOE: The tree needs a friend. JACK: I need a friend. JOE: What if he names the trees.
JACK: No. JOE: We’re all concentrating so hard, none of us are talking. JACK: I’ve no idea what colours he’s used for anything. BOB: Maybe out here, there’s a little baby tree. Maybe they ran him off, made him go live out here by himself. JOE: How is he doing that?! Look! MIKEY: You know, I was once voted the worst art and DT student there ever was at Shoreham College. JOE: The worst? Is there actually a competition for it? MIKEY: No word of a life. You can ask my DT teacher Mr. (?)- JACK: Oh yeah, like I’m just gonna- Let me just call him up! MIKEY: Mr. (?), he would vouch for me. JOE: This is one HAPPY LOOKING TREE! JACK: He’s got a smiley face MIKEY: Why’ve we stopped our Bob Ross? BOB: Act like you’re just trying to cut a hole, right through the canvas. Back and forth. JOE: How has he done that? That’s so much detail. MIKEY: Mine’s starting to not resemble anything of Bob Ross’. More like my 5 year old niece. Well, I think I’ve got a stage where if I stopped painting it would li- like, it would do it good. BOB: Back into my dark colour with a fan brush. Load a lot of colour. Let’s go up here. Maybe there lives, in our world, a bigger evergreen here. MIKEY: He loves a tree. Bill Oddie. JOE: Didn’t you call me Bill Oddie the other day?
MIKEY: Yeah. Jack, were you good at art in school? JACK: No. JOE: I was. I like to think I was.
MIKEY: Yeah, you were mate, bloody hell. I was more interested in food tech. I think you had to choose between art and food tech, and I uh picked the ol’ food tech. MIKEY: Right. I’ve finished. JACK: He hasn’t finished. Mikey, how have you finished?
MIKEY: I’m a revolutionary. I’m all- I’m all for modern art, bro. MIKEY: It’s Mikey’s modern take on Bob Ross’ old and boring picture. Jack, that is a pyramid! JACK: I haven’t put on the snow yet. MIKEY: But it’s not brown. JOE: Are you still- Jack you’re miles- you’re so far behind. JACK: I don’t know how to do the mountain. Look at my hand. The blue man, ha ha! MIKEY: Oh, I’ll have a sit down while you boys finish. MIKEY: *grunts* JOE: Mikey, what are you doing? MIKEY: I’m having a rest, I’ve finished. JOE: I’m gonna change to my fan brush Jack. BOB: And just scrape in a few little sticks and twigs here and there. And shoot, you’ve got a finished painting. I hope you’ve enjoyed this one. JOE: Oh, it’s over. JACK: It’s f*cking not. JOE: He’s done it. JACK: So now I need to make a tree. A better tree. JOE: But what sort of tree Jack?
MIKEY: Jack’s taking his time! JOE: What sort of tree Jack? JACK: Taking my time! Not on purpose Mikey. JOE: What sort of tree Jack? Is it a happy little tree? JACK: Ha ha, it’s gonna be a- (deep voice) Is it a happy little tree, Jack? JACK: Oh, are you alright?
JOE: No. Happy little mother f*cking tree. *beat boxing* MIKEY: Uh, no not yet, I’m just filming right now. Dad, I’ll call you back. JOE: He’s painting Bob Ross, Dad! MIKEY: What did you used to draw at school? JOE: Like, um… biscuits. MIKEY: Really?
JOE: Yeah. JOE: Biscuits. Something rough- you had to draw-
MIKEY: Why? Was was your type? JOE: Uh, I did a Jammie Dodger. MIKEY: A drew a, uh, spotted dick. JOE: Ha, bet you did! MIKEY: I did an interpretation of Bob Ross’ classic. Like Conor’s version of Backstreet Boys. JOE: Jack, once you’ve uh- JACK: It’s not that bad. JOE: That’s the thing, it’s- At least on yours you can see what yours is, do you know what I mean? JACK: Yeah. JOE: And like, ha ha, Mikey’s- MIKEY: Woah! JOE: He’s gone for the impasto technique. MIKEY: Unfortunately, art is not my forte. JOE: What is your forte, Mikey? MIKEY: Many things. JOE: Like? MIKEY: I’l be here all day if I was explaining them. JOE: Explain a few. What are some of your favourites? Some of your favourites. MIKEY: I was very good at- say at school, right? So art, subjects. I was very good at history. JOE: Yeah. MIKEY: I knew all about Queen Victoria. JOE: Who invented barbed wire?
JACK: When’s her birthday? MIKEY: Her birthday. Nine, okay, it was uh- 16th July, 19- 19 I was good at maths. JOE: Go on, then. MIKEY: I was good at history, though.
JOE: What’s 7 x 7? MIKEY: Um. I’ve had a mental break because the camera’s on. JOE: Ha ha! MIKEY: I’ve had a mental break JOE: Right, I’m done. MIKEY: Yeah, Jack will be another half hour. JACK: Mate, slow and steady wins the race boys. JOE: It’s now time. We’ve finished. We had to wait for Jack for quite a while. Uh, but we’ve finished.
JACK: Worth it. Well, huh. And it’s now time- Are you gonna be in this or not? Are you just gonna sit there, you lazy sod? MIKEY: Sorry, sorry. I finished so long ago, you guys took so long. JOE: Now it’s going to be judged. Byron has no idea who painted which one, so I think we should all stand by a different painting. MIKEY: He needs to just go in while we’re not standing by anything. We should give nothing away. JOE: Yeah, okay. MIKEY: In fact, oh, I’ve written M.P. on mine. JOE: Yeah, but that could just be a really bad seagull next to a flag. Right anyway, it’s now time to get Byron in to come and judge us where we went right, where we went- Have you sh*t on your easel? JACK: You said there weren’t any toilet breaks. so what do you expect me to do? Let’s get Byron. It’s time to uh- time to be judged. Get your judging head on! MIKEY: Go on, Byron! BYRON: What the stuff? One looks really good. MIKEY: Thanks. BYRON: Okay, Michael, 100%. MIKEY: What, how- How do you know that? BYRON: You’ve put your initials into the painting! MIKEY: That’s the only problem, yeah, I didn’t know- BYRON: Not only are the initials in the painting, its the centrefold. That one’s really good. Damn. That is impressive. One of you is really good at this. One of you is blushing, one of you’s not. And, this one. Did you guys all paint the same thing? JOE: Yeah, exactly the same thing, yeah. MIKEY: Mine was a modern interpretation of it. BYRON: This one’s not bad. There’s a certain style to it, and the texture- I mean, this is really freakin’ good. So, I’m gonna go with… MIKEY: Byron- BYRON: Ha ha ha. MIKEY: I can neither confirm or deny that- (inaudible) BYRON: Well, not knowing what anyone’s is, out of 10, that one sets the bottom of the mark. MIKEY: Aw, thanks. BYRON: This is 10. And that’s 6 1/2. Ha ha. (inaudible) … to painting what you thought it was going to be, I’m gonna have to give it a 1. ALL: Ha ha!
MIKEY: Aw, Byron! MIKEY: Well, no no- I don’t know whose it is, so… BYRON: These are paintings of landscapes, and those are the letters M and P. MIKEY: Around some colours! BYRON: Ha ha! Right, so there we go, that is the end. Turns out the Sugg is victorious. Commiserations Michael. Ah, I know mate, art was never my forte. Commiserations Jack. I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out. I’m gonna frame it. Exactly! The good news is you can take it home with you! JOE: Please take it home with you.
JACK: It’s going in the office. I’m taking down my million subscriber plaque and I’m putting that up there instead. MIKEY: Your artwork! JOE: Wait, you have one million subscribers?
JACK: I do, yeah. I’ve got 1.4 million actually, but you can make it 2 million if you want by subscribing to me. JOE: Well, I’ll be joining you soon because I’m declining! Ha ha ha. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video. If you did give it a thumbs up. Subscribe to Jack. Subscribe to Mikey, if you haven’t already, And I will see you soon with another video. Cheers, goodbye! Why did you stop that?


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