The BLACKEST Paint Known To Man

The BLACKEST Paint Known To Man

[Intro Music] Stay tuned to the end of the video to
hear a little bit about our sponsor, Skillshare and a course that they offer that relates to this video. Hello everyone, my name is Emily. Today we’re going to be painting with Vantablack. Just kidding It’s not actually Vantablack, but it absorbs as much light as Vantablack, or almost as much light as Vantablack. Wow, I’ve clearly done absolutely no research! In case you guys didn’t know, Vantablack
is one of the darkest substances known to man. It can absorb up to 99.965% of a light. Meaning if you coat a 3D object in it, your brain will kind of perceive that 3D object as 2D. I don’t know if you guys have seen the clips. I believe the most famous clip is of that mask. What they did is coated a mask. Just kind of like a costume mask in the Vantablack, and it was so dark as you rotate around the mask, It feels like it’s just one flat 2D surface. It’s incredible and apparently, black 3.0 the paint, is supposed to have properties very
similar to the Vantablack substance. Yeah, there were two other versions of this available. But apparently this is like the… crème de la crème. The… End-all-be-all It’s, it’s the blackest black. Yes, there have been two other versions of this. and I believe black 2.0 is still available. I did have to wait to get black 3.0 because they pretty much sold out right away. Culture Hustle is a pretty cool website. They’ve got a ton of artsy paint stuff, really
vibrant, vibrant pinks and greens and orange…heh heh. It definitely feels like a luxury art brand. More almost, kind of with
almost a make-up aesthetic to me [Through laughter] Like a mad scientist cross… Uh… Morphe make-up – I don’t even know what I’m talking about at this point. I don’t know. I just think it’s a really cool website. You should
check it out I’ve ordered a couple other things up there But we’re focusing on black 3.0 right now. The newly released black 3.0 Tally me banana, help me! It’s supposed to absorb more light obviously than its previous versions. Up to 99% light absorption. So I’m really going to put this to the test. Now, I realize that painting on a 2D surface may not exemplify the light absorption properties of black 3.0. So I am also going to test it on a little tiny Model, I think it’s an elephant. I should know what it is, but I don’t. Ya’ better not be yankin’ my chain, Culture Hustle, ’cause I will be (expletive) because I’ve
been bombarded with ads for this thing. Bombarded! Simply. But I’m really, really excited. I’ve been holding on to it waiting to film. So let’s see if this really lives up to the hype of being liquid Vantablack. So I went ahead and tested some other black
matte paint I had laying around my studio. One of them, the Golden, is actually technically a satin, I believe, so kind of remove that from the running. I basically just took all of the black paint that I own and (expletive) it onto a piece of matte bristol board. As you guys can see here, when I took the page of swatches outdoors to try
to see which paints reflected the most light and the least amount of light obviously the Golden satin finish paint reflected the most amount of light, but surprisingly the Artist’s Loft rivaled the black 3.0. No, it’s certainly not as dark, but it was pretty close. I then came indoors and decided to
paint the little paper mache elephant and let me tell you I have a thing about textures. Like that kind of matte chalkboard texture. I just get the willies. So it was kind of difficult for me to paint this elephant. I know
it sounds like the most mundane, harmless activity ever. Oh, I’m painting a little paper mache elephant but it was difficult for me just constant heebie-jeebie shivers up my spine. [Cries] It was terrible! I obviously
knew that to get the greatest effect out of this paint, I would have to apply probably two to three coats,
but I started to worry upon the first coat because it’s so matte there’s a tendency
for it to want to crack in certain places So I really made sure that I was applying the black 3.0 in very thin layers. Once
I was finished painting with my paper mache elephant, I went ahead and put it to the test and although it is not as dark as Vantablack, even though I didn’t expect it to be, it
was dark. It was light snatching if you will. Ladies your wigs are fine, it was the
light that was being snatched today. Tik Tok with the kids.
Honey, I’m just Tik Toking with the kids! Bear memes. So I was obviously pretty impressed
with the effect it had on the 3D object. So I got really curious as to what
it might look like on a 2D painting So I started brainstorming ideas that
would complement using the black 3.0. Like I really wanted a deep, black void kind
of juxtaposed against bright poppy colors. Oh, you mean like literally every painting
I’ve ever done ever? Hmm. Yes. I’ve been really obsessed with painting geodes lately. Like not just crystals because I’ve always been obsessed with crystals but the actual splitting of something and its core is just this complex,
geometric, beautiful, shiny unicorn and I know it’s – [Laughs] I know it sounds so weird, but it’s like
that’s what it reminds me of. I can’t help it. Aside from this interesting little
piece that I’m creating here. I actually have an NSFW sort of, sort of piece
that I’ve been working on that involves the geode and I’m sure it’s been done before that region has
been uh, compared to flowers and you know, well, Georgia O’Keeffe was like look at all these flowers, because that’s what these are but, you know, it’s been compared to like a
honey pot and flowers and things like that and so when I think of that… region, [giggles] I think of geodes and I have children.
I should be thinking of but instead I’m thinking of So let’s just, that’s one for the books right there. Oh, did you guys miss me? [Laughs] I missed this. I missed this so much! My husband wouldn’t understand! Anyway, back to reality as we often have to pull ourselves when we’re watching an Emily Artful video, because we get rocketed off into some
space tangent somewhere over there with Anyway, we’re back. So I decided upon this kind of weird
concept of this girl’s face being torn off and underneath is this beautiful Geode and she’s
got flowers in her hair for whatever reason and
pearls popping out of her eye sockets and her mouth. Don’t ask me now because I have no idea what this means. I never know what any of the mean. I don’t, I draw a meaning from it afterwards. You know, a lot of the time, I use my art as a
way to be like what is wrong with me? [Laughs] What’s going on in that subconscious!? But I found that actually using the black 3.0 and it’s
like stark black voidiness. Voidiness. Is that a word? I found that it actually works with kind of
almost using the paint itself as a symbol because it is such a deep, black light absorbing color. I find it incredibly interesting, dynamic fantastical
when the materials used are symbolic themselves like in art installations and things like
that so I kind of viewed it in that sense because the black 3.0 is just so like stark. Look at that! I think this paint is really useful and can
come in handy in two different ways here, okay. So the first way is painting a bunch of 3D
objects just for like the gimmick sake. To take a bunch of pictures or videos of look at how
dark this thing is. It literally looks 2D. Like that’s cool. That’s the gimmicky side of
this paint, but the other use for it is using it for outlining to create voids
in your paintings. I mean, it’s useful. At first when I purchased it I was like,
I just spent 22 dollars on something. I’m probably going to use it for just this
video I’m not going to earn my money back, but I could genuinely see myself using this
again and again especially for outlines. I mean, it’s just so black so dark. It’s just so complementary to the rest of the piece. Especially if you’re using bright poppy colors, like I did. I love acrylic painting. Okay. It was kind
of my first/second art medium love. You know, right neck and neck with colored pencils. And I’ve been doing it for years,
obviously my main medium is watercolor and that seems to be what I am the best at
but I will always love painting with acrylics. It’s just in my mind a little bit more set up heavy and maybe I am just a lazy ass
who doesn’t want to make a mess. I have a two-year-old and where I can avoid mess.
That is like [Mmm, mwah] That’s a spicy meatball. Okay, I like avoiding mess but
something about this paint in particular and how amazing it looks on a canvas,
how amazing it looks for outlines. It is lit a renewed of fire within me to start
messing around with acrylics a little bit more. Maybe on a small scale, again to avoid the mess but something just about the overall
uniqueness of this paint has done that to me and I find that to be really interesting. Again something about the the medium itself being symbolic. It just really tickles me. It inspires me. It interests me. I don’t know just something about the product
itself and how it looks and I really enjoy it. So if you have the extra money laying around
then yes, I definitely recommend this. I think this is definitely a 5 out of 5 clapping babies for me I think this is a first y’all. I mean, it’s a 5 out of 5! It’s a full row of clapping babies! Oh my god, look at Da Babes, look how
chunky he was! Aw look at those hammies! Anyway guys thank you so much for
being patient and kind and understanding. It’s been a really, really difficult few months from me
and my family and I have just been beyond stressed about taking care of everything and being Mommy to all. so I really appreciate it seriously and thank you
for welcoming me back with open arms. I am so happy to be back and you have no idea.
I just I wanted to come back. I’ve wanted Normalcy. I love my job. I love what I do. I love you guys. It just, it makes me happy to do this, you know. I can sit down and start recording and not
be in a great mood and then I really get into it and I remember why I do this and why it makes me so happy to do this and what the content means to you guys. Like that is the biggest thing for me, that you know a handful of you guys take something powerful away from what I make. That just blows my mind because you know,
I just started doing this when I was living, you know with my ex-boyfriend,
and I was using an end table as a desk. You know when I had this teeny tiny
little space in a storage room to record. Like, oh my god. it just started small and then
it got big and I love you guys so much, so much And I’m so happy to be back. Thank you guys so much for watching and don’t forget to stay out of trouble. See you guys later. Today’s video was brought to you in part by Skillshare is an online learning platform
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backgrounds and landscapes like I did, I highly recommend checking out this course, as well as many other amazing painting courses over on Skillshare. Make sure to click the link in the description for two months of Skillshare premium for free, just to try it. So why
don’t you learn something new today with Skillshare?

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  1. ** Original title was changed from “Painting with VANTA BLACK???” To “The BLACKEST Paint Known to Man” after some reasonable debate. I didn’t put enough thought into the first title so hopefully this one is better.

    **Vanta black was a substance that existed long before Anish Kapoor obtained exclusive rights to it. He had NO HAND in creating it, whatsoever. It is the universally understood term for the blackest black and that is why it’s even in the title, but only as a question. Using the term Vanta black is not somehow “siding” with Anish Kapoor. He did not invent the substance, he didn’t bring it into the public consciousness. This video is about a product that has the same light absorbing properties as Vanta black but is a PAINT and is safer to use! This video is only about that product and why it’s BETTER than the Vanta black substance.

    Hey guys, I really encourage you to read this article all about WHY you should support Stuart Semple’s release of Black 3.0. The article also explains why Anish Kapoor (the artist of that vanta black hole exhibit I showed. Btw, someone actually fell into that exhibit and got injured! Yikes!) is a ripe asshole. So please give it a read!

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  4. Wow, kudos on lying in your title to trick people into coming here. You're the exact reason that Youtube should have an ignore all button.
    Black 3.0 is not even close to the same as Vanta Black. I have Black 2.0, and 3.0. It's a nice dark black, but it in no way mimics Vanta black.
    Stop lying.

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  14. 3:53 – 4:19 I can relate. I don't really understand what does it for me but it seems like touching certain soft, dry or powdery objects like news paper, napkins or the inside of my pencil case back in primary school that gives me shivers or makes me cringe. Even just thinking about that pencil case gives me an indescribable feeling.

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