hey guys it's me Lily I've been going to a lot of makeup artists and it's been really fun to be honest but more than that it's been really educational I've learned more about makeup in the past week that I have in my entire life and I actually sometimes shook myself that's obviously thanks to you guys I mean apart from the makeup artist most of them have not been that great and you guys have always been there to guide me and comment and tell me your opinions so that really helped me enhance my knowledge become a real intellect I'm an intellectual makeup art maker which kind of gave me an idea I thought it would be really interesting if I actually went to our not so great makeup artist and if I compared my knowledge to their knowledge for today's video we're going to be learning at the worst review makeup artists in my city yay we're gonna go to an appointment I booked we're gonna walk in there and ask for a small lesson basically nothing more than two hours long or something that's pretty simple I'm gonna ask for only half of my face to be done just so that I can prove that I actually just want to learn I'm not actually gonna go outside and you know hang out with that look you know but before we get into the video don't forget to subscribe follow me on Instagram and comment down below your thoughts don't forget to let me know what you think at the end of the video love you guys bye yeah oh my god wait I'm rotating she's back oh my god no one really asked for this but do so um okay anyway so we start off this little adventure by getting my face prepped up and ready she gave me a cleansing that was all before I got to see my makeup artist the same makeup artist who will be teaching me how to do my makeup now most of the reviews when it came to this place where that the makeup artist himself was a little egotistic there was this one story about how lady she asked for something and she got something else so I was I was really excited to see where this video was gonna go there's like drama so she cleaned up my face she applied some creams I mean you know they're you can't really go wrong with that I guess here we're ready to learn so the very first thing he did was that he put a towel around my shoulders I've seen this done to me before generally you're supposed to have an apron let me just quickly point out I wasn't expecting much from him I just wanted to see how far his knowledge could take me I mean was I better off just doing my own makeup at home or was this actually useful you know but anyway his setup was not done let me tell you that he continued to add some several tissue and several things on me and before I know it my lashes are being rolled up by a spoon why not just get an eyelash curler but let's not judge too early a lot of you guys have asked she said that spoons work better than eyelash curlers but I guess that's just a DIY thing you could do at home not for someone actually paying to learn oh and by the way he doesn't actually explain how to do it even though I asked him he made it seem like it was his secret and no one will ever know no way never it's a special secret whatever moving on oh I don't know what that was I think I was literally tearing up I think from that process so he wets out a hairdryer and he starts drying my eyes but that's fine I just don't get why the hand on my nose that I don't get next up he brings out his little makeup box well it was not little at all actually it was pretty big at this point he was literally not saying anything and I walked into that place saying that I want to learn and I wanted just half of my face so I could be able to recreate the look of my other half so that he can check if I did a good job that's why I thought you know what I'll just start firing some questions but before I get into that I just wanted to quickly brush off the hygiene huh no pun intended delete your soul no but seriously though he had that tissue on me that was basically just like a little I don't know you just lightly tapped the brush onto the tissue and like tons of fodder would fall onto it I mean it was obviously not clean before I doubt it was ever cleaned properly but like I said before I don't want to stress over that hygiene issue too much because I've already discussed this previously on my channel I think it's just so recurring at this point that is just like you know I'm just gonna have to deal with it cäcilie cfml industrial are primarily stock analysis that them they gave us his primal all cozy so at this point something really interesting happened I asked him what he was actually applying because I couldn't see I mean you forget out it would be primer that's the first thing you put on the eyes that's not the interesting part the interesting part was that he would be called a friend like by the reception he's like I need to explain this in more detail for her like simplify when I'm about to say cuz she probably doesn't know what concealer is and he got to a point where his colleague actually said well I mean if she's and he's like yeah but I just wanted to stay around like stick around I don't know I felt like it was a little rude my makeup artist had a really big ego and you can kind of tell him later in the video there's a lot more instances like that where he would literally start calling out the other makeup artist but yeah I was I was just sitting there having the time of my life who thewhat sound another set of brushes and he starts wiping them again on the tissue there was a real points where you would be like starting to apply makeup or he wants to explain something I mean whisper things like I don't know if she's gonna understand I mean I don't know if this is too hard for you I rode through the the other makeup artist was actually super-sweet who is trying his best to actually make me understand everything he went out he got a mirror for me to watch every single step that's happening I mean it was a little hard considering I had to close I don't know how people can close one eye at a time how I can't it was super helpful so that was that was great but yellow shirt here was trying his best not to give away too many of the secrets I mean makeup is a really some secret recipe at like Krispy Kreme where you can't really give away your one successful thing that's keeping you different from others makeup is literally just a style and it depends on each single person but to him I feel it was like if I say anything to this girl she's going to steal my ideas and she's like yeah I don't know I don't know really regarding the makeup so far so good I don't see anything wrong with what he was doing it was actually pretty good I mean I'm up until now he explains several things after that because I asked him about the brushes asked him about the shadows the shades were to put what but the other makeup artist would button and he started explaining in depth which was something I really appreciated actually after that he was gonna go for a cut crease that's what he told me in a place concealer cream their eyes cut crease technique maryam vertical or indeed know I also have to do a cut crease and he he didn't really give me a proper answer he just said you have to I concealer onto your eyes I mean I'm pretty sure there's more to it than just that he didn't showed me the eyeshadow palette that he was gonna use yeah that was it really he started applying some shades onto my lids I had no idea what they were or what the color was so yeah I'm trying to sneak a peek onto the mirror he then whips out another contour kit or I don't know what it was it was like pack of concealers I think he knew it was a very challenging thing coming up you know he couldn't explain his himself he needed some help with that and so he calls out his colleague and he starts explaining to me how how to conceal basically like dark spots under your eyes I mean he was obviously like trying to show that he he was too intellectual for this so I just decided to go for it and ask him some more questions which is why I asked him if I had red spots on my face like I'm sunburned you know what can I cover that with and I know that you need to apply like a green shade he said he said you had to apply orange so release down it's just under my waterline so you close down don't move the I am Christian television you're speedin you're Christian look let's talk we have to talk um sorry burp I asked him to teach me basically this is a video he taught me and God he was excited we're just cute I feel but that still doesn't cover up his flaws let's say remember he's posing as a professional makeup artist I paid for this look I was completely honest with him I just told him I want to be a professional makeup artist like you and this is what I got I feel like this is something I can do better than this honestly and the liner is so wrong the lips I don't even want to talk about don't forget to let me know in the comments below what do you think but yeah that was it I hope you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to follow me on Instagram because I love you guys the most lopsided kiss ever


  1. Queens! If you want to see me do the other 'half of my face VS a pro' let's get this video to 5000 likes! Love u all and your support means the world to me ❤

  2. The best make up you have been don, i love it, it's really nice, try this make up completely again honey, love you😊❤️😍💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋

  3. I’m quite enjoying your videos, but for some reason, I’m getting SOOOOO MANY ADS! I seriously have yet to get through an entire 60 seconds before I hit another 1 (or 2) ads. 🙁

  4. You dont necessarily need to apply green to your face with dark reddish spots, i use kryolan's camouflage (the range of colors are peachy, yellowish, like normal concealers) to conceal my clients and it does an amazing job at that (camouflaging the skin so that it looks uniform) the only time i did green to conceal was with a client with lots of rosacea for a movie (but this was diluted with argan oil + a peachy color because most of the green cc are very pigmented and can appear under the foundation). But yeahhhh this MUA is really shitty imo, specially with the fact that he is blantantly ignoring your questions and acting like he is above you.

  5. What kind of makeup artist doesn’t know how to explain how to apply makeup, it ain’t that hard 💀

  6. Haha that was funny when he pointed to the orange color correcter for sunburn when we all know it's green. Well done girl u caught him out hehe 😂

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