The BEST Clay Storage Trick – How To Store Clay

The BEST Clay Storage Trick – How To Store Clay

welcome back to the studio you know I
think for most of us clay comes on bag like this
or a bag like this you probably already have your own system for storing clay
this trick I’m showing you today it’s a great way to store big batches of clay
long term in this video I’m showing you what’s called the Alfred roll made
famous by students at Alfred University the Alfred roll as they call it is the
best one bag system for storing lots of clay for a long time maybe you’re
recycling a big batch of dry clay and so it spread out over a plaster table or a
wood board maybe the big batch of cleaner mixing on your own so you have
400 pounds of freshly mixed claim here’s how it works this is about 30 pounds of
clay that I recycle the other day it is way too big for a bag the clay that I
buy comes in 12 and a half pounds leaves there’s no way that this is fitting in
here even if it did you know how tedious it is trying to fit play it back into
its bag here’s what you do depending on how long you want to store this clay you
could use a regular kitchen bag like this or a thicker lawn and leaf bag
watch closely this is the open end facing me take my clay lay it right on
top if you wanted to you could add more clay here and here especially if you had
like a new batch of clay or you had a big batch of reclaim that you had
sitting on a table place your clay here start to roll forward only roll the top
part of the bag roll forward roll forward roll forward go forward keep rolling
forward and overlap in the back as you go what that does gives you about two or
three layers per bag and it looks really nice I used to use this all the time
when I watch up 400 pound batches of clay and even now with big batches of
reclaim I love this method you can use buckets and stuff and you have to have
lids and store through the buckets this stores with less space it’s really fun
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on what’s to come so whether you’re storing it in the bag for long term
retort term it’s much easier putting it in that way rolling it up and it is
using an old bag and it’s much nicer there’s no tail spun around the top it’s
all compact like a nice burrito give it a try honestly it’s pretty satisfying
doing it thanks so much for watching I’ll see in the next one

4 thoughts on “The BEST Clay Storage Trick – How To Store Clay

  1. My clay comes in bags so tight itโ€™s a real struggle to get the clay out – Iโ€™m repacking all my clay as it comes in now! Great video, thanks!

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