39 thoughts on “The Artist Trailer 2011 HD

  1. The film becomes unwatchable after half an hour. A film designed to win Oscars…a bit like La La Land, which is also unwatchable…but from the start…

  2. One of the most beautiful films I've seen in a long time … A film about the transience of fame, about forgetting, loneliness, but also a film about the power and true magic of love … it can make such a difference .. Such miracles work … I should watch the film once a month … Sadly, the little terrier had to be put to sleep in 2015 due to prostate cancer … both leading actors were terrios..in the leading actress I also fell in love during the seeing .. She's so enchanting ..

  3. This trailer tells you something but at the same time doesn't tell you a fucking thing. One of the best trailers I've ever seen. I just watched the movie.

  4. Rip cast of the artist who died during an exorcism gone wrong, and filmed into a god awful spoof movie "30 nights of paranormal activity with the devil inside the girl with the dragon tattoo.

  5. Pure Brilliance !! Just saw this movie by chance on DVD, –Fantastic film, it has restored my shying away from the movies made after 1996, seemed in my opinion Hollywood was turning out nothing but crap. Jean Dujardin much deserved the Oscar for his incredible performance and Berenice Bejo  was a fresh delight to admire , the supporting cast was equally as delightful and –Uggie  (George's faithful dog) was just too cute –Super great movie..Must see !!

  6. Rest in peace, Uggie. We'll miss you. I've never been a dog person, but you were the true star of this movie.

  7. Yes, this is really good movie, especially the dog ; it should be wearing a gold-medal around it's neck forever

  8. Who else saw this trailer in September 2011 and immediately knew this was going to win the Best Picture Oscar? ^_^

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