The Art of Video Game Title Screens

The Art of Video Game Title Screens

ah turns out video and reaction are kind of cool hey howdy how's it going it's your girl naked Jacob aka snake boy 2 to 9 and today I'd like to talk about video game title screen title screens they're kind of a tricky thing because while a memorable one can definitely be tied to your experience with a video game just okay or bad one it doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the games content but for example blood-borne style screen is than anything amazing I mean it's the same still image they use to promote the game just a basic menu but again that didn't stop me and countless other soul boys getting up in there and kill all the scare was really spooky ghost but I do think title screens have a lot of potential it's different beautiful and creative ways that they can introduce and affect a players experience with a video I'd like to discuss some different examples of title screens that I think like video games action 3 has breathe damn cool alright now that all the introductory stuff is out of the way let's get into the fun stuff strap yourself in and come along with this right for me I'm sorry so the classic format of the title screen with flashy logo and some background animation maybe or some game play respond in their case because the games that had to get you spend money on something and it had to grab your attention so consider the arcade cabinet with the slickest side panel and the most eye-catching title screen to be like the prettiest girl a prom everyone wants a chance to dance with the product being obscenity you looking cool shit even at home video game consoles became more popular this sort of format for the title screen stayed largely the same even though you would already been seduced when you purchase the dance Genisys however that didn't stop developers from creating some really beautiful and cinematic intros to their games while still evolving this classic title screen format that's why I love title screens from this era like Super Metroid because while it still kind of follows that same style it did something more cinematic and spooky with music that perfectly matches the atmosphere set by the scene of the dead scientist I talked about Super Metroid in my box hour video I talked about it in the music video written lookout game I'm in love with you the cinematic interest I was expanded on in the ps1 era with minigames booting up with a slick little CGI movie and then taking you to a simple title screen set against the flat image it's kind of funny how that works you get a fancy CGI movie now but really you get a really basic title not all games were like this obviously because the focus was definitely shifted however unlike my box art videos it was very much it man this is awesome and I've got damn it now that shit sucks sort of thing it's not the case with title creams they're not necessarily better or worse than they were years in the past we're just different I don't feel kind of following a loose timeline of title screens so far but not anymore now I just want to talk about different examples of title screens and it doesn't matter if the game came out in 1776 or 1876 no game will be faced so much – I'll be separating my examples into four unique category style splash do i or do I for the layman or do I for the straight guy for the game in minimalism change music and dog now these aren't hard-bodied categories there's going to be some crossover between them for example most of these examples have some really bitching boys night out music but the games in the music category are just especially fantastic also these are just a small offering of title screens but I chose that I thought best illustrated my point so your favorites that they might not be in here and I'm I'm sure some of you will let me know in the comments nor on Twitter and then I'm sure others of you will disagree with that person but then you guys will share a glass of milk and have an open-mouth kiss and work it out – that's how the internet works all right everyone really cool trying to take it step aboard on my magic rhyme sorry let's go to the first category what I mean by style /ui or do I for the straight guy is a title screen that uses elements or feeds from its game to effectively introduce the player to the game's universe and content a good first example of this in Goldeneye for the n64 after a real barnburner of an intro movie were greeted with a profile select screen what we are these confidential spy files oh yeah cause it's a spy game where everything explodes when you shoot it but it's a spy game beyond this and I don't know if this is fill title screen territory or mainmenu territory but the game stays consistent with the whole Spy Kids being having you filter through folders as you go through menus and even having like phil riddle to the level for us or thps2 where after a sick-ass rant special video with the boys were greeted by a skateboard wheel to spin and make skateboard sounds cuz it's a game about skateboarding what gun a more recent example as to why would be cheaper which is fantastic game by the way if you haven't played definitely check it out and not to really give away a lot of spoilers but the game deals with some computer hacking type stuff so the game boots up to an old-looking operating system complete with sounds and click cracks like an old computer that's the immersion starts right as you do it at the game goddammit video games you win again the minimalistic approach to a title screen is basically the less is more sorta five which if you saw my box our video you know that that is my jam and subscribe I love this style of title screen because it really gives the game a second to breathe and slowly get your imagination going but also usually providing some gorgeous art or visuals to set the tone a great example of this is the Last of Us which if you know what that game involves the title offers a brief moment of peace and calm while also being slightly unsettling in its ambiguity great stuff now a diving board should I say good boy that's right folks we got dog jokes small dog big dog gay dogs fat dogs all dogs go to head a subcategory of this minimalist category would be I'll call it seamless because what's more minimal than almost no title screen at all good example of this is brain and inside where they both have their logo on the screen but the game just starts from there start running for the right stage when you're in the game another example I would consider to be in this seamless sub category even though it's not exactly the same thing would be the grand theft auto trilogy on ps2 because well these loading screens aren't technically a title screen they are the first thing you see when you boot up the game and they do go straight to the gameplay and also the artwork man son of a bitch video games win again a changing title screen is exactly what it sounds like one has the potential to be different when you boot up the game usually determined by a player saved progress a great first example of this would be a little game called SpecOps the line this title screen changes after certain chapters in the game and it's a really effective way to show the players impact on the city the game takes place enough not to get too spoilery but it's really cool time lapse sort of thing you get to seeing kind of the life of a sniper upon this building a little subcategory I want to add to this whole changing thing would be interactive which their title streams that change because the player changes them themselves a great first example of what I mean by this is Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater where do you have snake doing some CQC dancing in the background with this guy but you can change the colors and the speed of the fight and the angle and sort of the visual style by using the triggers and the analog sticks by clicking the analog stick it's really cool I remember when I found that out in junior high I'll always mess with it before I got into the game and it it's just a little thing but I think it's pretty cool another much more obvious example for this interactive silk category would be Super Mario 64 where it boots up to that 3d model of Mario space which I think was kind of Nintendo's way to show out there their Spy Kids 3d technology but it always was really fun well pinching his cheeks and stretching his skin and pulling his hat down and you definitely remember it which I think it's cool every time I boot up the game isometric please for like a cover there so if you know me even a little bit maybe see my other garbage videos know I'm a big big musical I especially love video game music because it can be used in a lot of sweet ways and the title screen is no stranger to the affected use of video game music I mean the whole reason I decided to make this video was because of Halo 2 title screen which gave me so many goosebumps while I was editing that halo 2 video I thought I was going to die for a game about so much combat in war the title screen focuses more on another side pain the more atmospheric and reflective side aside that along with the music I think better represents the emotions players developers game and something more bombastic and explosives god damn it I already already went through all these emotions when I was making the halo videos I don't need to resale all of these emotions another example of a title screen effectively using music is Kingdom Hearts well this isn't the most interesting or prettiest thing to look at the music really saves the day I remember I used to make my ps2 ones just so I could listen to dearly beloved I liked it so much and now I've sampled that song like three different of myself a final example of effective video game title screen I want to talk about that I consider to be a medic Ross over over a lot of these categories and the series to basically be the goat of video game title screens would be the legends of development from the very first game on the NES to the more recent titles the title screen has been the friend of a friend and created a crew although I don't know if it's necessarily my favorite game in the whole series the title screen for Ocarina of Time has always especially stood out among a bunch of really good title screens for a couple different reasons the great thing about the Ocarina of Time title screen is that is the perfect evolution at mean again opinion but I think it's a perfect evolution of that classic title screen format where you have this really pretty recognizable logo in the foreground in some interesting animation or gameplay in the background except Ocarina of Time it captured that spirit of adventure so well sunrise communicating in the mobile slowly fading and letting you decide whatever you want to hit start in the color goes into the groove cut the extension make multiple angles I can still hear the sound of the press are communal popular with a little quote here the music magazine that leg for how big of an adventurer look at the time can play that it's still sealed opens go go back in place that title screen perfectly fest you are through the adventure you have to go on and along with Super Metroid bidding is up there they add a new title so thanks so much for watching this video I'm surprised you made it this far to the end at the very least I hope that I can get you to look at title screens a little differently if there's something that you usually skip over and you know maybe you can you can figure out why you like the wines that you like so much or maybe this video is garbage just me rambling for a while and it sucked if you did like the video though go ahead and suplex that like button if you want to see more of this shit hit that subscribe button ring the bell if you want to get notified if you like my content this months you can support me on patreon also shout out to Omaha poker game ago patreon also like to apologize for the upload schedule being all over the place all the table videos took like two weeks this one like a week and a half and I've run into a lot of problems with files correcting the structure started taking so long hit me up on Twitter pick me up on easily I think I think that's it see you guys next time Hey

44 thoughts on “The Art of Video Game Title Screens

  1. For all its faults, Destiny 2 has one of the most mesmerizing title screens in modern gaming history. The adventurous epic score that plays, combined with the minimalist design and those soothing click sounds just perfectly fit that epic, futuristic guardian space adventure.

    Sadly the game was very underwhelming. (Only had Year 1 season pass, couldn't afford the rest because I'm not spending more than 200 Euros to get the full experience of a game, sorry)

  2. I’m surprised that he didn’t mention how Super Hot was the most innovative game he played all year…

  3. jake talking about how we usually get a prerecorded/prerendered cutscene before getting into the still image title screen
    My brain:

  4. I want a game where its u looking at something(where u last left off but it a semi pre determined camera angle) and as soon as you press start you turn around and are instantly in the action. Like u press start, turn around and boom 8 zombies in ur face and ur instantly shooting)l

  5. The music for metroid prime's start screen is fantastic and the animation is so good.. twilight princess and wind waker are my favorite title screens

  6. While we're all ranting about lack of representation of our favorite games, I wanna mention I clicked on this thinking about the title screen of Hat in Time. That title music gets me goin EVERY time

  7. My god if only God of war had been out when you made this video, the first time you play that game is just grabs you.

  8. What about Payday 2 the title screen is so good.
    It starts off with a cinematic like if it was an arcade game . You see a vault, people taken hostage, money stolen, cops coming and more with a cool guitar playing in the background like if it’s gonna get more wild.
    The the title screen is so good it has imagery of the fbi tracking the payday crew, names and stuff redacted with black ink and pictures newspaper clipping show thier heists and reputation

  9. I love the God of War title screens. One half of Kratos' face with an dark, epic orchestral piece that transitions right into the intro cutscene.

  10. Theres something so Honest and emotional about this video, its a weird topic and yet, one im compelled to listen to and come back to because Jakey cares.

  11. Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. Man what a game is was with its video which played before entering title screen.

  12. Actually, the title screen for the last of us also crosses into the "changing" theme too.

    After you finish the game, you can see Ellies switchblade in the window. Honestly always found it kind of haunting to me. That whole game haunts me though, to be fair.

  13. Seamless award goes to the God of War games. The title screens focus on Kratos’ face and then zoom out into the first scene of each game. 👌 good stuff

  14. I've REALLY loved goat simulators title screen, it just puts up its logo and after you get a great looking map of all the dlc with fun things around it

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