The Art of Making Money by Marie Kondo: Sell People Sh** They Don’t Need

The Art of Making Money by Marie Kondo: Sell People Sh** They Don’t Need

“There are two reasons we can’t let go
– an attachment to the past, or a fear for the future.”
~ Marie Kondo Japanese organising consultant and decluttering
specialist, Marie Kondo, has recently opened up an online store. If you don’t know who she is, Marie became
famous and made millions of dollars teaching people her KonMari method. Basically, she teaches you that you should
only keep things in your life that spark joy. If you’ve got a bookshelf in your office
full of books you never read just taking up space, then you should probably get rid of
it. You should thank the bookshelf for its service,
donate all the books to charity, and say goodbye. It doesn’t belong in your life if it doesn’t
bring you happiness. Anyway, a lot of us went along with this and
emptied our houses of all the useless junk. It’s a good idea, especially in this consumer-driven
world. So now we have clutter-free offices and rolled-up
towels. Great, now what? What should we do with all this empty space? Never fear, Marie Kondo has the answer with
her new shop at KonMari. “The goal of tidying is to make room for
meaningful objects, people and experiences. I can think of no greater happiness in life
than being surrounded only by the things I love… Free Holiday Shipping!”. What does she sell? Well, for US$12 you can buy a Shiatsu Stick. What’s a Shiatsu Stick? It’s basically a tree branch that’s been
sharpened to a point that you use to apply pressure to certain points on your body to
relieve tension. It’s actually sold out and the shop’s
only been open for about a week. What about a $52 brass Tea Scoop? Are you sick of scooping out tea the old-fashioned
way using a spoon? Well, you should probably buy one of these. But don’t expect to get one before Christmas,
because they’re also sold out! Now that you’ve thrown out everything, you
probably need a place to put your tools. How about this Brass Tool Holder for $275? Guess what! They’re still in stock, so if your husband
is looking for somewhere to put his hammer or cold chisel now that you’ve thrown out
his tool box, you should probably pick him up this over-priced brass vase just in time
for Christmas. Have you ever felt that your internal vibrations
aren’t in line with the universe? Well, for $75 you can strike this Tuning Fork
against this Rose Quartz Crystal and feel those good, good, good, good vibrations. Apparently, Marie uses one every day. And just one more, because I’m gaining so
much joy from Marie’s website — a Large Serving Bowl for $220. It’s made from food-safe, shatter-resistant
resin and is based on the shape of an amoeba. It’s so large that it can actually hold
two lemons. Anyway, I think you get the picture… I’m completely jealous of Marie Kondo and
wish that I, too, could sell some tat online for a tidy profit instead of slaving away
working a job I don’t like. But to be fair to Marie, she’s just a businesswoman
who’s found a way to make a decent living. If people want to buy a tea container for
$200, or a bottle opener for $65, well, that’s up to them. That’s the free market. But there is a little bit of irony in there,
don’t you think? I mean, a minimalist trying to pawn off over-priced
stuff online. It’d be like a fast food chain selling a
weight loss book. What do you think? Is there anything hypocritical about Marie’s
new enterprise? Does it take anything away from her minimalist
roots? Let me know your thoughts below.

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  1. Well spotted! There are three reasons we can't let go – an attachment to the past, fear of the future or marriage.

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