The art of leadership - Welcome

The art of leadership – Welcome

welcome everyone for this one-day conference the art of leadership which were delighted to be hosting here at Birmingham Hippodrome I'm Fiona Allen artistic director and chief executive here we all know that this is a hugely challenging period for our sector regionally and nationally but it's also an extraordinary time with some really significant achievements that are being delivered by people who are in this room I hope today we can take away some inspiration as we reflect as we share pressures challenge each other and have time to celebrate now although Birmingham Hippodrome is not directly subsidized we're very proud of the part that we play in the cultural life of this region we're home to Birmingham Royal Ballet to dance exchange and also UK dance consortium and we're now building a new extension dance hub building on our roof we provide free and low-cost cultural activity to over a hundred thousand people a year in addition to the half a million people who would sit in this auditorium and see performances we're a producer and a contributor to major city and regional spectacles such as we're helping to produce the Commonwealth Games handover ceremony next month and we work with presenting and producing partner with a range of companies from large to small and a lot of you are here with us today and welcome back with Coventry City of Culture on its way in 2021 it's a transformative time for this region I look forward today to opening up the debate about how we can all ensure that the arts continue to be at the heart of transformative change across the country everybody I'm Peter not on the area director of the Arts Council here in the Midlands so it's a real pleasure to have you here today and many thanks for traveling so and welcome to the very first Arts Council England chief exec and chairs conference and I'll be hosting the day alongside Fiona but the question is why host a chief exec and chairs conference at all it's something new from us for us and we're really looking forward to getting your feedback at the end of the conference to understand what's worked for you and maybe what we could do better will be also talking to a chief executive and also to my area chair to get their reflections on what we've talked about today Nix rota will be exploring some of our goals for the conference in a few min it's time but essentially we wanted to bring you together to explore some of the common challenges we have and to think about how we'll implement some of the changes in your organization's that you've been articulating in your funding agreements that you've been working on recently we also wanted to bring chairs into a cultural wide discussion since it's often harder for you to connect across the sector perhaps beyond the area in which you work in and of course we understand that it's really valuable to have time to bring chief execs along with chairs together to have some time to think away from the day-to-day pressures of your roles we've focused the day into a number of themes innovation and enterprise diversity civic engagement and social relevance and we'll explore how through the executive leadership and governance of your organization's we can all enable development in these areas so as a development agency we take our role to support the growth of resilience skills and capacity really seriously and we see this conference as a fundamental part of that development agenda we hope you'll find the practical ideas inspiring peers and offers of support throughout the day naturally we also wanted to ensure that the voice of the artists is embedded in a conference such as this so at the end of the conference will have Kwame Cuomo giving a closing speech and in a few moments we'll or hear from the poet Kate Fox but before that I would like to welcome to the stage Michael Ellis the Minister for arts heritage tourism you

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