14 thoughts on “The art of labeling — A11ycasts #12

  1. It was really helpfull! I've used aria-labelledby before as you showed on the last example but I didn't know that you can self reference an element like a div button in this case by giving it an id; thid confused me until now; because as you said the button label said Mens shirt without the Shop now label.

  2. @Rob Dodson: If I have a Shop Now button like what you had but rather did not have an ID for it (the repetitive elements are given a class rather than an ID in most cases), how will you still reference with aria-labelled-by?

  3. Thank you for creating this series. I am not a developer, but these videos are incredibly helpful. Feeling through this series that I understand better what it takes to make an inaccessible web app compliant with WCAG and functionally useful in a screen reader.

    Any recommendations on other youtube series like the A11ycast?

  4. Is there any way to check through a tool like analytics if a user on your site has used a screen reader? This is extremely useful, and I wouldn't want to exclude any visitor to the site but sometimes you have to balance where to put your development resources.

  5. when i go to accessibility inspection in the experiments page it doesn't show, can anyone help! thanks in advance

  6. when I go to experiments it shows all options expect Accessibility Inspection. Pls can someone help me?

  7. For the menu button.
    Is it better to just use "Menu" as the label, or would it be more appropriate to use "Open Menu" or "Close Menu" giving the user a directive about what action this button will take?
    I'd like to make my actions clear and I'm not sure if using "Menu" gives enough context.

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