The Art of Coachella (Behind the Scenes 2019)

The Art of Coachella (Behind the Scenes 2019)

– Earlier this year I became part of the Indio Public Arts Commission. And today we got some backstage
VIP purple wrist bands to go see the art exhibits at the Coachella Valley
Art and Music Festival, mainly just known as Coachella.
– Coachella. – So we’re gonna go inside and check out all of the crazy art
that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram over
the past weeks and years. Yay. So before more than a
hundred thousand people descend on the Empire Polo Fields in Indio for three days of music, art, food, and who knows what else, the finishing touches are being applied to the festival’s main art installations. Believe it or not the art installations aren’t just designed to look
cool on your Instagram feed. They actually represent
a collection of work of artists from all over the world, including right here in
the Coachella Valley. Like Sofia Enriquez,
whose paisley sculptures titled Mismo, represent
different personalities and expressions of individual style that she has encountered
throughout her life. Right next door to that are
these teepee-like structures designed by architect Francis Kere and based off of the
baobab trees in Africa, I had to learn how to pronounce that, that provide shade and
comfort from the harsh sun. (upbeat music) For years now, aside
from the ferris wheel, the giant floating astronaut has become a symbol of Coachella. Created by Poetic Kinetics
out of Los Angeles, the giant spaceman is meant to evoke the overview effect
experienced by astronauts as they see the Earth from space. I didn’t know that the piece
also included robotic elements that can control the
limbs and the fingers. And even the helmet’s visor can display the faces of festivalgoers. So that means that anybody can be the giant person towering over the crowd. One of the most bizarre, and
fantastic, in my opinion, installations is from the duo, Dedo VaBo and features a team of hippos trying to complete a space launch. It’s not quite SpaceX, but as the artists explain
the performance aspect with actual actors
dressed as hippopotamuses, hippopotomis, hippopotami, inside the labs and control center, make it a totally different experience for everyone who sees it. (robot beeping) (upbeat music) And what journey through
the California desert would be complete without cactus? The Colossal Cacti from Office Kovacs offer a lot of much needed shade. And instead of spikes and thorns, each cactus is lined with road reflectors. And finally there’s the Spectra, not named after the Kia SUV, created by UK design-based
studio, Newsubstance. This one has actually been
around since last year and in the off-season
I’ve seen it just sitting in the fields as I’ve
driven by the Polo grounds. So I was really excited to
get a chance to go inside. And I was even more excited to find out that it’s air conditioned. – It’s nice and chilly in here. I would stay in here the whole time. – [Tom] Each glass panel is
a slightly different color which makes a dazzling and
slightly dizzying effect. So I can only imagine how some of the less-than-sober
festivalgoers must feel when they go inside. But from the top of the 70 foot structure there’s a 360 degree view of
the entire Coachella Valley, which was a pretty awesome
way to end the tour. I’ve never been to the
actual Coachella Festival and for today it was more fun to imagine the place filled
with thousands of people than to actually deal
with thousands of people. But more importantly it gave me a totally new appreciation for the artists and the work that goes
on behind the scenes to make the festival happen. So maybe it’s worth more
than just a quick scroll on a social media feed. (upbeat music)

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  1. I would just like to remind you how your production value is always 🔥🔥🔥 I feel like this should be on a streaming service like Netflix.

  2. Your production value is amazinggg! Really loved the video. I think I'm with you on the "cool to imagine the crowd" rather than "deal with the crowd" haha.

  3. Another great video Tom! Great way to highlight the festival art.
    I’m looking forward to speaking with your class.

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