THE ACT Official Teaser Trailer (HD) Gypsy Rose Blanchard Hulu Drama Series

THE ACT Official Teaser Trailer (HD) Gypsy Rose Blanchard Hulu Drama Series

You are my angel and you protect me and I protect you My mom is my best friend. All she wants to do is keep me safe. Sometimes people like to paint a rosy color on things when the truth really isn’t very pretty. Gypsy, did you kill your mom?

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  1. ABC did a 2 or 3 part section on this and dr.Phil continued on it, look up dee dee and gypsy, it’s sad but interesting.

  2. This was kind of self defense, her mother was putting her life in danger with all the medications and abuse. I mean yeah they planned it but still this girl went through hell.

  3. The poor kid being born to this mom and forced into this life style. If she ran away she was brought back by police. There was no one to go to for help. She felt like she could kill her mom or be bound to her for the rest of her life.

  4. So the mom actually named her gypsy and how old was she when she killed her mom I know quite a lot of people on the news given a second chance then being locked up based on psychological and physical abuse

  5. Finally they’re making a show about gypsy’s life. I’ve waited for this for along time!!! And it even has Joey King in it that’s playing gypsy

  6. What’s really upsetting about the whole thing is instead of getting her medical help they placed her in jail. I mean you can’t really blame her for becoming who she is rn. She’s a victim of a very manipulative scheme. She was forced to take medicines when she’s perfectly healthy, her teeth is damaged, her voice will remain in that childish tone cause I think she mentioned she got something removed in her throat, repetitive cycle of operations, she can’t eat food and got stuck with a feeding tube. She’s got no friends and was searching for someone who can set her free. I’m not surprised at how she broken she is rn. If you guys could see the documentary about her and when the police were doing their investigation you’ll be so creeped out. And how it feels like she can just be someone who can stab you to death while smiling like a girl off on a picnic or something.

  7. This looks decent because at least it’s getting the word out about what happened to Gypsy but with that whinny fake voice it’s going to be annoying af to get through!!

  8. I feel like yes its her own doing for making her boyfriend killed her mother and there were probably other ways than commiting a murder but in a way it was self defense. She had been abused ever since she was a little girl and she had been denied of her own freedom by her own mother. She just wanted to escape. Ffs 10 frikin years?! At least cut down the years for a lil bit.

  9. When gypsy said in one of her interviews that her mother doesn't deserved what happened to her, she deserves to be where I am (in prison)

  10. Gypsy was over 20 years old when she killed her mom. 18 is usually the age of freedom. ..her mom was very well planning on keeping her under her control for the rest of gypsy's life. If she tried to run away she was brought back and punished. No one believed her when she tried to get help for what was going on. Her mom would come in quickly after and produce documents that said she was a different age, oh don't believe anything she says; She's like a seven year old. I would have gone nuts too believing there was no way out.

  11. Soy yo ho ¿ es la misma actriz que sale en la película "The kissing boooth " ? que por cierto es malísima …y si ella es esa misma actriz creó que es un bien cambio que haya escojido este papel.

  12. Honestly i don’t think like her mother „ got what she deserved” i mean she was mentally ill. This could’ve end up better for both of them. I feel bad for the mother too, they were both victims- mom the victim of her illness and poor Gypsy victim of her mom, not saying anyone suffered more than another just feel like people go so hard on Dee Dee(mom) imo she didn’t saw her actions that harsh. Also i’ve heard Gypsy choose prison over hospital like maybe she thought they wanted make the ill one out of her again.

  13. For anyone wondering about this story, here is some quick information:

    The condition this show is about is called 'Munchausen By Proxy Syndrome'. It's where a caretaker or family members fakes or induces illness of those in their care in order to gain something, be it sympathy, attention, personal validation as a parent, e.t.c.,. This is most commonly found in mother/son or mother/daughter cases like this one. In the true case that this series is based off of, the daughter is not sick. Her mother faked everything. Anything doctors found to be true was a setup. For example, DeeDee (mother) convinced doctors that Gypsy (daughter) had seizures. They gave her medication. Because of the medication she was taking, which her body didn't need, her teeth began to crumble and fall out. Another symptom, which is just what Dee Dee wanted. If you want to look further into this case and similar cases, there's Amazon Prime documentaries about Munchausen mothers, and an HBO documentary called 'Mommy, Dead and Dearest' (which I find very well done and interesting). There was also a Lifetime movie made this year called 'Love You To Death', which is heavily based off this case, but has fictionalized versions of the people involved. Here are some links:

    Mommy, Dead and Dearest:

    Love You To Death (Trailer):

    MAMA -Amazon Prime Film (Trailer):

  14. Gypsy is so pretty now even tho she’s in jail for 10 years I really don’t blame her for killing her mom ik it’s bad but she was young and not stable bc OF HER MOM and that was her only way out but I hope she’s free soon and can start a while nez life without her mom and her loving stepmother and I’m SO GLAD JOEY KING is playing her role 😭😭😭😭💛💛💛💛💛💛❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  15. Oh shit!! I just read about this story!! So sad! But even though shes in prison, she decided to make the beat of it. Wish her well

  16. Her mother is the one who got away easy. This is the kind of death penalty that I support. There was no other way out for Gypsy.

  17. Gypsy doesn’t need to be a prisoner. Her time spent in jail should have been time spent consulting with therapists and those who could get her the help she needs.

  18. gipsy used sex to manipulate that is not ok 10 yrs behind bars is fine she made that dude kill her mom he is a victim of gipsy a 2.0 Manson killer by proxy girl

  19. WARNING SPOILER: I can’t believe though dee dee would take gypsy away from her grandma that’s messed up and that’s family!

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