The 12 Signs of The Holidays | PAPER x Benny Drama

The 12 Signs of The Holidays | PAPER x Benny Drama

Is this seat taken?
It is now sit down young lady. Pleasure’s all mine.
Now this is a stunning outfit you look absolutely amazing! Who made this piece?
No one knows. Hey Pat? Hey, cat. Would you tell me a story? Of course, I mean after
all I look at you as a daughter and it is the holiday season, the perfect time
for a story. I think I might tell you my very favorite one, but I’m having trouble
remembering it I must look it up on my smartphone using the Internet.
Very modern! Twas the eve of our Astro holiday and all through Benny’s house
not a creature was stirring not even.. A rat! Don’t you get in head of me because
you don’t know what’s coming in this story. When you think it’s gonna twist
it’s gonna turn. There were no stockings hung cuz there was no chimney
there, but still he was certain the stars could find him anywhere. A knock at the
door arose such a clatter, he sprung from his chair and said who is this? Because I
did not invite anyone over and I’m not expecting company and what is the deal
with drop by culture in 2019 I mean send a text next time. I will I’m a better
texter than you. On the first day of Christmas a Capricorn gave to me A resume tailored just for me I actually can’t stay long I have a
flight to Aspen On the second day of Christmas an aquarius gave to me Two Crystal doves I know what I want for Christmas world peace.
Do you think you could stick these crystal doves up my ass? On the third day of Christmas
a pisces gave to me three calligraphy pens Isn’t great to be home for the
holidays? On the fourth day of Christmas an aries gave to me Four Clubbing Girls Oh my god, look at those gorgeous gals! They look snatched af! Those pieces are gorgeous Let’s go skiing.. *sniffs* We’re bored. On the fifth day of Christmas a
taurus gave to me Five onion rings He’s one of the youngest guys I’ve ever
seen in my life. You know in some cultures 31 is considered young. Not this
one. I know. I love Christmas and doggo’s and puppies and PJ’s! Straights.. On the
sixth day of Christmas a Gemini gave to me Six choices changing Merry Christmas
and Happy Hanukkah I also celebrate Kwanzaa pretty woke can I come in or..? On the seventh day of Christmas a cancer
gave to me.. Seven futures predicting let’s talk about traumas from Christmas
past. On the eighth day of Christmas a Leo gave to me eight songs singing oh my
god is that Kylie? I met her friend once Rise and shine, it’s
Christmas time and Santa’s on his way Can I come in? It’s stormy out here On the ninth day of Christmas a virgo gave to me Nine months of planning Oh my god, a present for me?
you shouldn’t have I’m going to save this paper. Ok.. It’s like get on with it.. At this rate it’s gonna go to
2021. That’s the year in a bit mm-hmm Do you think I’ll be married by then? No, I
do not. But I want you to have a long engagement – I think you’re gonna have one
engagement it goes like four years then you never get married and then I think
when you’re like literally 42 you’re gonna get I’ve got a three month
engagement and then get married. I agree and then we’ll be together till I die. Mm-hmm Oh my god, he finished how did you know? I love it On the tenth day of Christmas a libra gave to me Ten hearts a-breaking Swipe up you guys can you not be so Libra it’s starting to be
aggressive and almost offensive I know. I knew how girlie was a Libra. Oh my gosh. She’s doing amazing things. Some of my closest friends are libras. That’s incredible news. I have to take a shit why don’t have a Manny? Um I just um
chose not to get one today On the eleventh day of Christmas a Scorpio gave to me Eleven grudges arising I also got you a ball gag. Should we all
sit around a laptop and turn on chatroulette? Let me in.. On the twelfth day of Christmas a sage gave to me 12 words a-cutting The Holidays are such a great time to
spend with your.. Self. I’m taking a trip to Atlantis and the Bahamas Fuck you, and fuck your Christmas party Benny exclaimed as they left in the night, Happy astro Holiday y’all! But if any of you come back I’m literally calling 911 okay good night! I love the Holidays. No I actually love them. That’s something people say People are like you should see
me I loved like Christmas like I love that vibe No I live and die for the holidays. I love that vibe. I. Love. That. Vibe dingdong dingdong
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100 thoughts on “The 12 Signs of The Holidays | PAPER x Benny Drama

  1. ok like, can everything ab taurus not be about food lmao. i’m a taurus and i don’t even eat that much i literally just eat bc i have to.

  2. I can't with the Virgo one.Such spot on.Like me literally making my bed before I'm leaving my room while my friends are waiting for me since like half and hour.😂😂😂


  4. OMG GEMINI 😭😭😭😭 my daughters a gem and she’s literally has a menorah to go with our Xmas tree and wrapped all my gifts in Chanukah paper 😂😂😂😂😂 I’m fucking deceased 😭😭 THE NECK BRACE

  5. Am i the only one feeling like this's so hard to see?!??!.
    P/s: As a person who need glasses to see, now it is EXTRA PAINFULL for me doesn't matter who close i put my phone in front of me i still CAN'T see it CLEARLY.🤦‍♀️🙄

  6. Seeing all these characters in one video is like the glorious Christmas family reunion my dysfunctional childhood self always dreamt of.

  7. Giving very useless gifts is a Libra thing then coz I can't decide what to give so I end up with something kinda useless like those hearts to break 😂😂 also I have to take a shit.. But I feel sad that Libra didn't say "are you mad? “

  8. Benito could of have redeemed himself not portraying aquarius right before. He chose to continue using Paris Hilton… Oh Lord. Give me strength.

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