100 thoughts on “Tesla Coil

  1. I feel like people are giving Megavolt here a hard time. I dont think hes depressed or unimpressed by the banter.. I think hes just an Electricity-crazed maniac. Rad dude

  2. Im just sitting in my bed and rubbing my hand against the blankets to see the flash of it. I feel like a cheap Flash xd

  3. It's cool but is anyone else getting really negative vibes from the guy he looks like he doesnt wanna be there

  4. "You guys know a lot about videogames, do you live in your mum's basement?" says the guy with a giant Tesla coil while calling himself Dr. Megavolt and wearing a bird-cage on his head…

  5. Just feel like Dr. Megavolt super villain dude wakes up in the morning and starts hating everything and everyone.

  6. Darth Sidius : How much do you want to experience from the full power of the Dark Side?
    Dr. MEGAVOLT : yes

  7. Friend: Your job sounds dangerous. Do you wear protective gear, like a helmet?

    Me: Well…. usually I wear a birdcage on my head.

  8. Can u slow mo on a guitar strings???
    How many times it will vibrate per second??
    Can u please do it… 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Dr. Irwin Moon did lightning fingers and lit sticks on fire 50 years ago, that would have been cool SloMo

  10. If you all want proof that a hand held taser doesnt produce 1mil volts… Well this video right here shows you what 1mil volts actually look like

  11. Who else thought that guy looked like hed rather be somewhere else? Lol looked like he hated his life there for a minute

  12. Imagine being this guy, you’re literally holding electricity in the palm of your hand.

    And they focus on a dragonfly.

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