Tears and Tootsie Rolls MLP Artist Casting Call (Open) (Halloween Special)

Tears and Tootsie Rolls MLP Artist Casting Call (Open) (Halloween Special)

what this faith agreement contains graphic content such as blood gore torture and horror elements please do not audition if you are under 17 years old or if you are 17 years old and older and do not feel comfortable with graphic content perish discretion will be advised hey everyone agent fluffy here this is a casting call for artists I'm excited about my upcoming Halloween special fanfic reading called tears and tootsie rolls written by dubs rewatch sure it takes place in the Equestria girls universe and is about sunset shimmer Twilight Sparkle aka sight Y and her friends celebrating the spooky holiday of Halloween shenanigans and armor will ensue in the spirit of Halloween in all the spooky content I'm looking for several qualified artists to create 46 scenes of art in total for this project due to the following you have art needed for this project I've scheduled 72 days for the chosen artists to create and submit art for review and approval this will require commitment from candidates that are interested in submitting to this casting call please be mindful of this significant requests and only submit art auditions if you are confident that you can complete your share of the work within the time scheduled here are the qualifications you must be 17 years old or older to audition for this project by you submitting your audition to this project you are validating that you have met the age requirement I'm looking for a committed accountable and reliable artists that will review the schedule due dates and submit audition only if you can meet the schedule due dates once you have been accepted as part of the team accountability includes checking in once a week with your status on assignments submitting completed art for review when completed instead of all at once at the deadline immediately informing me if you need help or something has happened to change your availability that would put your due dates at risk this would enable us to work together on the resolution prior to due dates here are the roles of the casting call send a link to your devianart or send four or more samples of your Equestria girls artwork you have worked on within the past six months to each and Cyril fluffy at gmail.com please label the subject line as tears and tootsie rolls Halloween art auditions digital artwork will be accepted only no based art and/or character vector art will be accepted I require artists to use and utilize their skills and not rely on face or character vector art to create art for this project YouTube auditions will not be accepted for art strictly My Little Pony Equestria girls artwork own I'm flexible with art styles specific art scenes to creates will be identified once cast including dramatic moments blood and gore and other horror elements the link to the galue doc and the other details that I haven't covered in this video will be in the description below the artist casting call will close August 9th 2019 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time est so this is Ben agent fluffy and I wish you guys good luck on the auditions

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  1. Holloween is my horror telling story but the contest… I'm not good at drawing… I'm only good at symbols but not drawings or animation… Heh, a contest is a contest… By the way

    Let's make some mayham

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