Teaching Opportunities - MFA in Art, Art History, and Design

Teaching Opportunities – MFA in Art, Art History, and Design

(instrumental music) My name is Laurén Brady and I am a third
year; my emphasis has been in painting but recently I've been merging sculpture,
3D objects, and writing, merging the painted space with the written space.
When I visited MSU it just felt like home; it felt very welcoming and inviting
and genuine and I thought that this was going to be a place where I could really,
like, hone and craft my work. Our faculty members are an internationally known, and
the opportunity to work with some of these people is invaluable. I
came in thinking that I knew what painting meant to me, and I was
immediately asked questions that made me sort of rethink everything: the way that
I mixed paint, the way that I used color, and I think it's in this process—
you need to be willing to sort of put your guard down and just listen and
absorb and be willing to try new things. The part of this program is we're
teaching assistants or Instructors of Record, and so when I started out I
taught Color and Design and Drawing. I loved interacting with students in the
classroom, and the conversations that I have, even in teaching a
foundations level course, really impact the way that I view my own studio work.
If you want to come to MSU think about what your end goal is when you leave
here—so do you want to teach, do you want to be a working studio artist, do you
want to work in a gallery or museum setting, because this program can really
help you in any of those sort of areas that you want to head to. (instrumental music)

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