Taylor Swift | Draw My Life

Taylor Swift | Draw My Life

Hi I’m Taylor Alison Swift, but you can
call me Tay, T- Swift, Swifty, T-Swizzle, America’s sweetheart… call me what you
like just don’t call me to say you’re breaking up with me, or I will write
a song about you! And it won’t be flattering. I’m super excited that you guys
are letting me draw my life… Goddammit! I have the best Draw my life of
all time! My draw my life rivals the ceiling of the Sistine chapel! It’s got
Barrack Goddamned Obama in it! Zip it Kanye! Yeezus! Doesn’t that guy EVER
shut up? Anyway, as I was saying I’m super excited to do a draw my life,
as all my best material is autobiographical. For instance, I was born on December 13th
1989. My album was called 1989 … because I was born in 1989. Get
it? Real life is just so inspiring Anyway, my dad works for Merrill Lynch – he
comes from three generations of bank executives. My younger brother Austin
and I grew up on a Christmas tree farm in Pennsylvania. I was too little to
help lift the trees, so my job was to remove the mantis pods and bird’s nests… I would just shake them off, wait… song idea! I always knew I wanted to be a country music
star, when I was 12 I started learning how to play guitar and write my own
songs. After seeing an episode of Behind the Music on Faith Hill I knew I HAD to move to Nashville. Then I watched an episode of Saved By The Bell and knew I HAD
to move to Bayside, but my parents said I could only chose one, so when
I was 14 we moved to the home of country music… it turned out Bayside wasn’t
a real place anyway. Which broke my heart. I released my first album when I was 16, after
much deliberation I called it Taylor Swift. That was me being autobiographical
again. My big break was my massive hit Love Story, about a boy named Romeo and
a girl named Juliet, whose parents won’t let them be together. Heart Break! But in my Love Story instead of a 3 day relationship between a
13 year old and a 17 years old that ends in two starbucks lovers committing suicide
and 6 deaths, they just get married at the end. I know I said boys only
want love if it’s torture, but you have to stop before they bleed out. Songs like Love Story and You Belong With
Me helped me cross over from Country music into mainstream pop. I even
won an MTV video music award and I was SO happy…till Yeezy showed up. I guess I’ve always been a little unlucky
with love. I just haven’t met any nice boys. Sure I dated Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner
and one of the Kennedy’s but I’d never let that Begin Again. Sure I dated Harry
Styles, but I Knew He Was Trouble. And sure I dated Jake Gyllenhaal
but We Are Never Getting Back Together. And yes I dated John Mayer, but
Dear John you are a lying, cheating sleazeball. Some people say that (sings) “I go on too
many dates, mmmm”… like the Westboro Baptist Church who protest my concerts
and call me “the whorish face of doomed America”. But my pal Ed Sheeran
fills HIS albums with autobiographical tales of love and heartbreak,
yet no-one ever calls HIM out for “being the whorish face of England”. It’s
almost as if there were double standards for men and women…Or maybe they just give
Ed a pass because he looks like beaker from the muppet show? Just kidding,
Ed. Text me! Now I’m dating the DJ Calvin Harris, who
sang I Need Your Love… good! and I Get All The Girls… hmmmm. He’s
been warned, it’s either happy ever after or a new album all about how much he
sucks. But even when boys have broken my heart I’ve
always had my girls to fall back on for support. I’m friends with just about
every young female star in Hollywood, and most of them were in my video for Bad
Blood, which broke Nicki Manaj’s record for most Vevo views in 24 hours. Everyone
who I like is in it. Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford, Lena Dunham, Selena
Gomez even Kendrick Lamar (I know he’s not a girl BTW). There
is one California Gurl that helped inspire the song who I didn’t invite to
be in the video. I’ve always been a little Hot and Cold about her. Let’s just say she’s
a Firework who has done more than kiss a girl and now I want to Roar in her face. Breathe Taylor breathe. What else? Oh right so far I’ve won 7 Grammy
Awards, 16 American Music Awards, sold over 40 millions albums and over
130 million single downloads and I told Spotify to go f*** themselves. I’ve
a net worth of over $200 million and I’m still only 25, hmmmm doesn’t quite have the same ring to it. Oh well. Thanks so much for
letting me draw my life. Don’t forget to subscribe. Stage is all yours, Yeezy. At last I can tell everyone just how amazing I am

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  1. You guys forgot the part 1 time she didn't shake the bugs off the tree and the people who took house got invaded with bugs and sewed them

  2. Thus sucks u shouldn't curse young kids like to watch these types if things and they don't want to hear bad words. That isn't Taylor's voice at all and that is not the whole story thus is so fake so just stop

  3. It was already 5 seconds I watch this vedio I already realize this is not the real taylor swift talking here

  4. A lot of people saying this is fake but I saw her hair plus if it is them they are just given a script

  5. I am just watching because I have a dream to be a singer but everyone says I can't im watching to see if she's been through that too :T

  6. I liked this draw my life video of Taylor Swift because it was creative and well drawn and had some decent facts.

  7. I know my tay -tay when I see/hear her!!! Dont be fooled this channel lies and it's annoying ! I'm sick of it!! Also they forgot a whole bunch of parts to her life!!!

  8. It's not draw my life because Taylor didn't draw it…. It's basically draw her life… But it's ok.. im not bashing

  9. Freaking heck this is not even Taylor Swift Voice I heard Taylor Swift voice before and you sound like somebody who kidnapped Taylor Swift and doing her draw her life that's not nice if you even kidnapped her

  10. Omg this makes Taylor seem so mean and she’s not! I am not trying to give hate it just annoys me that she does Taylor and she is SO MEAN IN THIS and she is NOT mean

  11. Taylor swift is not that kind of voice it looks like a 18th girl voice
    And taylor dose not draw like that

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