Tattoo Artists React To Twitch Streamer's Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React

Tattoo Artists React To Twitch Streamer's Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React

you guys have any awareness at which the dirt biker no I know that people do video games stuff on it and they play video games my son he watches the video game stuff that the people with the video games oh man you're gonna get us real confused on this one because a we don't play video games and B we don't have fun how long is twitch it is twitch even that like a big thing like I don't know I wonder if there's any Romeo Lacoste entities I would love to just roast a shout out of it publicly anyways sorry these are twitch streamers that look like their tattoos that one kind of looks like them well that's cute that tattoo is well done and it's super cute that is so super stupid cute I don't know but it looks like like a pinto bean with a face on it I love that so much I don't know it's a potato dog I don't I don't know what the guy personally but like I don't see like both things matching in my head so portrait it looks like you why does that look like one of those people that look like their dogs he totally looks like he would have that tattoo I mean I did that's so cute I want to do a tattoo on that guy because he has cool ideas oh that dude didn't he do that interview with Romeo it cost recently thank you yeah is he a podcast never go sorry don't mean to bring that up I love it and it's and and like in the shape of his head the colors and everything like it really matches him you know that like Hazara you know is this a potato with a dog face because I'm 100% behind that that's fair it's a spud muffin right there it's a good work in progress I think that's we've seen so far basically girl I don't do stuff like that because it would make me fuckin cross-eyed but it's really pretty well this video game people have better tattoos than like every actor you've showed me so far oh that's pretty that's really nice I like the action in the rose that's very nice that's really pretty on her – oh yeah it's done working out then those are nice you know this look like well thought out tattoos so she pray uh has researched it that's a good tattoo that's a good tattoo that's pretty good for her everything's working out great for her she's doing good she used to fill in those gaps if that was an ad for like something else like a weight loss thing or something I'd be like that's a totally every girl what can you say whatever I don't really know what that is but sure it's fitting this guy dr. disrespects fucking hilarious doctor I like to give him a crisp high five dr. distres all right I want to be that guy's friend Ben Stiller it's Ben Stiller from heavy weights that's pretty hilarious man I just like his swagger he's he's all right that mustache is ripping it right now it's overshadowing the tattoo yeah this guy fucks us fuck I want to see this guy like what the hell I bet he's a lot of fun I've seen this guy before on twitch and he's he's rowdy I think it's perfect for that a guy whatever he's doing I'm sure what is it probably he's got the same tattoo as like maybe his avatar or something he's hilarious he is like the most entertaining probably most high quality streaming we've ever seen he's got like um these Eagles like on the lower part of his arm than his upper arm it's actually really well done why whoa oh you poor thing I mean promote till you die guess what a dingaling sarva bitch yeah oh my gosh that is heavy you can't even read it you know like useless ladies he put his website on his face yeah I'm gonna put right Ron 5 7 o calm underneath my eye and then I'll do five seven Oh tattooing underneath this one I bet you that's a tax write-off again I feel like it's just promoting bad ideas okay that's really dumb you're a piece of shit fake nerd boy I mean did he get paid by himself I get so mad at it it's his own website he's got more followers you don't ask monitor yourself let's all put our websites website did you for real did is that a fucking thing that happened is that what happened to that one dude in Halle notes oh I want to do a dumb face hat on this dude so bad don't do the face like that that's awful he's just ruined it crooked under his eye really small under the first thing that's arguably not gonna be around in you know it's not cover my myspace face tattoo holy fuck oh that's pretty cool she's hot yep she's hot this is my favorite that's my favorite who is she I'd like to know can we get her Twitter twitch handle red hair girl pretty ladies with pretty tattoos yeah that's interesting that's actually pretty interesting layout well that's cool oh she's so cute that's really good that's nice that's cool it's different approach yeah that is like the deconstruction on that says how oh that's a lovely tattoo I really like the style that's really nice that's actually really fucking cool that is an awesome tattoo good job she's got good tattoos she did good and she's very young to do good a lot when young people have money they get terrible tattoos but she did great that's a good tattoo what good for her taking her time doing shit right let's just be clear here doing it's good for her mm-hmm this one's gorgeous this is this is a person who actually went out of their way to find something that they knew they'd like to get it done by someone to know what they were doing that's a nice tattoo well thought out and you can tell the people that really I guess care about their bodies with the quality of tattoos and the research they do for the artists yeah oh that's ninja yeah he's like the biggest streamer there is like he's well as far as followers I mean do you actually know all these because I realize I I did yeah I would say I amateur twitch for like maybe like two months wonder if he knows what it really says cuz you know like that go but the one waste is like little barbeque or something like that and she thought it meant something else I would want to make sure that actually means what it says usually would candy there's a lot of problems I'm pretty sure like 90% of the candy I've done it's wrong so I don't do that anymore right out the gate there's a picture of him so he's not a very good ninja I found him that who does not look like a ninja you ain't sneaky what's gonna have your hair if you're rolling around some tinsel you can hide like a motherfuck yeah yeah that says ninja oh yeah that makes sense on him yeah that looks like it belongs on him that's cool you know if we're gonna get some kanji done the breaststroke thing is I like that I think it's cool his haircut he looks like one of them damn pokeyman kids pokeyman let's talk about that shit huh he's about 20 years behind trend on that one there it's for him it's facing him yeah yeah the dude with the anime hair has kanji lake that people that's just saying things at that point dude with anime hair kanji okay so I seen a kid the other day look like he came straight out to 80s at the gas station right what fucking what the fucking eye the turtleneck and the mad gold chains and like he was real dapper and fly looking like he was about to go to the dance party right so that brings me to the 90s on this one I'm like the early millennium and my man said fuck it I'm gonna bring it back to what kids used to do and get a dope fuckin you know Chinese alphabet tat on my wrist cuz I don't even know what it says who gives a fuck but it's gonna be dope cuz I got fucking turquoise there and I'm somebody that doesn't give a fuck I like this kid what does it even say I look solid I don't really know what either that's cool I take the writing I'm all about the Ryan that's his name – are we all self promoting on Twitch it's not what we do rekkles falafels what does it say poorly done I mean I don't know I don't like it I'm not sure I feel about that uh that one on on the right can't read that is that from the age of ambigrams can I not read anymore or is that hard to read am I having some sort of recommittal issue rate it looks like it says lick me yeah I'm I don't know man that's makes you feel weird same with those like they're not bad they're just like small and kind of simple but they're not terrible at all I think this is a great example of all different kinds of tattoos for all different kinds of people I love Don Rickles I don't think that that's what it's for prove me wrong I have a feeling that they have meaning he's probably got some like cloud you know so you should get like the dopest artist in the world to make his arms look like amazing like he looks like Ted got deserves great tattoos he needs greater tattoos especially if they have meaning it's supposed a reckless motorcycle club but he got me meckel's he got kicked out of the club this is supposed to be him or his character terrible that's really turbid he's gonna be himself would have been better without the goggles yeah no that's stupid there you go it was pretty cool to see that his uh he got his cousin's Ark tattooed on him that is not well done now looks like it's self-portrait of him obviously but it looks like he had a two-year-old do it on him he said we got a tattoo of Dade Murphy from the movie hackers is that zero looks like actually critiquing his own tattoo like people already could have paid for a better tattoo you know if he if he's willing do it that's why that's why I'm asking yeah you could have just done a better man like realistically that's not terrible choice but you know it could have been done better Dennis Rodman he's got Dennis Rodman set to go on if I do this guy as well he looks like he got a cartoon character of himself that's that's something my first tattoo I got professionally in the house in the hood in New York our caricature of myself so I get it that looks cool that's really neat some of these guys have really good taste in hats you this that's cool yeah Tim the tat man yeah he's got a lot of work I think I could've them the better job I mean looks it's pretty cool well that's badass he's nice and bold I wish it was bigger that's cool man I like that nice bold readable I'd make the wings a little bit bigger badass tough dad to you yes fuck yeah I might even play video games with that dude fucking hanging out with that guy oh that's badass it's a great tattoo a great placement more promotional fluff so like this they look like white hoods yeah what that taxidermy they look like what looks like right at his nips yeah he might be he'd might have been nipped anxiety dude glad that you could look I was gonna say anything and so fucking clean solid bald will hold all that shit and nipples Oh looks like he's getting his nipples pinched dude they should have made it go a bit more round though it should have done like around the nipples like that does though it could be like tickling his little it would be green if it was just like gently pinching it's it's a cool tattoo but it is absolutely like an eagle monster bear who's like super into Lake theeven nipples like his fuck his nest is just filled with nipples like an Ed Gein bear you

49 thoughts on “Tattoo Artists React To Twitch Streamer's Tattoos | Tattoo Artists React

  1. I couldn't stop laughing with the last one because I could only see a nipple pinching monster once they brought it up.

  2. I like how we all like to say anything is art, until you get interviewed then you talk shit about people tattoos. Lol. What a joke. I bet all you artist on here have some shitty work

  3. These people need to remember that they are here for their tattoo skill not to be funny, because if they are as funny as they are tattooists then the laser removal business is going to be booming.

  4. You should do this kind of video again let them make fun of them then tell them who they are and that they are basically making like more than 15 million dollars a year and how stupid it is

  5. "I love Don Rickles."
    …..I don't think that's what it's for
    "Prove me wrong"
    Godammit Kelly 🤣🤣

  6. Not even gonna lie these tattoo artists reviewing the tattoos (apart from a couple) seem kinda like assholes, even when they can't find anything wrong they'll go " I would've done it better but its alright", again not all of them just a majority seemed douchy

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