Tattoo Artists React To Brock Lesnar's Tattoos

Tattoo Artists React To Brock Lesnar's Tattoos

hi my name is Ronan Gibney I've been tattooing since 1998 hey I'm Shannon and I'm tattooin since 2011 what up I'm Evan I've been tattooing since 2003 so that's about 14 years I'm the owner of Imperial tattoo in Toronto yep the beast Brock Lesnar Brock Lysander and that that iconic you know dagger chess piece its annihilation sword stabbing his lower throat definitely communicates a powerful idea right down the center of the chest is right in the solar plexus and onto the stomach those are pretty pretty intense areas to get tattooed on the stern of the self that feels like razor blades on the heart in my opinion just the overall even with a collar boy like the throat it's not an easy tattoo to do like Ted trying to tattoo something that's super straight on an area that's clearly not like a major dip here you know and you've got this like sort of shadow a negative shadow bar down the center like it's clearly not an easy tattoo it's a good struggling piece yeah gnarly breasts my attention that it's a little phallic but once you get past that it's it's a badass-looking piece for you know who's wearing it it's of the style of traditional Americana tattoos it's sort of like a little play on that the traditional dagger tattoo it's definitely it's an iconic piece like again whether you love it or you hate it you know it's Brock lesner so I just can't get the phallic thing kinda like it right once you said Anna yeah it's it's if it was sharp it would be completely different but still but this kind of odd shading in the center of it you know it makes it look sort of veiny and this phallic sort of playing to the next one it looks like a really old tattoo it's just it's a skull with really extra large canine teeth of some tribal designs coming off of it and there's some severed hands with meat hooks digging into his back so these are very these look like really old kind of like 1980s biker kind of tattoos oh yeah those meat hooks had that back pieces I don't know what that is but no range like tribal hair shrunken head yeah I can't tell if it's like a neck sort of half baboon skull or a demon kind of looks like a violator yeah some spawn I definitely wouldn't not that I would ever mess with man of Brock lesner size but especially seeing somebody with meat hooks and severed hands tattooed on the back I agree I appreciate the work like ice like that piece is huge and we're probably like a giant back piece on you yeah you know compared to him I mean he's like both of us put together it's funny because there's there's some trends now that are starting where people want their tattoos to look old like this and look like 1980s heavy metal kind of tattoos so you know I wouldn't say that it's the best design it's very rudimentary kind of design I do love those men folks those are my favorite that's great that I would close down very heavy metal you

31 thoughts on “Tattoo Artists React To Brock Lesnar's Tattoos

  1. What is this bullshit artist he nothing say anything about tattoos i know what is the meaning his back tattoo this is a demon they control Lasner to kill them all

  2. It a hard place to tattoo it’s like any valley same with a back with a big ditch going straight down unless you have a pen or a rotary I guess would make it easier the mback piece should have more shading it needs black and gray don’t like his back at all but maybe that’s what he wanted so you can’t blame the artist ther would be a million tattoos you could do on that parking lot

  3. Oh god, just say that theyre lame lol. I like all of them except the main middle one on his back. The tattoo artist should have made the skull alittle better. Thats just my opinion.

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