TATTOO ART TIME! - Learning And Getting My First!

TATTOO ART TIME! – Learning And Getting My First!

hahahaha yeah that's the recipe that's the worst bitch galas and gentlemen welcome to draw with Jessa I'm Jenna and I'm here with my friend Jordan person Gertie I'm gonna stumble every time I try to say I'm sorry I first saw your work in an art competition like a couple of years ago and it was like a it was like a mash-up of weird art material and tattoos on melons no you did but your father that's what I first saw you work and I actually met you at VidCon in Australia he came up to me and you said Jezza how would you feel about tattooing my face in a video I know I thought that's a great idea that would be really great content so I've never done this before I'm gonna be giving Jordan the face tattoo what do you want we start with a bit of show-and-tell cuz this over which is incredibly versatile where can you pick it up well I might even give us it to a how's it work what does it look like okay I've brought an assortment of different needles I've got two machines here you want the melons and then paste her maybe later I have got some examples of some things I have done yeah this is oh yeah I made a video of it so I can show you that later but go check out Jordans social all is linked through the description he's very talented as you can see you have I mean that we're coming up to Halloween and it seemed Tober so you're sort of like a really nice mix yeah I do lots of horror stuff so awesome lots of creepy things it's kind of what I've done crazy so it's all just with black ink I did a couple of highlights with the white gel pen holy go subscribe now this is amazing dude yeah so you can just pretty cool stuff with the tire is on just melons and pumpkins a little work obviously you've practiced on one of the pumpkins if not people you know this is amazing all right to show me the ropes my friends so I've got the machine I've plugged it in I've got the power supply over here we've got a foot pedal which you can't see that was just kind of sewing machine yeah exactly and you want to make sure you don't accidentally stab yourself and give yourself a tattoo on hand this is the good melon not that I have a preference for either okay so let's just have a place shall we so this is a liner align the needle maybe some kind of needle for the line yeah is it's a cluster I think this is a three round liner so it's a cluster of three little yeah needles where is these ones which we've got over here these are for shading so when they fit surprisingly no they don't go all in at once they do they do all of those in a minute can we can we just get a close-up but the funny thing is oh my god it's like a comb it's like stabbing like it like hated later once within that surfer teen you can get bigger it goes and it's just like so this here this doesn't have much line work just so this is this was sort of mostly done with main line here and maybe some all the ones as well so is that your design that someone else did yeah so I designed in photo Johnson man that's so himself so let's talk about how like you get an idea and make it a reality so yeah like how much of it is free-forming and how much do you need a stencil or a sketch or whether I pretty much always go with a stencil you could draw something on yourself but I would stencil it up and then I'm not scared to hold the melon while you tattoo the melon yeah I'm such a pansy the hardest part is finding like a night which is comfortable hold it up in heaven ease you ready thought I was till it started now I'm terrified so he just tap it to button you know the first thing I ever do in a new medium is it's a little mystic my face is how I test the waters all right let's do this it really like responds to how you move like you have to have a really good Betty hands there you go I'm gonna give it a what that is it's definitely interesting feeling like yeah so where on your face do you want this exactly okay this shaving yeah I'm interested to try a gradient behind the head like so you can hang on to be different how they'd want to do it so a lot of it's about speed I must look pretty badass right like I don't care like water what ends up looking like but like just like this as a picture just like yeah so just doing some tats so that's the big thing about tattooing as well so it's all about being quite soft with your hands and going deeper when you need to yeah so that's that's my I'll stop there spare me okay so I can start to sort of see the gradient effect the other thing that I find interesting about this is when it's light I feel like I'm barely piercing the surface and yet that's still permanent yeah isn't that weird like really nicking the surface of the skin and then you're still making permanent people yeah that's this different ways so also you could have that you could diluted a bit so that's how it is for this you have different gradients of it I won't be able to create anything remotely like this but I want to attempt I'm going to use I'm going to use this one this little fellow here I wanted to ask you a favor I'm a bit too much of a wuss to get an actual tattoo but I wonder if you could use your skills with a sharpie and give me a little in my shoulder something where if people saw me and I didn't know is this choppy they'd be like he's badass yeah I guess I'll do something you request what do you want on your pumpkin pumpkin don't be that way you can have some texture zombies cool zombies cool because then they can look like horrible and blamed on the zombie exactly it's just he's just zombies face is falling apart that's probably a good way I like it and it's fitting for Halloween and inktober so I'm gonna do a zombie you're going to do something badass and we'll break convene and see how we went on this on you before euro things so you will use that as a guide and also you'll do the skull and then do some like things are actually called stencil stuff what is the stuff it's a magical liquid I mean it's vegan-friendly so are we ready to go you've got your your guide I've got my guide [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] or on it's reveal time I haven't looked at this yet does that look cool it was pretty bad up yeah that's really cool I'm too sissy to like get tattoos but I sort of see the appeal I like skulls I'm glad it's temporary but this is awesome man well done thank you so much this is what idea that's very a symmetrical this is my pumpkin zombie I guess a it looks less have symmetrical after the shading which is good so I was able to hide a bunch of my mistakes but overall like it was really fun to do look for a first for a first try I'm pretty happy with this I'm pretty happy with this professor tenth but you know what Jordan I think my view is thoroughly disappointed in myself actually and this video I'm gonna regret this immediately the bravest I can be is getting a tattoo I don't think anyone will ever see an don't forget that I have could you do me a poor a YouTube play button do you want me to say no to tell the truth I apologize everyone for view of Mike let's go oh yeah oh I think I've been sitting between like a 4 and a 7 and occasionally I hate that's the worst bit that was a surprise Tim oh man that was a few surprised tend to this this bit when you do the line when you do that's this hey I'm done life is bitch that's the heretic ha ha oh man is done I'll wipe it off and then we'll have a look that's pretty cool it's also really dumb holy oh my god a pleasure my friend well as Joanne this has been our dive into tattooing today we've had a bit of a play around this is my first ever attempts but this is obviously what the hands of master can do and it has been so much fun having you here by the way guys go check out Jordan stuff he's amazing YouTube channel with all sorts of really cool artwork particularly if you're into the more sort of grim gnarly epic looking awesome stuff like this he does awesome stuff like this that I see all the time really cool stuff so go check them out like and subscribe his content while you're there he's been such a good sport and really fun to have you thank you so much man this has been amazing fun and and thank you all so much for watching and of course make sure to like this video subscribe to Joanna jasmine more fun with art and until next time see you later make sure to subscribe to my channel to see more of my videos and while you're at it check out my shop where I sell ebooks brushes photo references video courses and more there's another video you might enjoy from my channel over there and you can also check out my behind-the-scenes daily vlog channel daily Jazza that's it for now and until next time I'll see you later

25 thoughts on “TATTOO ART TIME! – Learning And Getting My First!

  1. I had so much fun recording this with you Jazza ๐Ÿ˜ You're a real down to earth guy and I appreciate you taking the time to make a video with me despite my smaller channel size.
    Lots of respect to you my friend, keep making these creative and hilarious videos! ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. on 1 of my tattoos it was the 1st one that had the shadowing needles used….when i aw the amount of needles it ligit scared me but i actul didnt even feel it

  3. I think the hardest part doing a tattoo would be listening to the stuff coming out of the person's mouth who was getting the tattoo.

  4. WHY DID YOU GET THE TATTOO ON YOUR BIG TOE? That's, like, one of THE most painful places to get tattooed! But aside from that, this was a brilliant look at the world of tattooing.

  5. I was thought he was gonna be all meaningful and get something like his sons name or something…. I donโ€™t know why I expected so much from jazza after watching him for years. I should have learned by now.

  6. Itโ€™s going to be there for the rest of your life, when you are old it would flab and shrink and look ugly.

  7. Jazza crying about a little square on his big toe…Me remembering my side piece from armpit to waist…

  8. Wait wtf I would listen to this guy tell creepypastas, heโ€™s in a Jazza video? Where have you been all my life?

  9. Hereโ€™s a video idea: make a video on making a really cool carved pumpkin with a cool design
    Just a thought that came to my mind why i saw u tattoo the pumpkin idk if u did already but yeah i would love to see that

  10. my dad is an tattoo artist and i also strive to be an tattoo artist when i grow up. seeing this really made me happy and brightened my dad and made me work towards my goal as being the best tattoo artist ever.

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