33 thoughts on “Taeyeon and many Korean artists openly criticize Seungri, Jung JoonYoung in the midst of the scandal

  1. Yeong kyun being petty bitch lol. As much as i hate Seungri , i wouldn’t use personal reason to stab someone who is already down.

  2. Imagine one of your sister got drug and raped by this scums and sold with old fuckers! They didn't even apologize to the victims

  3. Why do I have a feeling that there is so much more in this scandal than what we know now. In my country there this rumor of prostitution among celebs and the clients are actually the big bosses. I wonder what if Seungri is just a mere puppet and there are bigger persona behind all these. I hope all the best for the idols who really work hard and hoping justice will be served.

  4. hey you top korean news why are you only dragging the two only well ok jjy acccepted it but seungri hasnt accepted yet and he didnt go to jail go and updated the news or shut your fuck off the channel.There were others also who were part of it.Sengris business partners and ftisland cnnblue others too why you only dragging two of them just because they are too famous doesnt mean u should only critcise him who didnt accept his crimes till now . he himself told that he didnt opertae or manage that club .you paparazzzi and medias totally are jerk to get some attentions only dragging his name there were others tooo. others are also equally misbehaved .not knowing the digg facts .only cover of book you people ruined his career and life. that wasnt me that was told by him to you jerks get some updates

  5. Ang gosto maging oki kayo yon lang hindi ako homingi ng manny saiyon sana tapos na ang poudlima niyon thank you

  6. Can guilt be determined from a rumor or an allegation? Can it be determined by a trial by media? Then what is the point of having a court of law, a judge, a prosecutor, or police authorities in a country? If only a media’s spin-off can deem someone guilty overnight?

    Typically in a criminal case, a guilty verdict is handed down by a judge/jury in a trial after presenting all evidence and hearing all the witnesses in a court of law. All individuals’ rights to a fair trial is protected under Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is stated here as follows: “Everyone is entitled in full equality to a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal, in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him.”

    Shouldn’t Seungri be given the same rights as everyone else? Why is his guilt determined by Korean Media?


  7. I’m gonna explain something real quick. First of all i understand the fans that are protecting Seungri, like if Suga (BTS) did something like this i would be so in shock that i wouldn’t believe it you know. Or if we take for example Bambam (GOT7) i would be heartbroken because i love him so much…Yes Seungri did something terrible and illegal and he should be punished! But just remember that the fans that are protecting him just dont want it to be true

  8. All that little information expanded to almost 10 minutes, and on top of that it's filled with ads. thumbs down

  9. All this serious Seungri Crime stuff and then out of nowhere: TAEYEON WILL STILL CONTINUE TO EAT PANCAKES 😆😆

  10. honestly im tired of media like this taking Celebrities words and putting their own narrative…..stop putting implication and false meaning in peoples words unless they confirm or say it out straight. this is common sense..

  11. they all went, they want to hiipanut using this moment and who are they?some NUGU
    who have no fans at all how will you look into his eyes when it turns out that he is innocent better watch out for yourself and watch your career

  12. i want them which means all the men in that group chat who boast about raping women by giving them drugs and uploading their videos online deserve only one punishment…hanged to death in public so that no other celebrities or criminal minded persons will have the courage to repeat this kind of heinous crime again…HANG THEM TO DEATH…their very existence is a disrespect to women and koreans

  13. Now I am questioning the death of one of the group member of Shinee that passed away..maybe he saw too much or went through too much.

  14. "The two bad example has leave the entertainment industry"
    While the women they have torture is still suffering with trauma, nightmare, depression and probably sucidal due to humiliation.
    Great job…😡😡

  15. We already know for what he had done…Slame ans shame for him too..Moral here…the idol must know in person…Not just the appearance

  16. Advice to anyone who is/are a success

    When you're at the peak of success always remember where you started and what got you there. Be humble and be not the perfect person but a good one.

  17. It’s not even something to even be mad about anymore it’s really sad tbh the fact that all of us saw him as the great seungri when behind the scenes he became the great seungri by doing bad and illegal things on tv and in public he acted as someone who was funny and entertaining but behind that (I’m sorry to say) he was a monster a disgusting monster he should have been more humble he shouldn’t have been greedy he calls himself the great seungri without watching the great gatsby that was 1 of his many mistakes but the title as of now suits him because in the great gatsby a poor boy who wanted money so desperately that he used illegal methods for it all he wanted was the rich life but he became more and more greedy and that greed costed him his life I’m praying for all the Big Bang fans and the parents of seungri

  18. As a fan for both Seungri and JJY, i still love them as an entertainer. But not their personalities. Everytime I watching their variety show, i still hope that they are not the same person who include in this crime.

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