Sword Art Online RUINED?... Bends the Knee to 'SJW' In Alicization Lycoris! ADMINISTRATOR CENSORED!

Sword Art Online RUINED?… Bends the Knee to 'SJW' In Alicization Lycoris! ADMINISTRATOR CENSORED!

sword art online Alec ization Lycoris an upcoming video game is toning down the explicit content in order to basically pander to the woke culture that's going around nowadays this is not necessarily new news you see sao was making waves in january a few months ago when the author and creator Reki Kawahara was stating that he was going to try and make the series more politically correct to again pander to the Western reactions and I don't really like saying that because it's more so only only the woke part of Western culture which is really not a large group of people compared to other groups out there they're just very vocal so in this video we will be talking about how sort hour online is allegedly bending the knee to this woke culture it is truly unfortunate but let's get into it so we're gonna do this video a little bit different than usual we're gonna take a look at a right up from bounding into comics and then one angry gamer but the bounding right up for the news story the one angry gamers gonna be the previous story from January we're gonna look at that later but the new story with pounding in the comics they did use a image on that write-up that is explicit and that I can't show on YouTube so I'm going to show you screen shots instead and that's the approach that we're going to take so let's get started and then also I do have a bunch of screenshots to show the character and the anime without the explicit part that I took so I'll show you all about this character in question you might be wondering what's going on what character and that is this character right here this lovely lady known as the administrator now I have been watching Sao allocation but I'm on like episode 7 I don't know who the administrator is until I read this article a little bit of a spoiler but not really because I don't know anything about the character I just know that she's getting censored in the game allegedly so the article titled sword art online aleck ization Lycoris will see it's s content reduced to fit current times wonderful it goes on to read a new report indicates the upcoming saury our online video game sword art online alec ization Lycoris will likely have its s content reduced bandai namco recently announced sword art online alec ization Lycoris as i follow up to the sword art online fatal bullet the report from VG charts is based off a Japanese interview with producer Yosuke Futami and game director Satoru hero yay I don't know hey pra that's a tough one actually he riot here right here EA here EA maybe with den Dengeki PlayStation Magazine VG chars summarize their decision about the reduction of s content in the game with this statement right here reading s content will likely be reduced asked by Dengeki about co-sleeping events a tradition in the series the producer said it might be difficult in the current times and that players shouldn't expect too much about it so Wow so it's more than just censoring the administrator as well apparently they're censoring this these co-sleeping events whatever that means I guess it's a like a little cutscene or something a little sleeping event or the two characters are sleeping together but that's too provocative it's okay for the characters to be fighting in you know killing each other but oh my goodness if they sleep together oh no no no not okay jeez man continuing on though the report also revealed that the character called the administrator here we go will be censored in the upcoming game the character is normally portrayed without any clubs in the anime adaption now that's pretty much true but she does have some really weird shoe things that's all I saw though however they use camera angle camera angles and her hair to keep certain areas from being revealed the trailer for sword art online allocation Lycoris already shows her with clothes on here's what the administrator looks like in the anime and that's why I am doing this video this way without looking at the article itself because that picture again very explicit but it'll work out ok let me just kind of take back and clarify what I just said it's not very explicit it's just too explicit to show on YouTube so again this is what she's going to look like in the game apparently got all these clothes on and take a look at some of these screenshots so I obviously cropped out where you can see the stuff that YouTube doesn't want on the platform which is understandable to be fair they have advertisers that probably don't want to have ads on this sort of thing I get at YouTube I get it so here we go here's one example so again video game censorship her outfit in the video game now the actual outfit in the anime boom there you go another picture right here you can see not wearing all that stuff like she has here and I have more pictures let's continue there you go you see her there and right here you can definitely get a little more of an idea and yeah it's very obvious that this is getting censored I mean it's it's very apparent here's her here's her fighting a Kirito look at that and he's looking kind of angry like saw ski a little bit from Killick he'll give me kind of that sort of vibe there and I think we have one more picture maybe ah yes so then here's another picture of the game again from bounding it reads and here's the trailer for a sword art online Alec ization Lycoris where you can see the administrator wearing a long draping and dress as you can see massively different massively censored there's that same image but a little bit more you can see there of the game outfit game version so let's finish up the article though goes on to read the decision to put clothes on the hidden illustrator was in order to avoid receiving AC roadie rating in japan according to Fatah me C roadie is recommended for a player 17 years and up Fatah me also noted that ban kind AAMCO would not accept a sword our online game with AC roadie rating all other sort our online games have received a Serie C rating or less this reduction in s content shouldn't surprise anyone given Sony's recent censorship policies surrounding PlayStation 4 games on that note I do want to mention something a few of you have been asking me what I think about the selling situation and asking me to cover it on my channel and I think it's awful I am NOT advocate of that sort of censorship as you guys should know about me but the reason I haven't covered it on my channel is because to be quite honest given the nature of the content with that topic I don't I can't think of a good way to really cover that on the channel with how strict YouTube is so I've I've been avoiding that and I think there are other channels that I've been covering it so that's good nothing the info is out there there are some people covering that censorship but it's a it's a topic that I don't think is the best thing for me to cover on the channel but I'm still thinking about it and I guess someone could argue well you're making a video about this topic right now that's kind of related the same thing you know explicit content in video games getting censored but the thing with Sony is like there's so many updates with that this is one video I'm making on a similar topic the Sony thing it would be like video after video after video they're probably a good 5 videos or so just on that alone so that's why I'm trying to decide my approach basically but let's go back to the article so continues on a Japanese spokesman for the company indicated that games are looked at on an individual basis and that Sony executives make the call on whether to censor a game the spokesman specifically noted if the game is excessively s then they will look tore their global standard that will have an executive review the content in the question in the question in question which is generally reserved for strict s content this clarification of Sony censorship policies came after Devil May Cry 5 and Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Scarlett saw their game censored in fact producer Kenshiro takaki resigned from marvelous entertainment due to Sony censorship policy a good for him to stick up for what he thinks is right not only our sensory and policies being enforced by Sony but game devs are already embracing the idea of removing s enus from their games most notably more Lokhande 11 abandoned s appeal for the sake of realness in fact sword art online author Reki Kawahara also indicated he plans to adjust his upcoming sword art online stories in order to have political correctness in mind oh no oh absolutely awful to hear that this came after he traveled overseas and received feedback from western audiences we need to let him know guys we need to let him know that he is pandering to a minority that's probably not even gonna buy his games or support it or even appreciate it that's the thing when you pander to these people they will just find something else to complain you about for example Catherine I just covered this a few days ago or a week ago with Kath Catherine full body from Atlas and Atlas allegedly is actually pandering to some of the woke outrage about the game and you know what these people did when when Atlas pander to them they complained more they said it wasn't good enough they said it wasn't good enough and they're still mad at us and they're still not gonna buy the game this is a mistake guys please my friends please thumbs this video up share this video help help get the word out we need to show Japan we need to show these people that they should not pander to the woke culture because they're only gonna hurt themselves they're gonna hurt us of course as well as the people that actually buy their products they're gonna hurt us because they're gonna change the product something that we don't want and the people that they pander to aren't even supporting it so they're gonna get hurt we're gonna get hurt and it's all Elle's man and we can't let that happen okay now we're here at bounding of the comics I want to finish this video off with the recap of the news from January so a little refresher for you guys or if you're not even aware of this technically I guess this is an update so awesome let's get started right at the top we already kind of covered this info so let's get down to this segment right here reads a n n Oh gross a n n did a quick and dirty rundown of the highlights from a very lengthy interview Dengeki conducted with Reki Kawahara the artists for the manga bloom into you neo nakatani and the voice actors from Alice from the from the anime sword art online a kayano near the very bottom of the interview kawahara and Nakatani began to discuss the roles of heroes and heroines in manga and anime after noting that some of kawaras influences from sao included final you see Dragon Quest and ghost in the shell' he went on to say that the girls and sword are online would be more active in the future kawahara was then asked by a voice actress i kayo know what were his reasons for changing the way the girls would be depicted in sword art online and he responded by saying statement allegedly reading right here due to the feedback from overseas events and fan reactions perhaps it's time to grow or become more politically correct to some extent presently overseas the word hero and heroine aren't part of the dialect above all protagonist and antagonist is more their style completely unrelated to whether they're a man or a woman I felt that was the correct way of going about it I tend to think that it's a distortion to treat the hero in like some sort of trophy recently I've made a deliberately conscious decision to write the young females actively participating more in the story so for those of you asking well what will become of Kirito and I mean suppose some people might think this is a supplement but by no means does this mean that kiri tale will no longer stand out for the young girls I want to give them the strength to take hold of their own lives oh boy I mean the last thing he says is not bad like he wants to help young girls as well nothing nothing wrong with that but to like pander like what is bad though is when he talks about pandering and overseas culture because he is getting the wrong idea for sure about how many people in the West really support outraged culture and the smokiness so that's that's what disturbs me nothing wrong about him you know saying that he wants to help young girls have the strength to take hold of their own lives a matter of fact I think that's a good thing it's the other stuff though it's how skewed his vision of what the West really mostly wants you know in terms of the target market that he's going for which is running a company you want to have a target market and I don't think the target market should be shifted to whoa culture if he wants to make a smart business decision but I digress let's continue and finish this up it reads Nakatani responded by saying that other than those who became captured or prisoners all of the heroines in the show did battle and fought and showed a lot of independence in self-reliance he stated that originally he was an entirely conscious of those nuances and portraying the genders that way but over time he began bringing them into their own unconsciously in a way he had not been influenced by social justice warriors of the web one would wonder house order online would evolve organically or in his own words unconsciously because now he's saying that due to the feedback from the loud minority in the West he will attempt to make Sao more attuned to the political correctness that real anime fans and gamers have been D crying and fighting against since 2012 geez I suppose that one our scene that aired during the last season of Sao could likely be the last time we see something like that if Kawahara is intent on pleasing the people who are pushing for more political correctness in entertainment media some anime fans worried we're seeing the meta sizing of the enemy gate as pointed out last year in a five-part series by soccer at anime news and this is talking about anime gate On January 21st right before the Vic stuff really kicked off like if I recalled Jerry 21st is when the allegations against Vic we're starting to surface like the more recent stuff right not the nonsense on tumblr that's been post like years ago that they admitted is like 99% hearsay I'm talking about like the more recent stuff with the articles on a and n and whatnot this was right around then so they're already talking about anime gate here and then it just went it got way crazier now some people call it we bore or some people call it an mega any gate but it's just interesting timing isn't it well that's about it for this video my friends if you enjoyed please be sure that you are subscribed to this channel for more content like this and have the notification bell turned on as well so you can be aware of when said new content comes out and feel free to leave a comment down below that does help out as well as of course showing me what your thoughts are and I love to see what your thoughts and opinions are on all these topics we cover because let's be honest they are pretty dang interesting topics and consider joining our discord server links below for that and if you'd like to support this channel more directly you can become a sponsor on patreon or you can donate one time options through PayPal or stream labs and send a nice message that I can read out in a video as well and sharing the videos also helped greatly on that note I want to give some shoutouts for the last video I made titled is Vic screwed Jamie Marky claims judges love her a sense of humor and she's not worried and we got twenty people proud that one so big thanks to you guys shouts out to demon spawn the burning magician Jared Hays JMU – mr. e mr. anime dusk wolf Bertha Frost vibe nation Nick the otaku hashtag I stand with Vic John Edwards Brandon Mayo that cynical guy Gardi Ken Heather Don Felix Hanson random fandom Abdel Holly and paragon Langston of amtgard thank you all very much for your support and I will be seeing you very soon in the next one peace you

38 thoughts on “Sword Art Online RUINED?… Bends the Knee to 'SJW' In Alicization Lycoris! ADMINISTRATOR CENSORED!

  1. I believe the most apt comparison to the "woke takeover" in America is a bit of an older one. The Idra vs Huk fight in Starcraft, where Idra ragequit to an army of "hallucinated" units that didn't actually exist.

    People are bending to this "SJW" culture because of how big it looks, not how big it is. These people are loud, flocking to twitter to bleed their little hearts out at every opportunity…. But without twitter, they'd fade behind the scores of other people inhabiting other social media outlets. It's a nonexistent majority… And people are falling for it.

    These are not their fans. These are people with agendas to push. It really saddens me that these companies can be so blind to that obvious reality.

  2. I don't think it has anything to do with bending the knee to SJWs, a lot of the fans of SAO are on the younger side, so the game getting an 18+ rating would hurt its sales.

  3. And honestly what's so horrible about Reki wanting to write his female characters better? As long he wasn't pressured by anyone I don't see anything wrong with his wish to improve the writing of his female characters

  4. Why does everyone care so much that Quinella gets censored? She looks ridiculous anyways running around naked with her hair magically covering her private parts, that's most likely the reason she wears a dress so people are going to take this game serious instead brushing it off as trashy Ecchi fanservice without giving it a chance, not because of Sjws (=_=)

    That's probably also the reason why the bed scenes get removed too because they're probably very serious with this game and want it to become a huge hit known for its amazing story and gameplay, not for more Ecchi

  5. Actually I didn't like her being naked all the time just because I don't like fanservice for the sake of it.

  6. Well, the administrator spends most of her appearance nude, so that's was a bit expected. The fact that they also are removing the sleeping events is less expected (except it's not because SJWs destroy everything).

  7. I don't know how this game can tell story worse than the Toonami airing. That rape scene with the arms getting cut off was so censored that the TV might as well be off

  8. The only thing that SAO has going for it is the sexuality. They can go ahead and enjoy losing the fanbase LOL.

  9. no No NO I'm calling out the BS right now the NPCs(SJWs whatever) could only make me happy if they died in a fire, but you can't blame them entirely, if you've seen the SAO reddit flame wars, or the big name anime Youtubers(Digibro, Gigguk ect…) videos on SAO then you should know the Otaku eroticism has been a large complaint from a lot of them. Reki has shown a lot of western influence in his works so you can hardly be surprised that it's very likely he's seen the criticism of the Western audience and took their advice blaming this on SJWs IS IGNORING THAT A SIGNIFICANT PORTION OF THE NON-SJW WEEB COMUNITY CALLED FOR THIS. &*#^ you all, you reap what you sow, and blaming the SJWs is a gutless cop out, don't be an NPC and own your responsibility

  10. I'm mixed on this but some people are basically saying not showing sexual content means SAO is ruined. Kinda shows why the majority of the fans watch it there doesn't it? People didn't seem to have a problem when it pandered to them when it came to sexual content but now it's not they're all upset

  11. eh, just don't buy it speak with your wallets. I don't know why this is so hard to understand for some people.
    But they feel the necessity to keep buying the games when they do this. Which gives developers the "Ok" to keep doing this to them.

    Shrug until people get it in their heads to stop buying into this. All your favorite franchises are doomed. So, not really anything you can do about it. Morbid I know.

  12. Idk doesn't seem like that big of a deal. Kids are going to want to play this game, so it makes sense they'd try to tone any content down parents wouldn't like. Cutting back on "s" content will increase their audience, making them more money.

  13. Hot take here, but…wasnt SAO a dumpster fire in the first place?
    The fact it's going the SJW route means it's just dumping more trash into said fire to me.

  14. Youtubers avoid doing something because youtube already started slowly censor videos. Or maybe outside source that want to censor videos.

  15. Honestly, I don't care if Quinella gets censored. They are just putting her normal clothes back on, which makes sense if they want to avoid a mature rating.
    HOWEVER, I am NOT happy if they censor the bed scenes. Especially in Alicization!
    I mean, how ironic is that of the SJWs? The Alicization DLC in previous games features Eugeo, the first male character to have a bed scene with Kirito! In Alicization he is a main character, so suddenly censoring it only censors out the… You know, the gay.
    Good job SJWs!

  16. Do SJWs even watch anime or play anime games or is this just another case of destroying something other people enjoy to make them as miserable as they are?

  17. 0:23
    Oh cool, so SAO is going to get even worse than it already was. (Except the first part of season one, that was exceptional.)

  18. Meh. I don't doubt that the SAO team caters to SJWs, but I don't think censoring the fan service is part of it. Covering the skin allows the game to sell to a wider audience, particularly younger players. I don't care about this. And if it's for PC, then the PC master race will make a nude mod for it anyway. NEXT!

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