39 thoughts on “Sword Art Online – Official Trailer

  1. Holy crud, the song 'Crossing Field' is actually becoming nostalgic, but that's because I used it for a flipnote once.

  2. Ready Player One Comparison but with a dark twist. Watching this show knowing we are next year be in 2020. Scary to think imagine in that year or any 2020’s we might get a virtual reality online game. Maybe not now but soon in the future😨

  3. what happened all the episodes are deleted again ._. Thanks for fixing them last time but is it ok if you could do it again or ever time it keeps getting deleted sorry for annoying you

  4. Why did they have to remove season 1 from Netflix ;-;
    Well at least I finished the sao series before they removed season 1 from netflix

  5. Creator, can you make Kirito and Eugeo together like a couple more than Kirito and Asuna please? Yaoi I need Yaoi

  6. This Anime was one of the most disappointing tv shows I have ever watched… Amazing for around about 14 episodes of S1 then went complete bananas. If you can look past bad writing, new worlds (not as amazing as it sounds) and characters changing every arc you'll probably enjoy it but I hated every single decision change they made after the first arc. I wish I knew all of this prior to investing time into it.

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