88 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld Ending + Special Scene

  1. Ay maldito ending, esa canción como me pone triste, y Ash maldita rubia, luego dicen que no es débil, ahí está la prueba de que si es bien débil, pobre se ella cuando se entere que mi BB ya tiene a quien amar, pero la verdad no me interesa que le rompan su corazón, ojalá y pronto se olvide de el y sea buena amiga de Asuna, aunque algo que me da miedo es que el señor Reki quiera incluir Yuri ahí, imagínense primero Asuna y Ella pelean por Kirito y que después Alice y Kirito peleen por Asuna sería muy gracioso, ah sí y maldita rubia oxigenada p*rra

  2. Best eding ever, từ hiệu ứng hình ảnh, giai điệu cũng như lời bài hát quá đỗi tuyệt vời

  3. EYE / EAR ORGASM IS A REAL THING!!!! No joke this ending is not my favourite in SAO …this is my favourite of all anime I ve seen in my life it makes me happy when
    I m sad

  4. That part with Gabriel, Critter and Vassago at the end was interesting. I remember how I found Gabriel, Critter and Vassago funny and interesting
    when I read their talking and bickering dialogue in the Light Novel V17.

  5. Muy buen ending, me encanta la animación, esta hermosa queda muy bien con los sentimientos de Alice y con la letra de la canción.💙✨

  6. I gotta say… The ending isn’t like that great as I expected… It’s my opinion!

    But I felt that Alice is just lost in thoughts of what to do and just trying to reach out to Kirito. The visuals are great but I kinda didn’t like the ending due to it felt like an Side Show.

  7. El aspecto de la nueva Opening fue muy bueno, los efectos pero la música, realmente trabajaron en ese ending.
      Ahora el villano quiere ver qué pasará en este arco del underworld.

  8. Kiss es la primera vez que veo que lisa hace un ending que hermoso ending hizo lisa🌸🌸🤩🤩🤩👏👏🥰🥰😘😘❤️❤️😊😊😍😍

  9. Kudos to the animators and LiSA. This ED hit me with the feels. The visuals are just stunning and I havent seen like this before. Nice one A-1 Pictures

  10. Precioso ending, muestra perfectamente las emociones de Alice,el amor que esta empezando a sentir por kirito y la angustia por que le llegue su voz

  11. Ok pues de que muchos dicen que kirito y alice deberían de estar juntos ya que underworld es como "otra vida" para kirito ya que "nació" ahí, pero pues todos sabemos que no va pasar xd siempre va a ser kirito y asuna, son la mejor pareja, no puede ser así, después de haber sobrevivido tanto juntos…no va a llegar la pinche guerita mitad real mitad no a quitarle el novio, así es que se joden los que quieren que estén juntos

  12. 1:18 escena similar a la de Asuna en el primer Op, solo que este podria reflejar la realidad de Alice y el mundo real donde vive Kirito

  13. Lyrics Romanji:
    Hitorikiri demo
    Heiki to koboreochita tsuyogari
    Futari no mabushi sugita hi ga
    Konna ni kanashii

    Hitori de ikirareru nara
    Dareka aishitari shinai kara

    Anata no kaori anata no hanashi kara
    Ima mo karadajuu ni ai no kakera ga nokotteru yo
    Watashi no negai watashi no negai wa tada douka anata mo dokoka de naiteimasu you ni

    Pongo otra vez el lyrics porque esta vez es la verdadera ed :33 ademas ^^ nunca se sabe quien vee los videos, tal vez los que no han visto el otro, van a ver esto

    En todos modos, nada de decir 🙂 es una ed muy buena :") y nostalgica, tal vez las imagenes habian podido ser un poco mejor pero seguramente la cualidad es muy alta

  14. Really like Alice a lot. Asuna also beautiful but I like Alice better. Watch this really make me feel hurt for Alice when the moment Asuna comes to bring Kirito back

  15. I hate how humans can have differents types of emotions and in my topic I have one that makes me want to punch and k**l casuals with burning their body as well :3!

    People in this world can choose how they want to be(Either liking something, disagreeing something, and what is for their future! There's more what I can add to it but I like to call it "Freedom of options" than throwing a bunch of words to it!) but here's a catch "People don't like to be lonely so they prefer to be in a community and hang out with guys" ¿So, What comes next? They don't have any answer other than listening what's their favorite thing to do. Sure maybe you like gaming and they do but it's always a 50/50 whether they like it or not and Ok fine with that no big deal to me. The thing about people that can't speak up is the fact that I hate!! Some people like to say that they "adore" watching SAO and everything about it but when others are communicating about how bad it is than the guy doesn't have a choice other than responding the same thing as what others are agreeing to say!

    ¿Like? ¿Where is the freedom where everyone can adore something and judge vs those guys!? It's the same reason why bullying is mostly known in Mid and High School.

    ¿Can you see where I'm going with this topic, reader? Let me give an idea, Your mom is proud because your an Honor student but then when people want to speak with you they don't feel generous other than being afraid of what you'll say to them! ¿But what happen to those kids who is the opposite of you? Well, as you can imagine, he lacks on having that much confidence as what an Honor student might have so he gets lost in thoughts of what his life is going to be so to our surprise he wants to get that out of his way by doing dumb things so people can notice him or join a sport that might be an interest but (Hey don't forget) he lacks on confidence ¿What happens?

    He gets s*****d by people on their team or in his school itself!(Whoa, how aggressive am I?) Yeah you might say "Meh he s***s" "He's bad at the game" or maybe "Why did he joined?" but what if you where in his shoes? What if you were that bad? What if you did good? The same people are going to be there whether your good or bad! In my whole life of experience(jk I have 18) I can pretty much say that Casuals players are going to ruin your life than competitive players will do!

    I can add more of what I know between the differences of those two but I guess you'll get the idea faster by re-reading rather than reading about the differences of those 2!

    Oof I wrote an essay appreciate me senpai jk no homo tho.

  16. Was it just me that found this animation and music beautiful? it was very good! But this post credits scenes made me very anxious

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