100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel Opening Full『ASCA – Selfrontier』

  1. My channel is finally back after 3+ weeks. ASCA's 1st album ''Hyakka Ryoran'' is now out and it includes new song that's for sao mobile game ''Rising Steel''. Digital Release: https://asca.lnk.to/Y_eOI
    Physical Copy: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/VVCL-1529
    Illustration by ''riooo'' – https://twitter.com/reurangel_/status/1191839880109670400

  2. Congrats for your account back,and i just want to said,this is one of the best opening of SAO game ever

    No regret to follow her since KOE 👍👍👍

  3. Congratulations for getting your main channel back!
    This channel is my daily playlist when on work. Thank you so much for your efforts.

  4. I really hate to say this but the effects are kinda distracting :/

    Like I know no one cares and everyone is gonna tell me to look away from the screen but still

  5. Nice, it's full opening of Rising Steel (I guess it's release date is either next month or in year 2020). Also, welcome back Melodic Star-san 😭😭😭. Most of your fans are waiting for your return either it is a 3-week absence 😅

  6. ASCA is going strong with her first studio album. Probably one of my favourite female AniSong vocalist atm.👌

    Also Welcome back!

  7. Welcome back Melodic! I've missed this channel and all the songs on it. I'm glad it's finally been restored! This was also the perfect song for a comeback.

    P.S.: I love the little lights show(?) you did. It looks really pretty. And I certainly wasn't expecting that crazy part at 3:41.

    GOD BLESS <33333

  9. Welcome back Melodic Star

    and what an amazing comeback that wallpaper effects with the song are amazing especially in 3:41 I was shocked XD

  10. I woke with YouTube Notification at 5 AM. I thought it's a dream. Then I checked and found most of my Playlist is filled up with those same Thumbnails.. What a Relief. I couldn't sleep afterwards. Listened all my favourite songs and imagined the loss which I expected…
    Welcome Back Senpai

  11. Duuuude you're back!!! My gosh, we waited a long time, but if u recovered your channel, it has been worth it. Hope everything's going well with you!

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