Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel Opening | Alicization Blading Opening | ASCA Selfrontier

Sword Art Online: Alicization Rising Steel Opening | Alicization Blading Opening | ASCA Selfrontier

どんな痛みも超えて行ける気がした 遠ざかるように淡く滲んで
いつしか色も無くしてしまうよ 存在証明刻んだ旗を掲げろ Yeah… 躊躇うたびに呑み込むことは
誰にも知られないとなった 後悔 焦燥 行き場無くして溢れた 願いならまだまだ
絶やさずに残ってる 運命は待つものじゃないと
信じては切り開くと決めた 迷わないで迷わないで
どんな痛みも超えて行ける気がした 逸れても繋ぎ合わせた
想いがあるから 恐れないで恐れないで
どんな暗闇が呑み込んだとしても 何度でも君のもとへと

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  1. For full Alicization Blading/Rising Steel Coverage, click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhQQ31Id8MeHmoxc3G-4vvsv03wAKMiiX
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  2. I can't believe the little bit of Kirito vs Alice that was in this OP was better than the entire fight between them in the anime. In fact, the action in general just looks so much better that all of the fights in the anime.

  3. My question is why is Asuna a knight did she get brainwashed???? Or am I not keeping up with the story and i missed something????????

  4. I was honestly confused as to what was going on, who was that other knight chick and why is Eugeo still here.

    Turns out this is an opening for a game lol.

    Gamerturk can i request about a video regarding the plot differences between the games and the novels? Since ive only read the novels and wondering just how far apart did Reki make the game plot and the novel plot

  5. 最後のワームみたいなキモいの何だ?アリシゼーションにこんなのいなかったってことはこいつラスボス?

  6. Am I the only person who saw Kirito stabbing her with red sword in his left hand and before the explosion he was holding that sword with his right hand?🤨🤔🤯 1:31

  7. I'm gonna calling it now. There's NO WAY the directors of this SAO game OP will not be involved in WoU. No way. It'll be a waste of talent for using these fellas just for a video game.

  8. This moment when a handy game has a better opening than the anime 🙁

    I tough this is the new Sword Art Online Alicization trailer with Asuna, Kirito, Alice and Eugeo 🙁

  9. I'm actually so pissed off that they can deliver this level of quality and better fight scenes in an opening for a mobile game instead of the shit we got for Alicization.

  10. The new Integrity Knight is Eydis Synthesis Ten. I always wonder what happen to the other Integrity Knights. I know that of course Reki Kawahara don't wanna stretch out the journey to the top for long period but still It looks as if the other Knights are easy to defeat.

    Or could it be that the Integrity Knights we know is the only Integrity Knights left (Fanatio's Soldiers included) ?

  11. The colour of these MV better from the anime. But… who the hell is that brown hair, white suit, red eye girl?? Did I forgot someone?

  12. Holy shit. This is amazing. I wouldn't mind if this was the next Opening for the anime. I love ASCA since the Opening for Grancrest Senki and when I knew she would do the Opening for Sword Art Online I was really happy, and I was right because the Opening was awesome. Now she's putting her music in the games too.

  13. What Reki Kawahara and A-1 Pictures need to do after the Alicization is to make either Ainground or the Aincrad arc "Progression" as in the books; another spin-off or the origin of kirito and laughing coffin.

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