100 thoughts on “Sword Art Online: Alicization Lycoris – Announce Trailer | PS4

  1. This game is trash. Why? Because it should be in VR like the real SOA and include boss/party fights from level 1-100 like the real anime

  2. i think make SAO ordinal scale as an online game like actual game in the anime is will be more cool than this

  3. Seeing some costume of memory defrag then not only does this take place in the hollow fragment world but we might see other characters there like rain yuki and sinon

  4. Are we still wating for the final ep to be released for the "*Ending*" or are we just gonna leave this to a cliffhanger Nice graphics tho.

  5. this is how you spoil a anime and create perma light novel to manga readers it looks like fire emblem but kirito is saitama but with hair.

  6. La verdad me gustaría que continuarán con la histórica de itzuki como lo fue en SAO Fatal Bullet,pero con solo ver que el personaje principal esl Kirito sé que éso no va a pasar :,(.

    Igualmente lo voy a comprar xd

  7. Looks like they hired fresh interns to make this. Hope ya'll get better than their recent games; like actual controls that make sense.

  8. Is this continuation of the game SAO universe or the novel/anime SAO universe?

    Now, I need to finish Fatal Bullet. Fast.

  9. Just give me an SAO game with Persona 5's everyday life simulator, but CC2's graphics engine and fighting mechanics.

    I love PlayStation and this game was……
    I'm so exited ^•^

    I'm french but I really like PlayStation and more… O-O

  11. 😎Que anime voice "System Call-u. Generate-o Luminous Element-o. Reconstruct-u Lost Organ. Naked Quinella, burst-o!"

    In all seriousness, you can't take an M for mature show, water it down for kids, and expect all fans of the show to be happy.

    You've just made the biggest mistake of game development. You've divided your community. Anyone interested in this game likey saw season 3.

    For Me it's a hard pass on this hollow realization remix. I'll play the last song and accel world vs SAO. Now those are great games! This is lazy. You couldn't even render more cinematic cutscenes? Garbage. The only way you save this game is war of underworld dlc.

  12. i bought the fatal bullet i the day it came out, and i regretted so deep, the game is so short and the coop/PvP is so boring, i’m sorry but i wont buy that

  13. Uhmm.. instead of another SAO game with Kirito is the Protagonist… can we get a SAO game that we can customize our character, accesories and so on?? Like for real.

  14. I wonder if this game will have a DLC, I Hope it doesn't have a DLC Characters that they're from SAO Game Verse/Canon again.

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