Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP6, Battle of the Knights! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP6, Battle of the Knights! | Gamerturk Reviews

This video is brought to you by the incredible
adaptation this week! I was starting to think A1 was not capable
of this anymore… Episode 6 of Sword Art Online Alicization
War of Underworld marks the beginning of Volume 16 Alicization Exploding! While you have the War spark up, along with
some explosions and explosive emotions, we are yet to experience why this Volume is called
Alicization Exploding! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
most reliable source of Sword Art Online information with Alicization Explained, featuring War
of Underworld Episode 6, Battle of the Knights! As always, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are in the description, as well as the pinned comment for easy navigation, but to give you
a quick rundown, that was an incredible adaptation. There were minor cuts and changed, but trust
me, they were really minor and nitpicking about them would be a disservice to this episode
and on top of that, so many minor details were included in this episode that it was
breathtaking as a Light Novel reader. Naturally, not everything can be explained
without a narration as we have in the Novels, so things like what happened with the leader
of Giants Sigurosig, or Dakira’s outburst, those are the kind of things we’ll cover in
this explained. I’m also seeing some people being displeased
with the episode, but hey, this is the nature of War of Underworld and I have been warning
you about this since early Human Realm Arc because most of you had so unreasonable expectations
as to what Sword Art Online or Alicization Arc in specific actually is. If you prefer having personal clashes of swords,
War of Underworld is not for you. If you don’t like emotions over action or
personal dilemmas and thoughts, then Alicization as a whole is not for you. The series has suffered enough from blind
haters, we certainly don’t need to suffer just as much from people who just keep watching
because they think Kirito is a god and just complain the entire Alicization that he, somehow,
is not a god. So do both of us a favor and just stop watching,
because Alicization is simply not in line with your false expectations. Yeah, that was a longer intro than usual because
Im getting tired of these kinds of alleged “fans” who simply have a distorted idea of
what a show is that they create in their own heads to justify their silly expectations. But either way, if you are new to my Explained
Series, what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters,
Events, Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not
convey properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture,
so make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any of the details in the
upcoming weeks and gain an Immunity Shield against the pawns of Emperor Vecta swiftly
spreading misinformation and uncontrolled spoilers like a pack of foxes! But then again, if you want to read the books
yourself for the amazing experience, Amazon and Book Depository affiliate links are in
the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! Let’s start with the detailed summary, Episode
6 has started with the contents of Sword Art Online Volume 16, Alicization Exploding. Since War of Underworld chapters come with
a bajillion different perspectives and the Anime is trying to bundle these into a coherent
narrative, instead of a jumbled mess of PoVs that simply wouldn’t work properly in Anime
format, and this results in the exact page counts of adaptation become a bit blurry,
as even within chapters, things get shuffled around a lot, but generally speaking, Episode
6 has adapted V16 Chapter 18 Part 1 and about half of Part 2, roughly speaking, 60 pages. While that may seem a lot in terms of page
count, since it’s mostly full blown action, things are moving faster as well. So I would not be surprised if they manage
to finish off Volume 16 in just 4 Episodes. We start with the same visuals we saw last
episode, but this time, it’s all about introducing the battle formations properly, along with
the characters. If you were curious how the entire army of
50 thousand soldiers of the Dark Territory are hearing Gabriels measly shouting efforts,
that glowing device fueled by Dark Arts in front of him is acting like a microphone and
each general has a “receiver” device, so yeah, that’s why. On the Human Empire side, I know some people
have the question as to why 2 long range units are in the frontlines, specifically Deusolbert
and Fanatio and it’s very simple really and it has 2 reasons. First off, look at the backline first. Sheyta and Renly are not particularly trusted
with such an important mission, of actually shouldering the frontline, so those 2 need
to stay in the back. Bercouli, as the main commander of the battle,
too must stay in the back and there is one more reason he is away from the actual combat
that I will not spoil you on, but the anime does provide some hints as to what that is. Alice up in the air has a very specific task
as well, as she must drain the Spatial Resources in the field so that the Dark Mages can’t
chant their Dark Arts. And the only experienced Knights that remain
for the task are Deusolbert and Fanatio. Eldrie is a frontline due to sheer lack of
options, as Fizel and Linel will state later, he is not up to the task either and well,
he gets outplayed by Kosogi the leader of the Mountain Goblins big time as a result,
showcasing why shouldn’t have an inexperienced person in the frontline. That’s the main reason from an experience
standpoint. Another main reason is that, as I have highlighted
clearly in earlier episodes, Integrity Knights are not Spec Ops soldiers that can be precise
with their powers, they are tactical nukes that obliterate the area they are targeting
with their Memory Release functions. The moment you put somebody else in front
of Deusolbert and Fanatio to block the push, so that they can act as ranged units as they
are, that means you are throwing a part of your army to be roasted by one of Deusolberts
flaming arrows or to be cut in half by Fanatio’s Heaven Piercing Blade. Yes, those two are ranged units, however due
to the nature of their abilities, you can’t really have a protective line in front of
them, as they are not Ranged Precision Units. So that should clear up the confusion regarding
the formation. And goddamn, you know shits serious, when
the Opening kicks in at 4 minutes and 20 seconds and now, huge props to A1, they have grown
competent enough to actually change the text in their Opening sequence! Absolute madlads! The Opening now accurately states Alicization
Exploding, rather than Alicization Invading, so we did it boys! Our screeching during Alicization Running,
Turning and Dividing has finally achieved its goal! We annoyed A1 enough that they opened their
project file, changed the text, and re-rendered, which took them about 2 minutes to achieve! Thank you A1, very cool! But going back to the battle Deusolbert is
the first showcase of why that Experience is important, not just as a Knight, but also
as a living being. Remember that Bercouli had never shared the
secret behind the creation of the Integrity Knights with the Order to ensure nobody would
simply run away from the order because it was a scam, however Kirito had talked to Deusolbert
in the tower, as Düso remembered his wife. And that’s where the maturity of the character
comes into play, as he remains dedicated to protecting the world he lived together with
his wife, despite everything. Of course, you see Knights going into Perfect
Weapon Control and even Memory Release phases without chanting elongated commands. The anime shortens them into Enhance Armament
and Release Recollection disregarding their full chants, but if you ever see a weapon
initiating their Memory Abilities, you can assume that it was initiated via Incarnation,
bypassing the chant. Especially in War of Underworld, that happens
quite often, so don’t let that confuse you. That also blurs the line between a simple
Perfect Weapon Control and Memory Release, so do know that unless I am being very explicit
as to which form a weapon is in, it is kinda vague to us Light Novel readers as well. And well, the showcase of power you see through
Deusolbert’s Perfect Weapon Control, is exactly why he doesn’t have a shield line in front
of him. If there is anyone, they get destroyed just
the same and that is something the Integrity Knights can ever allow. We’ll go back to this in a bit. The perspective shifts to Fanatio using her
own Perfect Weapon Control and spots the Leader of the Giants, Sigurosig in hopes of eliminating
him and causing the Giant Ranks to fall apart. However, she is so focused on her target that
the way Underworld works via the main visualizer, causes Sigurosig to feel a chill in his backbone,
as he realizes he is being hunted. At that moment, Fanatio’s focus caused Sigurosig
to simply lose all strength for a split second, causing him to slip up. But this showcase of unconscious Incarnation
used by Fanatio, bites the human army in the ass, as the light beam of the Heaven Piercing
Blade thus misses its target. But a whole lot more happen in Sigurosig’s
mind, which the anime can’t exactly portray without stopping for a narration, so that’s
where I extensively take over. Oh wait, before I take over, we see Fizel
and Linel next to Sheyta, realizing Eldrie has been outplayed and there’s something weird
with Renly’s Squadron. In the Novels, they actually do take permission
from Sheyta to leave and check out the circumstances and help if there is need for any. The Anime, for some reason tries to portray
the kids as more mischievous than they really are, I’m not really sure what the intention
is here. But no, the kids don’t hold a grudge towards
Kirito, they did not sneak away to go kill Kirito, etc. They specifically took permission from their
leading officer, Sheyta the Silent, to investigate the situation on the left flank and assist
them if needed. Then we see Eldrie getting outplayed by the
tactical mountain goblins and the key thing to mention here is that Kosogi, the Mountain
Goblin Chief, is not an idiot. He was aware Emperor Vecta was just using
them as useless pawns to drain the resources of the Human Empire and that’s why he had
devised a different plan. Similar to the techniques of Assassins, he
used smoke bombs in the entire field and got close to the ground by gallopping so Eldrie’s
battalion would not be able to target them, as they slipped past. The anime makes the mistake here, showing
one of Eldrie’s members reporting to the support line of Renly that something is wrong, which
makes it seem like this hooman was faster than the gallopping goblins. He wasn’t. Goblins arent even targeting this Support
Group behind Eldrie and they had used the distraction to go further behind the lines
instead. There was only one person faster than them,
which is Renly Synthesis 27 and we’ll see more of him in the next episode. With the worst CG I have ever seen in my life
lasting about 4 seconds, we go back to Deusolbert, and finally get to see a great Anime Original
addition to the series! Well, not really an “addition” but rather
a minor change. In the Novels, the brute Flatland Goblins
have managed to stop being an idiot after a while and realized being bunched up together
caused them to get fried faster, so they started attacking Deusolbert from different angles. In the Novels, it was a young men at arms
leader that remained unnamed, who had jumped forward to save Deusolbert and this had impacted
Deusolbert deeply. This man was revealed to be Golgorosso Balto,
Eugeo’s Senpai at the Academy in this episode, which is a change that I really like. But now, we go back to Sigurosig, the leader
of the Giants. Now as I said, the Anime, portrayed what happened
as well as it could, really focusing on this fear Sigurosig felt. However, what happened to his Fluctlight,
is not solely due to the fear he is feeling here. You see, what happens to him, is exactly what
happened to Higa’s copy back in Episode 6 and what happened to Raios back in Episode
10. A Soul Collapse. If you don’t remember what a Soul Collapse
is, I strongly recommend you visit my Episode 6 and 10 Explained videos for a more in depth
description, but at its core, it’s a Fluctlight entering a Paradox, or a Segfault as those
of you with Computer Engineering knowledge would understand. And Sigurosig here, is stuck between 2 major
directives. The first one, is the Dark Territory’s Taboo
Index. The one rule in the region, “Take with Strength”. This rule dictates a subject to be strong
and fearless, as well as obeying the stronger. For Sigurosig, Fanatio is definitively the
“weaker” creature, so for all intents and purposes, what his mind knows is that Sigurosig
is stronger. On top of this, Sig is also ordered by the
absolute figure of strength in the Dark Territory, Emperor Vecta, to continue the assault. On the other hand however, going a bit back
before we trailed off to Düso and Eldrie, it’s the Incarnation Sigurosig felt chilling
his spine, rendering him motionless, is fueling the fear, preventing him from doing what’s
necessary according to the one rule of the Dark Territory. Someone with a high Violation Index, can go
as far as triggering the Seal of the Right Eye in this case, but Sigurosig is not that
strong willed. While his right eye does start getting red,
the novels don’t explicitly state him to have received the Seal of the Right Eye at all,
so he is either close to triggering it, or it’s simply his Fluctlight error that is causing
it. But what happens here is that he is stuck
between two things that is preventing him to obey the other, and his soul starts collapsing. But as a giant, he is more primitive than
humans in terms of his mind, so his soul gets out of the “collapsing” process before an
entire meltdown, but a great deal of damage has been done to him already and what’s left
of him, is the pure intent to kill. And what happens after, is Incarnation at
its fullest. And with his entire killing intent being focused
on Fanatio, now, it is her who is at the whim of someone elses Incarnation, and completely
freezes under the weight of Sigurosig’s intent. And that is the explanation of what is happening. I hope it is clear enough, if it isn’t, please
do ask questions where you have trouble following. With the knowledge I have, it’s really easy
for me to understand the whole process, but it may not seem that way for someone who isn’t
as well versed, so I strongly encourage you to ask further, if you feel like something
feels off based on my explanation here and I’ll make sure to further elaborate. But this brings us to the most badass scene
in the entire Episode as Dakira realizes that Fanatio has been frozen and takes it upon
herself to protect her and goddamn this moment is so well animated. From far away, you don’t see how gigantic
the Giants actually are, but here, Dakira is barely half the size of Sig, his hammer
is larger than her entire forearm. And the way the impact just escalated, breaking
her sword, then her gauntless, then the entire bone structure in her body, as she is relegated
to using her body akin to a brick you use to stop a door from crashing, smashing her
head into the hammer etc. It’s just an incredibly impactfully animated
scene. But with Sigurosig deflected and his concentration
broken for a second, Fanatio breaks free from her frozen state to tend to Dakira. And while Dakira had an entire backstory explained
in this instance, pushing her to save Fanatio, it was skipped in the Anime and I can’t blame
them for cutting it out, as I too would feel like it would break the pacing a lot. Even in the novels, the backstory felt a little
abrupt, but the gist of it is, Dakira in her life before becoming an Integrity Knight,
was a little girl who held romantic feelings for another female. She never acted upon those feelings thus never
had breached the Taboo Index by being with another woman, she had felt bad and decided
to confess at her local church. However, her confession was picked up by the
Axiom Church Senators and thus she was brought in to become an Integrity Knight. Over time, she had grown feelings for Fanatio
too and above all else, she felt ashamed that 6 months ago, she was powerless to protect
her superior against the two rebels that invaded the Central Cathedral. She had sworn that day, that she would never
let Fanatio be harmed because of her incompetence. And that was why she had leapt forward to
protect Fanatio, knowing full well she would not survive the endeavor. But she didn’t care. All she wanted to do was to protect her loved
one, and that final goal, she had succeeded to the best of her abilities. And thus Dakira had become the first casualty
of the Integrity Knight ranks in the War of Underworld. But with Fanatio having recovered her resolve,
also fueled by the bravery of her subordinate, could stand up again without being affected
by Sigurosig’s Incarnation. Her Heaven Piercing Blade on the ground started
rising up from the ground on its own to place itself in the hand of its master. As she lifted it up, the sparkles gathered
to form the largest beam of light she had ever produced. And both armies watched in complete shock
as that beam of light split the biggest creature in the entire Underworld in half like going
through smooth butter. Giants had lost their leadership and the Center
Frontline was now pushing forward! In the meanwhile, Right Flank under Deusolbert’s
lead, was not faring well. Human Army soldiers were dying left and right
to the hordes of Goblins and Deusolbert had realized that his flaming arrows were not
killing the Goblins fast enough. In fact, it is one of those details that the
anime included in its visuals, that the goblins were using the bodies of their deceased as
a shield against all the first and thus were getting closer. And once Deusolbert had ran out of arrows,
they no longer had any reason to be slowed down by them. While not as skilled as he is with a bow,
Deusolbert proves that an Integrity Knight is never to be underestimated even without
their preferred weapon. And this fight, is word by word to the novels. Cutting through 3 enemies, the 4th one simply
slashing through the body of another Goblin so Deusolbert wouldn’t see him. In the final moment, he blocks the blow with
his gauntlet, completely shattering his control over his left arm, getting pinned down by
the remaining 2 and only Golgorosso saving him at the final second from Shibori. Overall a wonderful sequence with amazing
attention to detail. And well, that’s when Düso decides to become
a true Archer worthy of being invited to a Holy Grail War, engulfing himself and his
sword in such strong flames that the goblins on his legs disintegrate in a second, and
using his sword attached to his bow as the catalyst for his Memory Release without even
chanting anything and unleashing the flames of the the Phoenix that once resided in the
biggest and oldest Volcano of the Southern Empire to destroy the Goblin Chief Shibori
and the rest of the horde behind him. But that brings us to the final moments of
the episode. Now is your chance to have thoughts about
what Bercouli is doing in the meanwhile, seemingly completely out of the battling rage. Has 2 questions to ask. The situation of his own army and the situation
about the enemies aerial forces, as he looks up to the sky, exactly at the location where
the sky changes color with a thick line of blur marking the border between both regions. That’s all I will say about Bercouli and I
will give props to A1 that they have already adapted his trump card that is teased in this
scene properly without being “in your face”. And that leads us to the final moment, where
Alice is using a trick she had learned from Fanatio who had learned it from Kirito back
on the 50th Floor of the Central Cathedral, to collect all the Spatial Resources to end
the skirmish once and for all. Don’t ask me what the giant ball of light
is, I already told more than enough there, dissect my words and guess what and how she
is doing it. Until the next episode, I won’t say one additional
word on it, because that would be spoilers. Also don’t ask me why Renly ran away, next
Episode will cover all of that as well, so stay patient. So, we move on to the Opinions. Voice acting was marvelous, Animation was
great, the Emotions were incredibly high, barely anything was cut, incredible attention
to detail was included in the animation, and an absolutely frabjous Soundtrack accompanied
it all. Meanwhile, I can already imagine all the Warlocks
in the crowd asking to themselves what “Frabjous” means… Heh, silly Warlocks. As I mentioned in my tweets and the Youtube
Story post, War of Underworld Episode 6 was by far my favorite episode in the entire Alicization
Run, including the first half. Those of you who followed me for a while know
that I am stingy when it comes to judging Alicization Adaptation, with my only real
standouts being the likes of Human Realm Episode 10, Kirito vs Fanatio fight, and a little
bit Kirito vs Eugeo fight, along with War of Underworld Episode 4. So above everyone else, those of you who followed
me for a while should know that it means a lot when I say “This was the best Episode
so far” and you know I don’t take the matter lightly. It was a great episode. It was as flawless of an adaptation as an
adaptation can get. Surprisingly, despite being impressive, it
was Fate Grand Order that stumbled a little this week, the pacing of FGO Episode 7 felt
really weird as if we were skipping a bunch of key points… But that’s for me to cover in Fate Grand Opinions! But the next episode of War of Underworld
is titled “Brand of a Failure” according to our translation, whereas Crunchyroll decided
to be a whole lot more literal, coming up with a very silly title, “Stigma of the Disqualified”
like… Jeezus Christ Cruchy, this is as crazy as
changing “Knight of the Blazing Sun” into “Relentless Knight” back during the Fanatio
episode… Either way, going with our more proper translation,
Brand of a Failure, will focus on the two Failures of Knights, Eldrie who was merely
outplayed by the horde of Goblins, and the actual failure of a knight, Renly Synthesis
27 who abandoned his post at the left flank support battalion. We’ll also re-unite with Tiese and Ronye watching
over Kirito, so you’ll have more Dual Wheeling screentime! But if you made it this far, comment “Golgorosso
Senpai finally spoke!” to let me know! Ask your questions and use #AskGamerturk for
Weekly War of Underworld Q&A. If your question is spoilery, add a spoiler
warning. Subscribe and hit the bell icon for all of
that and more! Links to Light Novels, Manga and more are
in the description, channel merch is there as well with a special discount code for Patrons
and Channel Members too! So, as always, thank you very much for watching,
huge thanks to my Patrons and Youtube Channel members as always and until next time, Stay

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  1. Minor clarification since it can be taken the wrong way the way I phrased it in the video. Dark Territory does not have a "Taboo Index", that is the name Quinella named her book. Dark Territory only has a single rule that they obey, "Take with Strength".
    Timestamps: 0:28 Overview | 2:37 Detailed Summary, What was Adapted? | 3:23 Battle formations, how does Gabriel Miller speak to the entire army? | 3:48 Why are Deusolbert and Fanatio, 2 ranged Units, in frontline? Why is Bercouli in the back? | 5:46 OPENING TITLE CARD CHANGED TO ALICIZATION EXPLODING, WOOOOOO! | 6:22 Deusolbert's Experience | 7:51 Fanatio spots the enemy | 8:37 Are Fizel and Linel trying to kill Kirito? Eldrie gets outplayed! Renly is gone?! | 10:11 Deusolbert vs Goblins, Golgorosso Deban! | 10:52 Fanatio vs Sigurosig! Why did Sigurosig go berserk, Taboo Index of the Dark Territory, Seal of the Right Eye, why did Fanatio freeze, who is Dakira? | 16:24 Deusolbert vs Shibori, Release Recollection! | 17:59 What is Bercouli doing? | 18:34 What is Alice doing and what is the ball? | 19:07 Opinions about the excellent episode! | 20:31 War of Underworld Episode 7, Brand of a Failure, Stigma of the Disqualified Teases with no spoilers
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    This is an opinion question.

    Is SAO the only anime that you watch?? If not can you give me some example of other animes that you have watched or currently watching. And do you follow the anime society as a whole ?? I mean do you still know about the info of any recent trending anime or other hot topic concerning about anime in the anime society?? For example like the recent booming trending anime "Fire Force", "Rising of the shield hero", "my hero academia", "seven deadly sins", -and probably the best anime of this year "Demon Slayer" which fyi Lisa also did the opening for this anime, and i just desperately want you to probably react to the opening of this certain anime. That is all, thank you.

  18. Hey Gamerturk, Iโ€™ve got a question for you. Do the light novels ever state what Lunariaโ€™s ability is, like how Stacia can alter the terrain? If not, what do you think Lunariaโ€™s ability would be?

  19. Golgorosso senpai finally spoke!
    Like I was blown away by this episode, voice acting, animation practically everything. Even if I haven't read the light novel, I can understand why they chose to cut small things
    Like Dakira's backstory since it would kinda take away. But I still found it to be sad that she died.

    But I still can't believe that Golgorosso senpai finally spoke OwO like he's been shown for so few scenes and never spoke but finally, he did, I would say it was kinda worth the wait in a way XD

    Either until next time ๐Ÿ™‚
    Stay Cool

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