Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP5, The Night Before Battle! | Gamerturk Reviews

Sword Art Online Alicization EXPLAINED – WoU EP5, The Night Before Battle! | Gamerturk Reviews

This video is brought to you by the people
who think Alice, Tiese, Eugeo’s remains, Fanatio, Bercouli, Golgorosso, Amayori and everybody
else is actually in love with Kirito. Episode 5 of Sword Art Online Alicization
War of Underworld takes us to the final preparations against the coming war! We got returning characters and new characters,
as the armies live the final calm moment before all hell breaks loose as unlasting plays over
both the Human Guardian Army and the Dark Territory forces! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk, your
most reliable source of Sword Art Online information with Alicization Explained, featuring War
of Underworld Episode 5, The Night Before Battle! As always, Timestamps to individual plotpoints
are in the description, as well as the pinned comment for easy navigation, but to give you
a quick rundown, we got a very very solid adaptation this week, except for the one moment
where the anime just wants to hype the headcanon shippers excited over nothing by giving you
a vague scene where nothing romantic exists so those who don’t care about facts can keep
wildly speculating on their own. But if you are new to my Explained Series,
what I do here is essentially provide you all the vital information on Characters, Events,
Action, Lore from the source material, Light Novels, things that the anime did not convey
properly or just did not have the time to, so you can still see the full picture, so
make sure to subscribe and hit the bell icon to not miss any of the details in the upcoming
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misinformation and uncontrolled spoilers like a pack of foxes! But then again, if you want to read the books
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the description and the knowledge of Stacia awaits you there! Here’s a minor disclaimer that this weeks
Alicization Explained will be a relatively lightweight one, I got an incredibly heavy
week at University, so the intention with this Alicization Explained is to cover key
points and be done with it. Weekly War of Underworld Q&A will take place
as a livestream later this week to further save up on time, so do make sure to ask your
questions there, I have not fixed a date and time yet, but it will probably be on friday,
so stay tuned. But yeah, let’s start with the detailed summary. With Episode 5, we finished the contents of
Volume 15, Alicization Invading, so that’s 5 episodes for a single Volume, unlike the
6 Episodes per Volume we expected initially just over a month ago. It’s not bad pacing by any means, but it shows
why we had all those stuff cut back in Episode 4 that I talked about, and kinda messes up
with the intended cliffhanger effect of V16’s ending that should have been the end of Episode
12 to lead us into the break, but it’s not like Alicization is short on cliffhangers,
as long as things are adapted properly, I don’t see this becoming an issue. But let’s start with the contents, I love
that despite not really focusing on Eldrie, they are really doing a good job at showcasing
his emotions overall. At the beginning of the episode starting with
Eldrie’s hostility towards Kirito, because remember from War of Underworld Episode 1
Explained, Bercouli simply did not share the entire truth with the Integrity Knights regarding
what Quinella was doing and how she ensured their obedience, so they still consider Kirito
to be hostile, and that only hits harder for Eldrie because he is the underling of Alice
and he truly did his best to do whatever is best for Alice. And he is kinda still is trying to do exactly
that, he is just not aware of the entire truth behind it, as neither Bercouli nor Alice is
willing to share it. But we’ll return to Eldrie towards the end
of the episode as well. But we get to the first bullshit scene. And there is no other way to go about this. If anything was to be cut out, I would prefer
it to be this scene right here, because it was bullshit back in the Novels, it is bullshit
here in the anime, as if Bercouli was just pulling stuff from his back like a drunk person
and fooling everyone around him. But on the other hand, I’m glad they adapted
it, because it ties in with the alleged “kiss” scene perfectly, despite the fact that I hate
Bercouli’s mental shenanigans here. And well, Kirito’s expression says it all,
like… “The fuck you on about old guy?” The funny part is, among all the scenes they
could properly adapt, this was the scene they adapted extensively, all the way from Alice
getting ready to throw his sword, Bercouli taking a deep breath and farting an incarnation
something, Kirito deflecting the mental dagger with his mental sword, causing everyone to
go mental, as well as talking about how he did it to protect Alice’s mentality getting
his by Bercouli’s mental dagger, because fuck it, at this point, Reki just doesn’t care. You may be expecting an explanation from me,
but that is literally what there is and the anime covered it borderline word by word. The only reason I’m mentioning this bit extensively
is just to say “War of Underworld will have lots of silly concepts because for the first
time, we are entering a Shonen tier bullshit power creep escalation”, but also because
this scene is key to understanding what Alice would do in a minute. Yes, the controversial alleged kiss scene. Let’s get this out of the way instantly, nope,
she is not attempting to kiss Kirito here by any means. And I’ll have multiple explanations here latered
into one another, but the most explicit one is of course, I will just show you the damn
translation, you can stop the video right here, and read everything happening for starters. As you can see, what Alice is doing boils
down to “looking into Kirito’s eyes for a spark” and then “attempting to use Incarnation
to get a response from him”. And why does this relate to the previous scene
with Bercouli? Because that was exactly what Bercouli had
accomplished just in the previous scene. He used his incarnation to get a response
from Kirito. Like, the guy literally proved his point to
Alice directly. Alice at this point, is full aware that she
cannot get a physical response in the first place, why would she even imagine kissing
him would suddenly solve the issue? She won’t, because she is not an idiot. The anime here is just trying to fool the
Alice x Kirito shippers into thinking something is there by purposefully avoiding the full
context, just like people like Foxen is doing so that the same people just keep watching. It’s a typical trick used to generate audience
retention. You put “Alice feels love?” in your title,
and people watch for minutes until you go over the topic. Whether they end up disappointed or not doesn’t
matter, because you tricked them into waiting for however amount they watched, knowing full
well the controvertial statement would grab their attention. It’s exactly what the anime is doing. Just tricking you into thinking Alice has
romantic feelings for Kirito as long as it can and omit the actual contextual information
provided in the novels, until it blows over. But you see, the anime is more clever than
Foxyboy, because while they purposefully acted like Alice was going for a kiss, they didn’t
really. A quick glance may seem like their lips are
moving closer, but in fact, Alice is actually lifting Kirito’s head up, while her head is
going downwards, and trust me, I wouldn’t dwell over so many miniscule details but the
circumstances force me, it’s more as if she is trying to get her head as close to his
as possible, by matching the bridge of her nose to Kirito’s nose, because obviously,
if she was going for a kiss, there would be tilted heads, which there isn’t. And again, going back to the previous point,
she wants to use Incarnation, so it is not that far fetched to try to get as close as
possible where the incarnation originates from, the center of the soul, the brain of
a human. And why does she not “just do it like Bercouli
from a distance then?” you may ask. Good question. Because if you remember Episode 20, when Eugeo
Synthesis 32 showed up, she even mentioned she lacked Incarnation skills to do what Bercouli
could achieve without breaking a sweat. All she knows is that Incarnation is a metaphysical
act, whereas a kiss is a physical one, so she is simply getting drawn closer to ensure
her metaphysical act to succeed, not going in for a kiss to deliver incarnation mouth
to mouth or something, because that would be idiotic. Anyways, I hope that clears it out. Final warning, there is a very old fan translation
going on around that even Defan, the current fan translator of SAO has retconned and edited
out himself, that may give you the idea that she was going for a kiss. That one is complete bullshit. It’s so wrong of a translation that it has
forged sentences to make it seem like she was going for a kiss, like tilting her head
and swiping her hair out of the way. At SAO Wikia, we even investigated this translation,
by putting side by side 5 different versions of the book. At our disposal, we had the up-to-date Fan
Translation, Yen Press’ official English Translation, Kotori’s official Polish Translation, Ofelbe’s
official French Translation, and the Japanese Raw itself, that we compared to this misleading
translation. All of the translations and the raw were perfectly
uniform and proved the weird translation was bullshit. Eventually, we managed to track it back to
its source. It turned out that this weird translation,
was a re-translation from the Chinese side that Defan used a long time ago and had to
ditch because he realized the Chinese did an absolutely terrible job. So yeah, that was one hell of a day for us
at Wikia. Last layer of explanation involves the English
language. Especially being the universal language of
the internet, English lost a whole lot of depth over the years. When someone mentions “sharing their feelings”,
they don’t instantly mean “Oh Mr. Protagonist, please have my babies”. There are more feelings than just one. Alice makes it very clear time and time again
that it’s the highest form of admiration that she feels for Kirito, this otherworldly being
that opened her eyes to the truths of this world, then suddenly disappeared entirely. She always considered Kirito to be the answer
all this time due to her admiration, and that’s also signified in the scene back in the opening
where she holds a key and holds it tight, because eventually, she understands that she
must look elsewhere than the vegetable next to her for answers and find them herself. Anyways, here’s why it wasn’t a kiss extensively,
and also why you shouldn’t be trusting everybody you hear on the internet because “they read
the book”. Those people just have the hentai translation
of it instead. But yeah, searching for answers, looking for
your own destiny, that’s also why she decides to leave Kirito to Tiese and Ronye’s “guardianship”…
Ehhh, that’s a big word for what they will do, but we’ll put it that way for now. Their re-introduction was really nice, Alice
using Incarnation to overwrite her clothes was nice, though what’s not mentioned is that
she could barely keep it up and was glad he could finish her sentences before the clothes
disappear. Because you know, as I believe I had made
clear enough, she is not particularly skilled at controlling her Incarnate abilities. Fanatio and Alice scene is a good one, and
it shows you one of Alice’s most prominent qualities. That she simply loves going into pissing contests
even when she knows she is wrong. You’ll see that quite often, keep that in
mind. The music that plays over the scene may sound
familiar, because it is! It’s all the way back from Aincrad and a common
one SAO uses for comedic scenes, the track is called “With my friend” from the first
SAO Soundtrack. And Bercouli once again proves that he is
the wisest person there, by simply running away from the confrontation. That’s an experienced person right there. Anyways, at the meeting, we got returning
characters and new characters. We see all the available Integrity Knights,
in full blown Power Rangers fashion, Fizel and Linel in the back, Deusolbert, Alice,
Eldrie and then the new ones, well, not really new, the green haired cutieboy is Renly Synthesis
27 and the one with the piercing eyes is Sheyta the Silent, as Synthesis 12, so both pre-date
Alice as a Knight. They were the only two that could be made
available for the War. Of course, Fanatio’s Whirling Blades are also
there, Dakira, Jais, Geero and Hoveren or something, nobody cares about them anyways
except maybe for Dakira. But during the meeting you can also spot Kirito’s
mentor, Sortiliena Serlut who will have some screentime, and Eugeo’s mentor Golgorosso
Balto, who won’t have any screentime and he doesn’t even have a Voice Actor anyways and
will be forgotten once again. I like to think he’s part of the medical wing
of the army, ordering people to strip to check their muscles. Light Novel readers will surely get the reference
and those who don’t, you may want to watch my Episode 9 Explained for the first half
of Alicization. And one last time this week, we return to
Eldrie. And do I need to say anything at all? Im genuinely very happy with this episode,
especially with how they handled Eldrie. It was thoroughly needed as well and Im glad
they took the care. You can really feel Eldrie’s admiration and
for once, Alice understands something properly. That Eldrie is simply lying when he says he
chose her for her abilities. Alice is aware Eldrie had chosen her because
he truly had shared a connection with her, and the way he looked up to her. That’s exactly what you hear in Alice’s final
orders as well. “Take back your true life and your loved one”
as Eldrie’s memories that he doesn’t remember flash in his eyes. And if it wasn’t for the ending, the pretty
boy would have been the highlight of this episode, but the ending is just marvellous. It’s not just a pretty ending either, it outlines
the entire battle formations of both armies. Shibori and Kosogi in front of the Dark Territory
charge, as you can see Kosogi smiling for his plans to come, while Shibori is simply
doing a war cry as the brute he is. Lilpilin the leader of the Orcs taking a deep
breath for the horror to come, Sigurosig of the Giants looking like a statue because it’s
appropriate, Furgr of the Ogres preparing his crossbow, Iskahn of the Pugilists smashing
his iron fists and don’t be surprised by the sparks, it is very much accurate and not an
exaggeration, Dee and PoH thrilled for the action ahead and Gabriel completely disinterested. Then we move onto the frontline of the Human
Guardian Army, which is protected by the three Knights, Deusolbert on the right flank, Fanatio
and her Whirling Blades including Dakira in the middle, and Eldrie on the left and goddamn,
pretty boy even wins the ending sequence itself as we focus on his troubles once again. He really deserves the extra screentime considering
what he is going through, as he is blaming himself for 6 months ago, which is affecting
his concentration deeply, as we see him try to grasp his Frostscale Whip even harder. Moving onto the support squad, right flank
is covered by the feared Sheyta the Silent, also babysitting Fizel and Linel, Renly responsible
for the left flank just behind Eldrie, and completely shitting his pants in absolute
terror and Bercouli in the middle and he does look focused for a reason, just look forward
to him. And of course, Alice getting ready for Volume
16 Alicization Exploding, while Tiese and Ronye who promised they would protect Kirito,
bring him to the war zone instead of staying back at the support tent for some reason,
but who cares, it looks cool. Quick opinions, this episode was not produced
in house by A1 studios and was outsourced instead. You can even see all the non-japanese names
in the credits. Surprisingly, it is so much better than the
ones A1 has produced themselves, the drawing quality has been the cleanest and prettiest
it has ever been since around Episode 10-11 of the first half. Sure, there wasn’t much animation going on,
but fuck that, I missed having pretty stuff in this series and I’ll take what I can get. This is not the end of the video though, we
received the Box Art for the Bluray Collection Box drawn by abec and I will talk about that
now, but it involves spoilers, so I want to put up a spoiler warning now. If you are leaving here, please do comment
“Time for Alicization Exploding” in the comments to let me know and make sure to like and subscribe
and hit the bell icon and stuff before you leave. I’ll give you 5 seconds. Okay, if you are still here, let’s look at
the visual. It features the Human Guardian Army, Dark
Territory Forces and the Goddesses of Underworld above Kirito. Obviously, Goddesses are one reason I put
up a spoiler warning, but it is not the only one as abec has paid a huge amount of attention
to certain details. So first off, have you noticed Eugeo in the
picture? Heh, he is included right above Selka turned
away from the picture, appropriate for an arch where you will feel his echo. A minor detail could be that Worlds End Altar
is visible right above Eugeo, but it’s very questionable so take it with a grain of salt. The entire picture is crisp clean, except
for one person and that is Eldrie. Look around him, he has these black smoke-like
effect around him. No, that’s not abec accidentally spilling
coffee on his illustration, in fact, if you look at the other side of the picture, you
can see it originating from Dee Eye Ell, right behind Emperor Vecta. It is a desperate attempt to get back at the
Human Guardian Army on DIL’s side, a curse that Eldrie takes upon himself for the greater
good. And last but not least, the biggest detail,
hidden in plain sight, well the Goddesses are not hidden so obviously I am not referring
to them, is Kirito. His arm is still gone, he is still in vegetative
state, but look at the swords. For starters, Blue Rose Sword is not in half,
you can see its bottom half right there, behind Kirito. However, look at the Night Sky Sword, the
sword that is not really “behind” Kirito, in fact, it is piercing straight through Kirito’s
heart and that is not just describing the pain Kirito is feeling, that illustration
is more literal than you think. As a response however, you can see the ice
effects enveloping the same wounds, Kirito’s arm and Kirito’s heart pierced by his own
blade. That’s an absolutely stunning detail by abec. And of course, not as major, but you can see
the blue roses down there, towards the human realm, they remain blue, but towards the Dark
Territory, their color shifts to the red roses instead. But yeah, that’s all, lightweight Explained
episode my ass, this took longer than I expected and longer than I was willing to afford, so
excuse me for the low effort in editing, I just need to save up on time, I got project
after project this week. Subscribe and hit the bell icon for all of
that and more! Links to Light Novels, Manga and more are
in the description, channel merch is there as well with a special discount code for Patrons
and Channel Members too! So, as always, thank you very much for watching,
huge thanks to my Patrons and Youtube Channel members as always and until next time, Stay

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