Swipe using Leftover Paint – Acrylic Pouring Techniques

Swipe using Leftover Paint – Acrylic Pouring Techniques

so I’m here I’m going to do a swipe on
an 18 by 24 inch arteza as a canvass I did put some cardboard in the back just
because this is such a big canvas I don’t want it to the paint to push down
on the center and everything puddle up in the middle so it’s took some
cardboard under there and hopes that that helps this I’m just this is just a
semi-gloss house paint I added a small bit of water to it just to thin it out
just a tad bit but it’s very thick still I’m normally like on the smaller ones
what I’m doing the blooms I wouldn’t have water to it but this is such a big
canvas that I just decided to add a small bit of water so we’ll see if it
works I’m not going to get too much into the
mix and all that but you can see I’ll link below or I’ll try and like do one
of them link things right here and that video will have the mix what type of
exactly what type of paint I’m using here but it is just a house paint
semi-gloss and all my colors are going to be mixed with Shelly arts pouring
with her pouring medium well the equivalent ingredients to her pouring
medium I will link again that video I’ll link below so you can see the exact mix
so I’m going to do a swipe on this 8 18 by 24 inch canvas with leftover paint
isn’t I got to remake them do my mixers I gotta read make some pouring medium
different colors and stuff so I’m literally I’ve gathered my cups together
and I’ll show you when I pulled this canvas out and kind of mixed up some
colors I don’t even know what names of them are but you’ll see it I’ll show you
because like a smorgasbord so let’s pull this
canvas over and so like this one that I know for sure that has some Snapdragon
by primary color its primary elements pigments okay this is gonna be all so
great this is all primary elements pigments these were tried powder
pigments and it’s a mix of them so like I said this is like leftover paint poor
it’s a little called leftover paint for let’s see this one here is Jasmine from
primary elements with passion I believe primary elements Navy let go okay guys
and I have a few other blues this is art as a neon pink I’m gonna throw in there
this is just all leftover stuff I’m trying to get rid of and I don’t want to
waste it so we’re gonna use it another primary elements and oh this one I know
what this one is this is one of my new favorites this is primary elements
Northern Lights it’s like I think it’s would be one of those color shifting I
don’t know if you could see that in the camera but you could see it when it’s
dry and it’s amazing so you know that is that’s good and then I got my this is
Amsterdam and water mix then I’m gonna pour over the colors and unswayed so
just bear with me so just remember I’m not gonna be listing all the colors
please don’t know exactly where they are hmm okay let’s get that paint mixing
stick out of the way I have some recycle and use everything I can find this is
like some card that I cut up just just wait with
okay got my colors off to the side here so the plan is I believe I hope I’m
gonna say this correctly I believe I’m going to be doing a ripple swipe I’m not
a hundred percent sure how if I’m gonna tilt it and all that but we’re just
gonna kind of go with that but so let’s see ripples ripple swipe is the plan but
it may change so so I’m gonna put my house paint down first it’s gonna be a
lot okay I’m gonna go OOP to make sure enough to connect okay so since I added water to that
there’s like loads of air bubbles so I’m just gonna grab my torch real quick I pop a few of these I won’t get an all cops because this is
pretty thick paint so when they rise to the surface will public I have my extra
pillow paint in case I need it so now we’re gonna start and I’m gonna start
with what I know is the Northern Lights by primary elements hopefully I don’t
even have enough to go all the way across hopefully you guys can hear me my
camera is pretty far away because this is a big canvas and I need to get it in
shot or in the frame so I apologize I hope this turns out because the swipes
with this porn medium are fabulous okay you get these handy little spoons
when you order the primary elements pigments coloreds and yes I also have a
link below for that and there’s a discount code as well okay and let’s do
some of this I’m just using all those paint because
like I said I’m trying to get rid of this and instead of letting it dry out
and all that I have to wash out cups and I think I just use it up so this is
gonna be our toes in neon pink I’m gonna go for that because I have a lot of
Blues and purple and I want some other weights and contrasts in there so okay
this actually what is this this is gonna be okay this is amsterdam’s greenish
blue I know that trying to stop that and we’re primary elements mix okay still no I think I’m pretty I did
pretty good I used a lot of that okay pop some air bubbles that okay so now we’re gonna put the
Amsterdam titanium white and water mixture show you the consistency if you
can see it now I did do a practice like bloom with the this mix right here and
cells popped so I was happy with it so this is what we’re gonna pour and
then we’re going to sweep okay if these colors out of the way and
my extra cool thing is I need it hopefully everyone it’s because there’s
a lot of pain but I’m money so just be nice back though okay here we go
so I’m going to kind of try to put it in the middle of the white line so of paint
so I can swipe that that side I’m going to do this side first the bottom in the and there’s the cells hopefully they
stay now I’m putting a little bit of pressure down but I’m not going crazy
because I want the pillow paint to stick around and be there so I can tilt you
laughing at me and I’ll get the little white gaps see
I’m gonna tilt this I think definitely gonna tilt this obviously I have to tilt
it I love that this is like there’s no
silicone in this it’s just that get a fresh one and turn this around all right
I’m gonna try and go a little faster I’ll fix that okay I’m gonna get rid of that one I’m
gonna just I’m gonna leave that those little white strips in there might add
to it now you’re going to think I’m crazy but I’m just gonna do this oh no
should I yeah I’m gonna do it because I’m not liking how it’s looking right
now just bear with me don’t click away okay Hey oh no you’re busy I hope they can
see what I’m doing trying to get you boys in the frames
I’ve no idea we just check okay so now I’m gonna
shift try and shift the weight that way to cover that corner and then we’re
gonna come down this way it’s just intense really have to work like know
where the weight of the paint is and which way to go
well it’s the same trying to you know try to keep your composition that you
want and everything in order okay push the weight towards the center and
then I’m gonna turn this around so we get messy but look at that that’s good
hopefully it stays okay so I’m gonna go for this corner now I’m
going to go for this corner I think first but I need to get more I just need
something for this flow over okay you start dripping on my four years oh I hope you guys can see okay and then back try not to mess up my
corners down here open I messed up that for me okay that paints moving really fast I’m
wondering if I should have just kept it the thick dirt and not of added that
water to help keep the shapes was so pretty that was amazing oh I love it hey yeah whoo and always what I’ve done before I
completely finished I like to just get the weight of the paint back in the
center as much as I can but that is just unbelievable I love this I don’t want to
drip paint but this corner here fabulous Love you should come look at this when
you get a chance I think I like it okay so I’m gonna bring you guys in for
a close-up I love it I think it’s awesome the way I have it right here is
what I the comp is the way I wanted to sit so there’s that I does how I like it
anyway okay this right here is my favorite
corner favorite look at even the edge of the canvas it’s so pretty um you know okay so we’ll just go I want to show you
guys like so that I’m just gonna show you all of it but it’s just I don’t know
which way to go first just amazing now I do have air bubbles in there and I’m
gonna stick the torch and they’ll probably pop out a few measles um a few
white spots but I’m okay with that that’s because I just mixed up the paint
I just love those colors I mean that lacing I’m just no silicone I’m telling
you guys take that course it’s fabulous all the way up there top right I love
those cells and lacing that I was iffy about this that first doing
this but glad I did fingers crossed it dries and you guys
probably thought I was crazy doing the center swipe but I love it just gives it
some just gives it something different I keep going to this corner but it’s so
I just loved well okay so there’s that um hopefully
you guys enjoyed this video and liked this painting as much as I do because I
absolutely loved it and hopefully it dries good but I’ll
post the dried results check the description below for a discount code I
have it you don’t need to message me anymore I’m just gonna stick it in the
video description to take Shelley Shelley arts online course and you’ll
get what else is down there all my social media links paypal for donations
if you want to help sponsor the channel I have primary element code down there
for the dried pigments that I’ve been using and I definitely use some in this
definitely I’ll be doing another a few videos a few more videos we’re just
using the primary elements because I have so many of the colors and I have to
play because I’m obsessed with them at the minute so don’t forget to Like
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time bye

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  2. Stunning…lovely variation on the "Ripple Swipe". Has anyone told you that sometimes you sound a little like Gina DeLuca. So nice to be able to take this technique large!

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  4. Oh my…..Erica…..that is perfection. Love every single thing about it. The colours, the composition….as for the cells ๐Ÿ˜ When you started messing around with the middle I was shouting no donโ€™t do it lol….but it turned out gorgeous. Iโ€™m jealous I donโ€™t own this ๐Ÿ˜‚ Guess what Iโ€™m going to be trying next week ๐Ÿ˜

  5. Nice work Erica, as always. I love it and will definitely by trying a swipe with Shelee's pouring medium ๐Ÿ˜„

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    BTW, how were you so fortunate to have landed up in Ireland? I have visited 3 times and cried every time when we landed out of joy, and cried with sorrow to leave. I went with my parents, and we always rented cars and did our own tours, apart for a few sites like Newgrange (which I saw before it expanded, and we were able to go inside chamber), Glendoluugh, and Giant's Causeway, we avoided the typical tourist destinations. Really got to see the true Ireland. Have a dear friend in Limavady, NI, Sean Mccluskey, who is an amazing potter, and his wife Jane is as well. She also does fantastic paintings. Research them if you like. Visitors are frequently welcome. If you go, let me know and I'll give you my real name to pass on. (I'm a moderator on a few channels so use a screen name for privacy)

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